How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

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A marriage is a bond that combines two people hearts in such a way that they can feel each other’s sorrow and happiness. There is a moment in every person’s life when he or she realizes that this is the person I wanted to see as my life partner. All of a sudden you start thinking about that person day and night. And then you decide to make that a person, a part of life.

How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

Marriage is something that usually happens only once in life. So, everyone wants their marriage to be memorable. It’s the want of every bride and groom to have a perfect dream marriage. For which they make all kinds of arrangements. Like buying an expensive bridal dress and accessories, bringing expert make-up artist, calling a wedding planner, hiring a great photographer for beautiful photo shoot, inviting celebrities, booking the classic venue with a perfect view for the event and many other things that make a wedding event unforgettable for celebrants so for all these things you can use coupon codes.
 And of course it requires a lot of money to make such wonderful arrangements. Do you guys think it is necessary to spend money like water just to make a wedding memorable? Obviously not, but nowadays it has become a general concept that expensive wedding will only be a good wedding. 

Some Facts About Australian Marriages

Listed below are some interesting types of facts about Australian marriages:

  • An estimated population of Australia is about 25.09 million.
  • According to the figures of 2017, there were approx. 112,954 marriages and 40,032 divorces.
  • The number of people getting married is less, but marriage length has increased.
  • The average age for marriage has increased because mostly couples before marriage are cohabiting.

If you take a glance of economical facts of Australian marriages, you will find some interesting things like:

  • In Australia average cost of weddings has been increased.
  • The average per head rates for wedding venues is $150.
  • Approximately $3.7 billion is contributing by Australian wedding industry to the local economy.
  • An average of 29 hours is spent by a wedding photographer on a single wedding.

Different surveys by Bridal magazines and wedding planners show different costs spending on Weddings.
In 2014 these figures were near to $35,000. And in the latest survey this figure has reached up to $65,482. This figure has been given after cost of love survey by Bride To Be Magazine’s 2015. But these numbers are doubtful. Because there is a hidden interest of wedding planners and bridal magazines in giving you such high numbers to normalize the concept of spending such a huge amount of money on marriages. Don’t you think it’s unusual to spend an average of $60,000 just for a single event. 
Let us show you a few but excellent stories of marriages with low-budget i.e. within $10,000

A Wedding Ceremony Of Geri And Casey Hammond With $10,130:

How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

In the Hinterland, Geri and Casey perform their wedding in a very simple but good way. Because Geri thought they shouldn’t waste their money on things that people wouldn’t consider. They invited about 50 people and served canapes as light refreshment instead a formal lunch. They hired a photographer for just 2 hours so that the burden on budget could be released. My sisters best made had a cake company. So we approached her for our wedding cake. And along with that they gave us 50 cupcakes at a reasonable price. In short we just reduced our spending by limiting our expenses.

Cascie And Stacy Kambouris Planned Their Wedding With $10,000:

How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

The guests were given a surprise when they reached at the engagement ceremony of Cascie and Stacy. After a bit of some music, they announced that they were getting married at the same time. They had arrangements for about 100 guests. And to reduce the per head cost on food and drink they had food vans for catering. They asked one of their friend to capture the beautiful moments of the event who charged $200 from the couple.

Michelle And Simon Hutchison Wedding For $9,000:

How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

Michelle & Simon when sat to plan their wedding, they had something big for their future. They wanted to save their money for their home. So they were low on budget & decided to spend as low as possible to save more money for their future goals.
They choose Sunday afternoon to organize the event because Saturday weddings are more expensive. Then they got the package on food, alcohol & DJ. They managed to get canapes for their 80 guests And the bridal make-up was done by friends.

Things in common:

If you look these examples carefully, you will find a few things that are done by all the 3 couples to organize their wedding event in a budget of $10,000.
The very first was the food. No one of them arranged any kind of formal lunch or dinner for the guests. They just had canapes with alcohols for drink. You will be surprised to know that in Geri & Cassey Wedding only because of this type of arrangement up to $90 were saved per head.
The second was photography. They didn't hire a photographer for 25-30 hours like we have mentioned in the facts. The photoshoot was done by their friends who charged them a very reasonable price. This would also be helpful for a wedding couple.

Key points for a low-budget wedding:

To keep your wedding in your budget, you can also get help from online coupon codes. There are different companies or industries offering wedding couples coupons for variety of items. 
You can have these coupons for your wedding day. In this way many expenses like food, alcohol, photography & bridal accessories can be managed at reasonable prices with these coupons & discount codes. 

How To Have A Beautiful Wedding Under $10,000

Another important thing after Discount coupon codes is the number of guests you are inviting & how.
List your guests with close friends & family & invite them through social media. It will save your money to spend on printed invites. 
Make a wise selection of time while booking a venue for the wedding. 
Facts tell us about Australia that Saturday marriages are costly. So you can book your venue for Sunday afternoon. 

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