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Ralph Lauren Kicks Off Customization of Crewneck

You know customization is a big trend when Ralph Lauren is doing it. This is the latest offering from the esteemed American brand of its iconic crew neck sweaters. Customers can now customize and choose how they want their sweater to be. The sweater will then be knit specifically to their needs and shipped to them exclusively.

Customers can choose their looks online at their website or at the Manhattan store. Ralph Lauren, which has physical stores globally, plans to bring custom shops to all their outlets. And if you are wondering if this is the first time the brand has offered custom designs, it is not. Just last year they had a custom shop at their flagship store in London. Customers were able to customize their polos, blazer and hats with personalized embroidery and patches.

David Lauren, who serves as the Chief Innovation Officer, says that there will be custom shops at all Ralph Lauren locations gradually. And there is not much surprise there as it is one of the brands that have managed to keep its classic products alive while following the latest trends. And with the buying power increasing around the world, people do not just want branded stuff they also want it customized to their liking. Custom made clothes, bags and jewelry is generally considered a luxury and people are now more interested in that than ever before.

The crew neck sweater available for customization online is retailing at $198 which is about the same price as the regular one. There is no doubt that this will be a successful move considering people can choose the look of the crew neck at very little price increase. And for those that are savvy of discounts, there are ample Ralph Lauren discount codes.

The customization process is also super easy: you can choose the color you want and the font and then personalize. You can even choose how the stripes on the sleeve would appear or go with no stripes at all. You can choose the letter position and even write your own varsity. So there are basically hundreds of combinations possible.

This is all part of the big plan of the brand to boost its revenue which had been in decline for the past few years. However, the brand is set to improve the customer experience and come out stronger in the latest retail apocalypse so to speak. They are closing under performing stores, exiting department stores, lowering wholesale shipments and introducing customization of their iconic products. The company which has been around 50 years now must know a thing or two about increasing revenue. 

Published On: November 18, 2017