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How Americans Spend on Easter

Easter is just around the corner and the world is preparing for another round of festivities. On April 12, services will be held, meals will be served, gifts will be exchanged, eggs will be decorated and a whole bunch of Easter activities will take place. 

The cultural and religious significance of this celebration aside, this event inspires a great amount of commercial activity. It sees buyers flooding stores to purchase a wide variety of items including decorations, gifts, candies and so much more.

How Americans Spend on Easter

In the United States, the median household income is $63,179 according to the country’s census bureau. Consumers don’t save money ahead of Easter like they do on Christmas but still; a lot of shopping gets done. 

So what exactly do the customers buy on Easter? 

Where do they spend? 

Does Easter have an impact on online retail?

We have gathered the answers to all these questions from the latest surveys and shortlisted the most relevant Easter spending statistics to determine their impact on the economy.

Traditional Expenses 

National Retail Foundation in 2018 estimated that people in an average person spends $151 on Easter. Many of the items bought have special links to the event. For instance, eggs and candies are most in demand. Of course, one could buy health products with N95maskco Discount Code but that doesn’t have any cultural significance to Easter.

1. Eggs

How many eggs are consumed on Easter? Quite a lot. Since they’re considered as the symbol of rebirth across cultures, eggs are in great demand on Easter. They’re used for the famous Easter egg tradition –where families gather for painting eggs and put items such as candies, coins and rings inside them.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • 180 million eggs are purchased 
  • Considering the price of a dozen white large eggs is $1.29 on Walmart –this means an estimated $19,350,000 is spent. 

2. Candies

One is surprised to find out just how much money Americans spend on Easter candy. Although there’s no historic significance of candy to this celebration, sharing candy has become kind of a new tradition. A good chunk of Easter budget for many goes into buying candy for kids.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $2.6 billion worth of candies is sold 
  • 16 million jellies alone are bought and consumed.
  • 91 million chocolate bunnies are sold in the US

3. Easter’s Basket

Easter baskets are filled with candies and chocolate. They are one of the most important items of this holiday and are usually given as gifts. Aside from eating items, these baskets can be filled with plush toys, stuffed animals, finger paints, bedtime books and a slew of other items. 

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • If one adds $2.6 billion for candies with $2.9 billion on gifts, you get $5.5 billion.
  • Granola bars and dried enjoy are popular Easter Basket Items according to Wallethub. 

4. Decoration

Like any other festive occasion, people come together on this day to have a few laughs and enjoy a good time. For many consumers, it’s important to a create the special festive feeling. That is the reason why party supplies and decoration are sold heavily before the holiday. 

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $1 billion on party supplies and decorations.
  • Stuffed bunnies, wreaths, wall crosses are some of the items commonly sold. 

5. Greeting Cards

It wouldn’t be a holiday without the greeting cards that come with it. They are a great way to let your love know that you care. That’s why, cards with Easter wishes are ominously sold this season. However, due to the changing trends, the greeting cards market is on the decline. 

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $780 millions are spent on greeting cards
  • The global greeting card on a whole is expected to decline to US $21 by 2024. 

Non-Traditional Easter Spending

While many desserts, decorations and Easter bunnies are favoured in this season –people also make some non-conventional spendings. Using Helloice Coupon Code people buy Jewelry items and gifts as well.

1. Clothing

There is Easter-specific such as frocks and bonnets for little kids. However, they hardly have the cultural significance of Christmas sweaters and Halloween costumes. People tend to shop for clothing on Easter Sunday but it’s the conventional options that dominate their carts. However, some extraordinary individuals do buy clothing item with Sheertex discount code.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $3.27 billion on clothing
  • Per capita spending on apparel is $27.29 according to Statista

2. Gifts

Like any other special time of the year, this day let’s people exchange gifts and show their love and appreciation of one another. But unlike Christmas where socks have a special value, there are no Easter-related gifts that adults exchange with friends and family. Most people don’t set aside a budget to buy big gifts on the day and opt to buy items such shoes through Carolina Shoe coupon code.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $2.9 billion on gifts
  • On average, Americans spend $1 to $50 on Easter gifts

3. Home Goods

Out of the ordinary, some people buy kitchenware, furniture and electronics on the resurrection day. Experts believe this shopping may be a result of people looking for cheap items through coupons and deals that are promoted on this day.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • 2.5 billion on home goods
  • Easter has specially become a big retail even in the last 5 years

4. Food

The total amount spent on food is $5.3 billion but when you minus the $2.6 billion worth of candy, you’re left with the usual grocery items.  Most of the food purchase on this celebration is powered by the tradition of hosting family dinner.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • $2.7 billion is spent on food
  • 54% Americans cook special meals

5. Movies

Although it’s not a tradition, many people love going to the cinema on Easter to enjoy the latest flicks. While there aren’t many Easter-themed movies in the theatre during this season, the Good Friday weekend is an important time for movie producers.

How Americans Spend on Easter

  • Box office in the USA grossed $103 million on Easter weekend in 2019
  • Accumulated revenue was down 22% from the previous year
  • No high budget flick was released on Easter in 2019 due to impending release of Avengers: Endgame 

How Much Money is Spent on Easter?

These were the estimations about Easter spending as a whole. 

  • Total estimated spending $18.1 billion
  • Average person in America spends $151
  • $151 spent per person

Some the Notable Easter Spending Habits of Americans conducted a poll in which it found that 73% of Americans spend around $1 and $50 on Easter gifts. The survey which polled 1,310 adults ages 18 and above examined the spending habit of consumers in relation to popular traditions. 

How Americans Spend on Easter

It found out:

  • 63% buy Easter basket and egg hunt items at Walmart
  • 49% consider chocolate bunny essential for their Easter basket
  • 74% put money in their Easter baskets

How Americans Spend on Easter

The survey went deep to single out Easter basket preferences of an everyday American, this is what it determined:

American Preference for Easter Basket Items

Item Preference
Chocolate Bunny 49%
Plastic Egg With Candy 19%
Money 13%
Peeps 10%
Toys 9%

Respondents also answered which tradition they follow and respect the most. The results are not all that surprisingly. 

American Preference for Easter Traditions 

Tradition Preference
Spending time with family 39%
Religious Gathering 14%
Hunting Easter Eggs 13%
Dyeing Easter Eggs 13%
Enjoying a Meal 6%

Some of the other questions asked in the survey were related to how people went about money saving on the event –many people pointed towards coupon codes as their budget management tools.

While Easter is a big shopping event, some researchers have tried to understand where the majority of this shopping takes place. 

Discount Stores Dominate When it Comes to Easter Shopping

National Retail Federation found out that around 58.9% Easter celebrants shop at discount stores. In comparison, 28% of the consumers shop online. These numbers make it clear that unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Easter is not a big eCommerce event. Still it does inspire a significant amount of shopping activity on the digital sphere.

How Americans Spend on Easter

Among the shoppers in America, 30% use smartphone to research products while 19% use their device to make the final purchase. The infographic below explain people’s preferred celebration plans.

How Americans Spend on Easter

When it comes to Easter activities, 60.1% people spend time with family and friends. Most importantly, 11% said they plan on shopping online on the day while will drive to a store. 

1.6% of the people do not take part in activity.

Going back to online shopping, have the trends changed in the recent days?

The data shows it has. 

Impact of Easter Shopping on the eCommerce Industry

Since Easter bunny arrives on a different day each year, it’s extremely difficult to predict the pattern of online sales on this day. However, it clear that the prospects of buying cheap good motivate people to shop. 

A survey from actually showed that people plan to spend more online for Easter than on brick and mortar stores. Demandware illustrates that majority of searches for Easter come from computers rather than phones and tablets –the latter only accounts to 8% of the total searches. 

Early holiday deals are likely to do well as Yesmail Marketing Intelligence shows Easter related email campaigns had 17.9% average open rate a week before the day –the highest recorded. The rate dropped to 15% in the following weeks. 

British Retail Consortium (BRC) figures show ecommerce sales went up by 10% due to the Easter effect. Interestingly, the sales on non-food products grew by 10.3 percent.

Spending By Age and Gender 

Survey from NRF shows some important insights about how people of different genders and age groups go about their Easter spending. 

  • People aged 25-34 spend more than other age groups with an average of $189.25. 
  • People aged 35-44 come in second with an average spend of $185.37.
  • Fewer men (76%) celebrate Easter than women (82%) but on average, they spend more ($165.78 compared to $137.35)

Easter vs. Christmas vs. Halloween

Comparing data from IBISWorld and NRF on how American spend on Christmas, Easter and Halloween – it is surprising to find out that Easter is a bigger retail event than Halloween. Easter candy outsells Halloween candy.  Christmas dwarfs all the other major holiday when it comes to commercial activities. However, keep in mind that most researchers include Thanksgiving and New Year expenses in it as well.

Comparison of Big Three Holidays

Event Christmas Halloween Easter
Total Spending 1 Trillion $9 Billion $18.1 Billion
Per Person $1000 $90 $151


Easter Celebration is about celebrating love, hope and family while others consider it a time to get in touch with their spiritual side. Some just like eating chocolate. 

But for marketers, Easter offer an opportunity to connect with the customers. Be it food, clothing, decoration or any other thing that associated with day –if you’ve it in good quality, Easter bunny will only bring good news. 

How Americans Spend on Easter

Easter statistics show that this holiday has a real potential. So this April 12, have your best products ready and market them through mediums like Facebook and Twitter. People spend money on Easter but they are looking for the right products for the right prices. Get this right and may be this event will become a source of your resurrection.

Published On: February 13, 2021

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