Coupons and Customer Loyalty Relations: A 2023 Statistical Overview

Inspiring brand loyalty is the ultimate goal for any business. Experts often apply the Pareto Principle to demonstrate that 80% of sales often come from 20% of consumers. While this may not be a completely accurate figure, there’s no doubt customer retention has its perks.

According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention often results in at least a 25% increase in profit. Businesses employ a number of tools to keep valuable consumers around. Among these tools, coupons have emerged as an extremely effective option.

eCoupons and promo codes are usually seen as marketing instruments that attract first-time buyers. But the latest stats gathered by ClothingRIC show they instill loyalty among old consumers as well.

Coupons & Customer Loyalty The Statistical Relation

Discounts and coupon codes can be used to make customers feel valued. They help foster a connection between the business and its clientele. Statistics show coupon codes work in retaining customers.

Are Customers Willing to Switch Brands for a Coupon?

Some of the latest customer retention statistics show the importance of loyalty programs and coupons.

  • 77% of consumers are likely to stay with a brand that offers loyalty programs. (Bond Brand Loyalty Report)
  • 54% of customers will stop shopping from brands if it doesn’t provide relevant coupons. (Fundera)
  • 70% of customers are more likely to recommend a brand that has a good loyalty program . (Bond Brand Loyalty Report)

Coupons Are An Effective Tools of Marketing

“In recent years, coupon codes have become a staple of marketing and customer engagement” says Julia Markle, senior editor of ClothingRIC. Some of the recent data suggest their value in retail is undeniable.

  1. 90% of consumers use coupons in one way or another. (Valassis)
  2. 83% of shoppers say coupons can directly shape their buying behavior and make them more biased towards a particular brand. (Inmar)
  3. People who use coupons spend 24% more than non-coupon users. (Blippr).
  4. $91 billion coupons are expected to be redeemed by 2022 (Juniper Research).
  5. Digital promo codes have become more widely used than coupon-clipping due to the on-going pandemic (WSJ).
  6. 70% of people who open a company’s email are in search of a deal or coupon code. (Campaign Monitor).

Instant Coupons Make Customers Feel Rewarded

Based on a YouGov survey of 3,350 American consumers, instant coupons are third most effective in making the customers feel rewarded after cash backs and birthday gifts. 30 % of consumers feel ‘very rewarded’ while 49% feel ‘little rewarded’ by the gesture.

Very Rewarded
A Little Rewarded
Not Rewarded
Cash Back
Birthday Gifts
Instant Coupons
Free Samples
Wallet Punch Cards
Invitations to Special Events
Tiered Programs
Merchant Credit Cards

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Do Deals & Discounts Make Consumers Brand Loyal?

What does it take to keep a customer around? According to Yotpo’s State of Customer Loyalty report 2018, 55% of shoppers value product quality above everything else while 25% of buyers can be attracted solely through good deals and discounts.

What makes you loyals to a brand?

The Product 55.3%
Great Deals 25.7%
Customer Service 7.1%
Convenience 5.7%
Other 3.2%
Cause or Charity 1.8%
It's Popular 1.2%

What Channels Do Marketers Use to Promote Offers?

While coupons are often the weapon of choice to realize this goal, marketers utilize different mediums to reach out to potential loyal consumers.
A survey of U.S retail professionals by Emarsys shows which channels are prioritized for inspiring loyalty among customers.

Email Marketing 80% use email marketing for retention.
Social Media 44% believe social media drives retention.
Organic Search 36% prioritize the organic search for retention
Mobile Marketing 11% maintain that mobile marketing is the primary driver for retention
Market Places 8% feel marketplaces drive retention

Are Mobile Coupons Efficient In Building Loyalty?

Mobile Coupons Efficient In Building Loyalty

Mobile coupons have become an important part of eCommerce marketing in recent years. Latest stats gathered by
ClothingRIC research team shows businesses who are not investing in this mode of promotion might be missing out.

6 in 10
receive rewards
mobile device

Business Need Loyal Customers

“Customer retention requires low investment but has a high return.” explains Business Blogger Alex Bill”.
“Turning buyers to customers that prefer your brand over others is a dream of any marketer” he explains.

Loyalty statistics from different studies show just how important frequent buyers are for businesses.

Which Generation is Most Brand Loyal?

Marketers should take it as welcome news that the young generation of shoppers is extremely loyal.
In a survey published by A. Guttmann, it was found that Millennials (24-39 years) are the most loyal generation as 60% tend to stick to a brand they like.

I am a brand conciouse person
Once I find a brand I like I tend to stick to it
0 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
Gen Z (8-23 years)
Millennials (24-39 years)

Meanwhile, Gen Z (8-23 years) are right behind their Millennial counterparts with 55% brand loyalty. Other statistics show that Generation X and Baby Boomer aren’t as brand-savvy or loyal to particular products.


In today’s ultra-competitive environment, loyal customers are vital for any business to survive. However, it’s not just the quality of the product that can inspire devotion from thousands of customers.

On most occasions, consumers are looking to be valued by a brand. Giving exclusive coupons to regular buyers is a way of showing them you appreciate their dedication. Statistics accumulated above demonstrate that it’s possible to create a loyal customer-base through strategic discount marketing.

Cultivating relationships is good for business. Coupons are an important part of this entire process.

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