Father's Day Shopping Trends & Statistics

On Father's Day, people around the world look forward to celebrating their fathers, and stores provide a wide range of gift selections that help to create new memories.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumer spending on the coming 19th of June is expected to be $20 billion, this is nearly identical to the last year’s record of $20.1 billion.
Even with inflation being a major factor, Father’s Day spending is not going to take a hit this year. Following are some Father’s Day shopping statistics that show the resilience of this sentimental holiday.

Father’s Day Spending in the Numbers

Expected Per Person Spending

Father's Day is coming, and the facts and figures reveal it is going to be a huge one. According to last year’s Father’s Day statistics, consumers were expected to spend an average of $174 on this day, up from $148 in 2020.

This year, consumers are set to spend an average of $171.79 on celebrating fathers. This is lesser than the previous year but still significant.

Total Expected Spending in Billion

In 2018, the total expected money to be spend on Father’s Day was $15.3 billion, this figure touched $20.1 billion last year. In 2022, there will only be a slight decrease because the expected spending on this Father’s Day is $20 billion. Even the overwhelming inflation has been unable to stop this trend and people continue to spend money on the special men in their lives

Average Spending by Age Group

People who are between the 35 to 44 age range were the biggest spenders on Father’s Day. They spent $210 on their dads per person. People who are 65+ spend the least on this day.

Consumer Behavior on Father’s Day

Number of Celebrants Through Years

According to the NRF's 2022 data, 76% of consumers were expected to celebrate Father's Day last year, with greeting cards, apparel, and a special outing being the top gift suggestions.

Purchasing and Celebration Plans (2009-2021)

The U.S. consumers were asked about the gifts they planned to purchase on Father's Day in a survey. The data revealed that greeting cards remained the most popular gifts in 2021 followed by clothing items.

Greeting Cards

Special Outing


Gift Cards


Consumer Motivation While Picking Gifts

A little-known Father’s Day fact is that customers are always looking for a one-of-a-kind or unique gift for their father. When consumers were asked what is most essential to them when buying a Father's Day present last year, 41% wanted a gift that’s unique while 36% preferred a gift that created a special memory.

26% Want to find a gift that’s convenient for them
41% Want to find a gift that is unique
18% Want to find a gift that’s cheaper or cost-effective
36% Want to find a gift that creates special memory
11% Others

Most Popular Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day insights from different studies reveal that people have different approaches to selecting gifts for fathers and father-like figures. Last year, the most common requests were for Father's Day gifts that had to be distinctive or create a memorable memory, followed by practical and inexpensive gifts.

59% Greeting Cards
49% Clothing
46% Special Outing
55% Gift Cards
28% Personal care
26% Books/CDs
25% Electronic
24% Gardening Tools
26% Tools/Appliances
22% Sporting Goods

The Gifts Dads Want on this Day

The latest Father’s Day statistics show gift cards are the most popular choice among dads. 40% of them are hoping for gift cards on Father’s Day. Dinner and clothes are the least choices for them.

Gift Cards
40% Gift Cards
Restaurant Meals
32% Restaurant Meals
Meals at Home
27% Meals at Home
27% Clothing
37% Fathers who want to spend time with family
26% Want to have a nice dinner

Planning a Special Outing Mother’s Day VS Father’s Day

Some of the recent facts and figures show that this year's Father's Day outings are back to pre-pandemic levels. In terms of giving dad a special outing, the biggest age group to shift towards this trend was 25 to 34 in 2021, when compared to 2020.

From Where Consumers Plan to Buy Gifts

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to purchasing anything from groceries to furnishings to gym gear through online shopping. Shoppers will undoubtedly continue to rely on the convenience that purchasing through the internet typically provides even though things have reopened. Online shopping on Father’s Day will continue to grow

Statistics about Father’s Day Celebration


The Father’s Day shopping stats show that this holiday is ripe with opportunities for retailers. And looking at the recent industry insights, retailers could use additional sales they can get on June 19th. If you are an eCommerce site or a brick-and-mortar store, you can increase your sales significantly by appealing to customer needs. It’s an interesting fact about Father’s Day that despite inflation and economic uncertainties in recent years, the trend of Americans buying gifts for their fathers continues to grow. Retailers need to provide buyers with a diverse set of gifting options to pull them in.