Annual Scholarship Program 2022

A strong and prosperous community ClothingRIC is all set to take initiative and showed much level of involvement in the betterment of society. And to do so, we’ve initiated a student reward program for students who show exceptional interest in education and have limited resources to carry it with zeal and zest. With the purpose of encouraging this highly praiseworthy value, we are pleased to announce that the winning contestant will be eligible to receive $1000 scholarship for tuition fee. The sole purpose of this scholarship program is to lend a helping hand to students who are going through financial hardships. This scholarship will surely help them to overcome their financial obstacles to a great extent. However, before proceeding further, here is list of things you need to do:

Eligible Candidates

To become an eligible candidate, a student must fulfill the following:

  • Fulltime enrollment details either at an American college or University level for the present academic year.
  • Must have a good standing in current academic institution.
  • Must have an exemplary involvement as a community.
  • Candidates aging less than 18 must be permitted by the guardian or parents to participate in the scholarship program.

How to apply?

The procedure of applying for the scholarship is mentioned below:

  • Fill out the application featured below on this page.
  • Write your name and current school or institution you will be attending during mentioned academic year, and a valid email address.
  • Must include phone number, name, and email address for the references that can identify your credentials as a viable applicant for scholarship.
  • Using answers to clearly describe your reason and your aim to apply for scholarship.

Dates To Remember

From submitting scholarship application to fee payment at your institution, we have listed down all the dates you must know:

  • As of now, applications are being accepted, so you can apply anytime by Oct 30th, 2022.
  • Winning contestants will be notified via email and will be announced by midnight on Nov 30th 2022.
  • Scholarship payment will be remitted to student’s college or university account by Dec 6th 2022.

Criteria To Qualify

In order to qualify for the scholarship program, the applicant must ensure the following:

  • The candidate must answer all questions in the questionnaire section.
  • The desired college/ university must be located within the United States.

Applicant Reviewing Process

All submitted applications will be reviewed by two of our employees. In the end, out of all candidates who applied for the scholarship, one winner will be chosen based on candidate’s activities and interest towards getting better education. References of all candidates will be contacted and verified. Likewise, references will have to testify candidate’s claims.


  • Total scholarship value is $1000 and will be deposited by means of wire transfer. Applicable fees may apply.
  • Candidate who will get the scholarship, he will be responsible to pay federal taxes as per the tax laws of that state.
  • The recipient of the scholarship will have their picture, name, school or university name, and description listed in the recipient section of the website.

Please Fill Out The Form Below

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
1# What are your motives and aims in life? How will this degree contribute to it?
Website Url:
Field of Studies:
2# What will be the impact of this scholarship on your life and studies?
2# Write some practical tips to help students regarding ways to save while studying.

For any queries regarding annual student scholarship program, feel free to contact us. You can send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure to answer your queries. Our response may take 72 hours. Be the first one to apply for the scholarship program to have sound studies and future ahead.

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