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People who can talk about the clothes are the people who put efforts in to their daily buying and style profile. And, If you haven’t been doing it, the chances are you soon will. Because, let’s admit the solutions to our daily wardrobe problems and discoveries about favorite fashions are too tempting to ignore. So, for everyone who wants to be the next hero of fashion gossip in their circles, here are some deep dug facts you will surely love.



  • T-Shirts have been invented from separating long underwear into top and bottom.
  • Almost 100 years ago in the Merriam-Webster dictionary "T-Shirt" First appeared as ‘ tē- , shərt.
  • Most t-shirts worn record goes to a person who wore 257 T-shirts at once.
  • Google searches for beer”, “NFL” and “Graphic design” altogether are less then t-shirts.
  • First promotional t-shirt was printed in 1939 for the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.



  • “Waist Overalls” or "Overalls" was the initial name of Jeans.
  • Almost 100 years ago in the Merriam-Webster dictionary "T-Shirt" First appeared as ‘ tē- , shərt.
  • World Most Expensive Jeans is Trashed Denim at whooping $250,000 made by Dussault Apparel.
  • Asia produces 50% of denim for the World specially Asia, China, Bangladesh and India are well known for its massive production.



  • Elizabeth I of England received a first ever wristwatch from Robert Dudley in 1571.
  • Most People own or given black colored watch in their lifetime, and considered as unisex color.
  • Wrist watches were women’s accessories until World War I.
  • One of NASA engineer i.e Peter Petorff, invented the digital watch.
  • Even the latest technology is available but watches of Rolex are still handmade.



  • The most expensive shoes sold ever were of Judy Garland in The Wizard of OZ. They were sold in 2000 for $660,000 at an auction.
  • Queen Victoria was the first lady for whom ever shoe was designed in 1840.
  • Philadelphia is the City Where First Ever Pair of right- and left-footed shoes was Manufactured.
  • The Famous Jimmy Choo was just 11 when he designed first pair of shoes.
  • The Fact Behind Addition of Heels in Shoes is to protect the foot from burning sand in Middle East.


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