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10 Halloween Costumes That Are Downright Hilarious

From an adult baby to a bacon strip, some costumes are just so funny you cannot help but burst into laughter. After all Halloween is all about laughing and making others laugh with you. There are just so many choices now thanks to things like internet memes, TV shows and of course the politics. Here are 10 such costumes that are super funny and you can shop with discount deals too:

Plug and Socket Costume

This is a funny couple’s costume that can also make a statement about people being hooked to their devices all the time. The plugs positioning on the pants makes it racy but it is stilla funny costume.

Couple Plug & Socket Funny Costume

Rasta Banana

Remember back in 2013 when this giant stoned Rasta Banana would pop up almost everywhere? And the news where a man lost his life savings and ended up with this stuffed banana? It is so hilarious it will still make people laugh in 2017 and make you stand out of the crowd. Just look at the detailing on this costume, it is not your run of the mill banana.

Rasta Banana Hilarious Costume

Baby Mop

Don’t forget your baby when doing your Halloween costume shopping. This Baby Mop onesie is ludicrous and will probably help you clean up all the dust too.

Baby Mop Housework Hilarious Costume

Odd Helga

Cross dressing is one of the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a funny costume and can it get any funnier than this Odd Helga costume for men? Remember that hilarious scene from Shrek, Swiss milkmaid and medieval bar wench? Want to make it even more authentic, take a goat with you.

Odd Helga Brave Girl Man Funny Costume

Big Baby

If you are not embarrassed to wear a diaper, this could be the perfect thing for you. Be a big baby this Halloween and turn up to parties with your milk bottle in hand. If you can act and cry like a baby your act will be even more authentic.

Big Baby Halloween Costumes

Beard Hat

This knitted beard hat is weird but funny especially if a girl wears it. You could go out on Halloween as a hippie or a member of Zac Brown Band. Bonus point: it will keep you incredibly warm.

Beardo Beard Hat Costume

If You Must-ache T-Shirt

If you want something simple but witty just wear this t-shirt with a pair of jeans. You see what they did there right?

If You Must Ache Halloween T-Shirt

French Toast

Oh la la! Ladies if you want to look sexy and funny at the same time this is the costume you need. Dressed in high waist shorts, stripped black and white tee and a beret, you could not be more French than this. And a purse that looks like a toast, this look totally makes sense.

French Toast Sexy & funny Costume 

Frozen Jack and Rose

The iconic emotional scene from Titanic where Jack and Rose were in the frigid ocean water can be transformed into this funny costume with a cardboard cut into a plank.

Frozen Jack and Rose

Mildred The Lunch Lady

One can only imagine how hard a lunch lady’s job must be, feeding hundreds of kids every day at school with many not even liking the lunch. The Mildred Lunch Lady costume is a funny ode to their hard work. The stuffed dress will remind everyone of the good old school lunches and make them laugh.

Mildred Lunch Lady Costume

Funny costumes are in the most demand before Halloween and usually go out of stock pretty quickly.So if you are planning on making your friends laugh with a witty costume, hurry up and get yourself one of these costumes. With coupon codes you can get quite a bargain and get your favorite one even on a tight budget.  

Published On: October 09, 2017