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TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

This review is of very much importance considering there are bridal dresses involved. Yes, we have finally chosen a store that sells bridal dresses so those ladies whose big day is coming up should read this through. We know how much stressful it can be finding a gown for your wedding and that too on a budget. TBDress is an online retailer that has everything a woman needs but their specialty is dresses including bridal gowns.

TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

TBDress is basically a store with multiple brands under its umbrella and it is essentially a wholesale store that supplies to buyers across the globe. This is why their prices are quite low so buyers can buy in bulk. According to their website, they work on providing a smooth shopping and trade experience for their buyers which is why they have very secure payments and shipment operations. They also have hundreds of products in their lines so you will have a lot of choice.

Why We Chose TBDress?

TBDress has all kinds of dresses but we were particularly interested in bridals because we know that it is one of the most important clothing items you will ever buy. Whether you are buying for yourself or you are a business buying in bulk for reselling, we wanted to make it easy for you to make the final call. Besides gowns they have other clothing items too, so you have every thing in one place.

TBDress Bridal Dresses Review

TBDress has all kinds of dresses for weddings: be it the bride’s gown, bridesmaid’s dresses or flower girl dresses. They have a very big collection of gowns in all kinds of styles. Most dresses are embroidered and have a lot of lace involved. You can also find colorful dresses for wearing at weddings and other formal events. And you can also find some very adorable dresses for little girls.

The dresses are of course very pretty, with the potential to make anyone look like a queen on their big day. Since they supply all things bridal, you can also find veils and other accessories to go with the gown. There is a lot of intricate embroidery on every piece which makes it all the more regal and beautiful.

TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

TBDress Clothing and Shoes Review

Besides beautiful gowns, TBDress also has abundant choices in the following:

  • Coats
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Knitwear
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bottoms
  • Bags
  • Boots
  • Heels
  • Sneakers

They basically supply a woman’s whole closet so anything you need will be available with them. All of these are quite trendy and have ample choices in terms of color and design. We found the coats to be their best thing after bridal dresses as there is every kind of coat in every type of material you could think of. From cashmere to leather to fur, everything is there on the website. So overall, in terms of product choices TBDress is doing very well.

TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

TBDress Brands

This store has several brands under its umbrella some of which are Vintacy, Young 17, Kinikiss, Cocolor and Plusee. Most of these brands are not well known but they do assure quality for their products. These brands are the reason why TBDress has so much variety. Each brand has its own specialty and when combined everything at this store becomes special. For example, Plusee is all about plus size bridesmaid dresses and Clocolor is all about playing with vivid colors. So we think having different brands supplying to TBDress is a good thing after all.

TBDress Pricing and Discounts

Since TBDress targets wholesale buyers, there prices are ridiculously low. Can you imagine buying a wedding gown for under $500 in this day and age? Well at this store you can by one for even $200 after discounts. This is amazing news for retailers who are looking to buy bridal gowns for their stores. Same is the case with all other clothing items including coats and boots that are usually very pricey. And the amazing thing is that if you use coupon codes you can save so much on your order especially when you are buying in bulk.

They have discounts on almost every item and besides in-store discounts; promo codes can let you save even more money. So you can get ten dresses in the price of one dress from a fancy store. Considering that the designs are beautiful and quality decent, this is a great bargain that you should definitely not miss out on.

TBDressPayments, Shipping and Returns

TBDress has very secure payment options which include PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfer, Webmoney and iDeal. In terms of payment options, there is a lot of flexibility so one can choose to send the payment the way they find most convenient.

Apparently there are a lot of factors that determine how long your order will take before it reaches you. Here is everything you need to know:

  • Shipment time and costs depends on order and where you are ordering from so you will know about it at checkout.
  • Items that are in stock are shipped out within 24-72 hours while items that are not in stock can take longer which means your order will take longer to deliver.
  • If sent via DHL, expect delivery within 2-4 business days and if sent through EMS, expect delivery in 3-8 business days.
  • Processing times are mentioned with the products so make sure to check that out.
  • The shipping fee depends on the region and you can get an estimate on their website by going here and selecting your country.

The order can be returned within 15 days of receiving shipment but the process is a little bit complex. Depending on where you ordered from you have to contact one of their centers that caters to your region. For example, if you ordered from within US you have to contact in Los Angeles. The full refunds are possible for faulty or damaged products. Their return policy could get a little more flexible than how it is already.

TBDress Ratings

TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

Final Verdict

TBDress is a great place to shop things in bulk as it is targeted for wholesale buyers. However, you can also buy for yourself especially the bridal dresses and coats that are very low priced. Because of this their prices are great and you can save tons of money on your beautiful bridal gown if you buy from them. The store has lots of choices and a collection that has perhaps a million pieces.

TBDress Review: Affordable Bridal Dresses

However, the store could work on its return policy and make it smoother. Similarly, the is no definite time on delivery so they could be more articulate and clear about the delivery times according to regions and shipment choices. This way the customers will know exactly how long the order will take before they place the order.

Published On: December 14, 2017

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