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Amazing Ways To Save Money On Clothes And Shoes

Clothing and shoes are a necessity as well as a passion for every man and woman. From fashionista to a housewife and from jet-setter to the rugged- man, every lady and gentleman spend quite a big chunk out of his or her bank account on these essential wardrobes and shoe rack items. The average American adult aged 25-34 spend $161 per month on clothing. However, adults aged 35-44 spend, slightly higher at $209 per month. The average American family spends $1800 per year on clothing. When it comes to shoes, Americans are willing to spend more on shoes, a new study by slick deals confirms. According to another market research, the average American woman buys 5 pairs of shoes in a year whereas the average man buys 2 pairs per annum. The Boston Globe report reveals that men spent 26.2 billion on footwear compared to $30 billion spent by women in 2016.

The statistics show how much Americans spend on clothing and shoes. But, they have their budgets and for many, this fondness of clothes and shoes often gets deterred by the shortage of money. However, no need to worry because there are smart strategies that help trim the shopping bill on of your outfits and shoes. Let’s check out:

Buy on sale

The Sale provides a terrific opportunity to save good bucks. From wardrobe staples to footwear, study the sale cycles of prominent retailers online. Don’t forget the online clearance sale offered by retailers to grab the best discounts. Keep your eyes peeled on sale with some special offers like BOGO(Buy one get one free). If you plan to buy multiple pairs of shoes or outfits, such offers will save you lots of bucks.

Try thrift stores

Don’t be shy of thrift stores because they can provide you surprisingly good quality clothes including designer’s labels as well. No doubt, there is a lot of junk at these consignment and goodwill stores but if you put some effort in searching it right, you may end up getting almost new but slightly used shoes and outfits. Thrifting really makes you fashionable at a very low cost.

Make couponing your habit

The Coupon is today’s buzzword. This great tool for deep discounts helps you save a substantial amount of money. There are coupons galore on retailer’s websites, Sunday newspapers, and couponing websites. Also keep an eye on coupon codes especially on events and seasons like valentine day, Black Friday, Father'day or Mother's day because you can avail fabulous discounts. Also, download mobile apps for printable coupons to get the best offers.

Shop offseason

Offseason sale not only provides a great opportunity to retailers for refreshing their inventory, but it also gives you the chance to get clothing and shoes at much-reduced prices. So, spare some balance in your bank account, for such good chances. You will realize that the sweaters, jackets and winter footwear bought at end of season clearance sale or in May from select stores, will be excellent deals

Shop at discount stores

Saving money at discount stores is possible because these stores offer substantially lower prices than their competitors. Old Navy, the fast fashion powerhouse is one such store where you can buy seasonal women’s dresses, men’s outfits and kids wear at much-reduced prices. And how can one forget the retail giant Amazon that offers rock bottom prices to its customers having prime membership with free shipping? For shoes also, Amazon tops the list of all discounted stores in this category. Its “shoe discount warehouse” and “shoes under $25” provide you the best discount. Zappos and DSW are other premium discount stores for shoes, where one can avail deep discounts.

Repurpose and repair

Repurposing your clothes and repairing your shoes is a novel idea in saving bucks. You can dye a pair of shoes to give them an upgrade and turn your outdated clothes into rags for using around in the house.

Alternatively, the clothes can be donated to some retail store that offers store credit or a discount in exchange. The old jeans which you don’t like to wear anymore can be cut in length to turn them into shorts. There are second- hand clothing sites like thredup and poshmark, where you can resell your used clothes and make some money.

Reward programs

Reward programs value an avid customer and offer stellar perks resulting in great savings. Many of them offer paid membership programs while a lot of them are free too. In many cases, you earn points on each dollar spent and get rewards later. Nordstrom, for instance, is one such store that offers a rewards program for free. You get one point for each dollar spent and as soon as your total purchase amount reaches $2000, the store will give you a $20 note to spend on anything in the store. One other example of variation in rewarding customers is Moosejaw that offer “high altitude rewards”. These rewards include 10% back on every regular order and 2.5% back on discounted items.

Don’t wash clothes too frequently

This advice has nothing to do with wearing smelly clothes. It’s about not to wash clothes unnecessarily. If clothes are still clean enough to wear, why wash them, only to increase wear and tear. Your jeans do not need laundering too frequently and can be worn several times before they require a wash. Doing less laundry requires a good understanding of when the clothes are actually dirty and need washing. Sweaters and casual jackets do not need to be washed after every wear because they do not come in direct contact with sweating skin. Less laundry will not only save money on utilities it will also increase the durability of clothes.

Scour the internet

Internet is your great buddy in your journey of “shopping with saving”. You will find here your favorite brand of shoes and outfits with scores of deals. All you need is an intelligent comparison of all such offers and select the one that best suits your wallet. You will also be receiving lots of promo codes through email newsletters. The mobile Apps for coupons, which you have downloaded on your smartphone, also provide you the best saving opportunities.

Buy quality products to save in the long run

Spending in quality ensures durability and saves a substantial amount of money in the long run. For instance, if you buy $ 40 pumps that wear out in just one season, you will spend $160 with these pumps in a year. Instead, if you buy a pair of shoes in $175 that lasts for 5 years, you will actually spend $35 per year.

Make an inventory of your clothes and shoes:

It is always useful to take an inventory of your wardrobe and shoe rack in order to know what you have and what you need to buy. This will also make you avoid silly buys that you actually don’t need. Taking inventory will also help you plan your next shopping because if you list down all clothing and shoe items you need to purchase, you will easily resist impulse buying temptation and will not buy anything that is not in your list no matter how cheap it is.

Shop factory stores and outlet malls

Outlet shopping is a big business and many of them offer serious bargains. The outlets provide Price slashing schemes generally on holidays like black Friday and mother’s day etc. For availing most saving, you should carefully plan your visit to the mall by visiting their websites. Get your coupon book from customer service and if you have signed a reward program, you can download it free from the website also. True outlets offer products that were originally stocked in regular retail stores but have been discontinued or phased out by them because shopping season ends. Hence, very steep discounts are offered.

Final thoughts

Smart strategies are what make an intelligent shopper save good bucks. One need to buy fewer but better and take due care of outfits and shoes to make them last longer. This way, you can look fashionable in a budget

There are many creative ways to save money on shopping for clothes and shoes, but one needs to find ways that work for him. My personal observation, however, is that coupon is one strategy that fits for all types of customers.

Published On: June 03, 2019

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