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Avoid Bridal Blunders—Tips to Know before Saying “YES” to the Wedding Dress

Admit it: Shopping for wedding dress is actually no small feat and not a magical fun as it’s made out to be. But how would you know?  Because you’re just starting for the first time.There are just fewer (lucky ones!) brides experiencing “Oh, LaLa” moment after slipping on five or six dresses. For others there is trying dozen of beautiful gowns in every conceivable fabric and silhouette, but there is not hundred percent satisfaction. Well, your quest for the perfect wedding dress can be or can’t be piece of cake; it actually depends on how nicely you slice it.

However, we totally understand your consciousness regarding dress and its selection as it will be the true centerpiece of that big-day of your life. And this situation makes it harder to stay positive (about your choices and body) and confident while hunting the wedding gown. Whereas, the key to get your dream wedding dress doesn’t need you to follow some hard and fast rules for  “THAT ONE DRESS,” instead proper planning and little attention to details and VOILA!

For all brides to be with clocks ticking, we talked to some experienced brides on how to deal with this bridal-dress-picking-situation and they spilled some worth-trying tips that can be really helpful. Make the budget and other typical tips aren’t the thing you need and we know this well. So, scroll down, stress less and spend more time on planning and implementing to-do list (such as tasting cookies and cake!)

Limit Your Entourage for Better

We are saying it now and we'll say it again—bringing a big group to the salon is a thoughtful decision because this way you will get more confused. Remember, the more people you will bring with you, the more conflicts they will have in choices and you will be the victim of their so called right pick for you, so don’t think of bringing bunch of people. Just enlist one or two people from people that are closest to you and your choices when shopping for fashion-picks. In this way you can find the gown of your dreams and will not feel pressurized from others' opinions.

Who to go with? It’s easy to enlist anyone from your mom, your mom-in-law-to-be, your best friend, or your sister. The thing is: Bring along whoever’s opinions you trust and feel confident with. Keep the list tight and small (too many cooks can only sound: blah blah blah), and it’s also a must to make it clear who has the final word (That's you, for sure!).

Useful Tip: If you want to bring two people who don’t know each other, make it a party. Have dinner or lunch first to help them know and trust each other. That way they won't be jockeying for dominance during your appointments.

Focus on the Fit and Forget About the Size

Reality check: It almost never happens that two designer size charts are created equal. Chances are; if you’re a size 8 in the ready-to-wear world, you could be anything from a size 4 to a size 12 while trying your wedding dress. So, regardless of what size you are trying it’s better to focus on what fits your body the best. In case, if you are planning on dropping 8 pounds before the wedding day, still smarter to go for the dresses that can be altered easily but purchase the one that fits your perfectly at the time of purchasing.  Trust me; it’s an easier (and cheaper) way to get the hottest gown. You know what, the only number you should be focusing on while selecting your wedding dress is not the size number, but the one on the price tag. And when it comes to the price, never feel shy availing discounts like Dressy Star 12% Off site wide. The store has ultimate collection of products in already discount price and what’s better when you can have some extra savings!

Find Right Inspirations

When you start getting involved in making decisions for your wedding dress than you are indirectly giving yourself enough time to find styles, cuts, colors, and designs you love before spending thousands of dollars on a specific dress. In this way, you can easily save your time, energy, and money and will search better and don’t go into an appointment blindly. You can check out number of online places with the outstanding collection of bridal dresses, it’s the easiest way. Stores like David’s Bridal offers a section called inspiration &guidance where you can find look books, wedding themes, color palette, and a lot more. You can also hop on Pinterest, where nonstop dress inspoare at your fingertips.

Focus On Ways to Make Your Dress Look Expensive

Undoubtedly, there are many tremendous gowns that are priced within the $2,000 range and under. But to have this moment, you need to be a little scrupulous. And this smart way of selecting dress can be done paying close attention towards the fabric and make sure that it’s not too scratchy, heavy, or shiny. Even a princess gown with multi-layers shouldn’t feel like its adding 12 pounds to your frame. Mostly, embellishments on inexpensive dresses can be gaudy;it would be better if yougo with something simple and then jazz it up using luxurious and statement-making accessories which you might already have.  Accessories that can be used on your dress can be: a crystal belt, veils, silk flower pin, or vintage broach. If you’re hunting for a true bargain, nab Tradesy $50 Off site wide offer. The store has utter-most designer collection of bridal accessories, jewelry, veils, and lots more that a bride-to-be needs to shop.

Give Mass Retailers a Try

There are number of retailers who have actually launched the bridal collection section where you can shop staying within your budgeted amount. Stores like: BCBG, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Lipsy, Anthropologie, and others are filled with the exceptional designs, style, and class of wedding dresses. Anthro is little expensive, but on other retailers you can get your wedding dress under $1000 and there are some dresses with the price tag of $500. 

Try Shopping Out of the Box

All the designers, boutiques, and brands do know that what Wedding Dress means for bride-to-be and they cash this query most of the times. Mostly, adding the word wedding dress in the description will automatically add on a couple of zeros to the price tags of that particular piece of clothing. Wedding dresses’ boutiques are notoriously expensive, but the thing to remember is: they aren’t the only place to shop your wedding gown. So keep it easy on pocket and give some stores a try that are filled with ultimate collection of gowns. You can also visit Alice and olives prom section that will give you great options to choose the perfect dress for your biggest-day.

Adhere to Your Theme and Dress Code

Believe, it will look drastic if it’s the bride whose look isn’t going well with the theme—she will end up looking out of the place. Respect your code and stick to it, after all you are the one who decided it. Whether, you are planning a wedding that fits for a king and his queen, designing it in a shore thing on the beach, or any other theme, select the dress accordingly. A wedding gown that is appropriate for a formal affair will not go well on you if the wedding is planned to be happened on the beach, so stay mindful and thoughtful while planning the theme and your look. 

Good luck and we hope you will find “the one!” soon and without a hassle. Cheers!

Published On: April 07, 2017