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10 Classic Halloween Costumes That Always Work

Halloween is just around the corner and that means you need to pick a costume for this year. It is witty to wear a costume that is very current and mocks things happening around us. For instance, it would be pretty awesome to get a political costume as this year was quite a ride in the world of politics. However, not everyone has the time or energy to search for such specific costumes. So an easy solution is to go for something that is classic and timeless. Yes, there are some Halloween costumes that never get boring and can easily be found online and in stores.

Here are 10 classic costumes for a quick fix to your Halloween costume buying woes:


Zombie is pretty much about the make-up and will always be scary. You can find pretty sick costumes with blood stains and brains popping out. Or you could just wear some old shredded jeans with a tee and throw a lot of red paint on your clothes. Don’t forget the zombie walk (Watch the Walking Dead for cues).



Mummy is a widely available costume that works out perfect for kids as well as adults. And you do not have to wrap up like an actual mummy, the costume is pretty easy to wear. Again don’t forget the walk, mummies pretty much walk like zombies.



There is a lot of variety in clown costumes, you can be a goofy one or a scary one. Whatever you choose, it is going to make a smart choice for any Halloween party or for simply going trick or treating with your kid.



This can be a fun and sexy costume especially if you have got the body for it. This is great for those who want a costume but also want to avoid any special makeup or paint. You can rock this costume to any Spirit Halloween party effortlessly.



Arrrr! Pirate costumes are so much fun and come in so many varieties. Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean is an all-time favorite of many people. For kids, a treasure chest could be a nice addition to collect all that candy.



For girls, the princess costumes are pretty and timeless. You can be any of the princesses we all have known and loved all these years like Belle, Snow White, Cinderella or Jasmine. And besides who said Halloween Costume always has to be a scary one?



Angel Heaven costume is perhaps the most easy to put together. All you need is a pair of wings to wear with something white. And if you like you can also wear a halo on the head, you know, to look even more holy.



Ya’all knows that cowboys are timeless folks. Cowboy costumes can be quite simple as well as quite fancy with cowboy boots, boo tie and boot leg jeans. And if you can do the southern accent, even more points for you!



Police costumes are hot and are perfect for those raunchy Halloween parties. These work on both adults and kids and is a great way to pay homage to the great service these men and women do for us. Don’t forget to wear the police shades too to complete the look.



Oh these superheroes will never ever get old! Superhero costumes are probably the most widely used costumes because they are iconic and fun. And there are literally so many to choose from: Superman, Batman, Ironman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, Spiderman, Flash etc.


All these costumes are classic and can be bought at the very last minute too because they are available everywhere. Some costumes can be quite expensive so it is better to use coupon codes for Halloween costumes in order to save some money. Nevertheless, buy your costumes in advance so you get your hands on the one you were planning on wearing. 

Published On: September 29, 2017