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Guide to Help You Getting Bridesmaid Dresses for Plus Size and Maternity

Now, when you are done selecting your wedding dream dress, it’s time to start another gown searching and shopping journey: This time, the quest is for the exceptional bridesmaid dresses. After going through so much consciousness and anxiety while picking a dress for yourself, are you expecting to go through the same situation all over again?? Relax, we are here and together we will sort it out!  We clearly know that your friends come in all sizes and that’s natural. Selecting bridesmaid dresses for different body types is a bit of a nightmare. You are supposed to find satisfying styles that are able to satisfy people with diverse choices.

Right here, take a look at our top picks and hot tips to get started with the just-perfect bridesmaid gown!

Let’s Talk About Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses First

The most troublesome issue while picking the right dresses for plus size chic is: You might struggle with to find the right dress that fits the sizes all the girls in your crew. The options to shop the look will continue growing with the increasing number of labels catch on to the idea of the unfiltered beauty of size.

Nevertheless, there is one such way that can reduce half of your tension and that is: Choose a single color for the gown as per your theme instead of selecting a single gown design. It’s the best way to let your bridesmaids free to choose any cut, design, and style that suits their complexion, body shape, comfortable fabric, and personal style. The same color of dress won’t make them look apart from each other and is the most amazing way to let them reflect their personality. In this way, you will stay stress-free as well as each of your bridesmaids will feel and look extraordinary.

However, if you are much about selecting the same style of dress as it’s your day. Then think again!! It’s really crucial, time-taking, and energy-investing to make sure that each one of your bridesmaids has been treated exclusively. But if you select choosing style over color than you might end up getting frustrated and irritated as well as your girls won’t feel the pleasure of staying cool and best in their own style.

Don’t Shy and Call for a Help!

Don’t think much, just call plus size friends (they are your biggest asset in this situation!) and ask for help in picking show-stopping dresses. Arguably, they are master on hacking the system and take out the perfect fit for their body type with great discount amidst the huge gala of standard sizes. Their experience will help you not to worry about how and where to get a perfect dress. Even, they can inspire you with their take on different colors and cuts that you never thought of. You can also take inspiration and help from going through some plus size bloggers styling.

Top Plus Size Dress Picks

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Buying Tips for Plus Size Dresses

Know your body shape – If you are more top-heavy with an hourglass figure look for dresses with trumpet silhouettes.  A-line cut works much better for girls that are bottom-heavy, and try empire waist dresses if you are more apple-shaped.

ShapeWear – Shapewear doesn’t always lend itself to being comfy, but they work well to some extent. So you can’t just rely on shapewear to vanish all your lumps and bumps. It’s better to choose a dress that flatters and accentuate your body shape which will directly make you feel confident. You can have shapewear from different renowned places, like Shapers Fit, Shape Secrets, and others.

Arm & Shoulders – Consider cap sleeves or thicker straps when your arms are your point of contention.

Visit the Tailor – Every bridesmaid dress you buy will remain a long-lasting gown that can be worn again and again with ease on different occasions. So, if your bridesmaids are hoping to keep their cherished gowns, you can suggest them a trip to the tailor for a personalized fit. It’s never a bad decision investing in a gown that can be worn for years.

Swatch Samples – Some dress fabrics are stretchy, whereas others are flowy or unforgiving and they show each lovely curve whether you want to display it or not.  So, when you are buying a dress online, make sure that you know the type of fabric you are going to wear. Many of the online shopping platforms happily send you a swatch sample and FREE of cost fabric so you can touch and feel the fabric before buying.

Details – better to go on the sleek side and avoid drawing attention to certain areas that aren’t much attractive. Simply stay away from dresses that have eye-catching details or heavily-beaded bodices.

Now, Let’s Get Into Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

It’s happy news already if there is a member of your intended wedding part who is expecting. Not to worry about the dress code and other happenings, and believe that their presence will make your special day even more magical. And, what’s better than saving an extra plate of fish that can’t be eaten by her “Plus One”, but jokes apart, the beauty of mother-to-be will surely add the celebratory feelings of your wedding day. The body shape and condition of girls shouldn’t be a hindrance for you as long as they are willing to go down the aisle with you and celebrate your day fully. Make sure that you leave no hurdle in planning the ceremony with the most comfortable environment and make this experience amazing one for all the expectant mothers in attendance. 

In recent time, the hottest celebs like Kate Middleton (steal her style), Anne Hathaway, and Beyonce assured us that modern maternity fashion can be anything but drab. The main key to party maternity clothing is hidden comfort and style that is easy to carry. Choose the dress that gives mobility and support in all the right spots to accommodate the pregnant bridesmaids’ new curves. These dresses, cuts, and styles can look different from one woman to another depending on their curves and body type and at what stage they are in their pregnancy.

We have listed down some of the dresses which we think are perfect for expectant bridesmaids. Take a look and you can discover many on your own visiting the sizzling store with great maternity style clothing with discounts. Check out the dresses and consider the possibilities available for great discounts on dresses to make your bridal party a gathering that is filled with your favorite women who only came to support you on this big day.

Top Maternity Styled Dress Picks

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Tips for Perfect Sizing of Maternity Dresses

The time usually needed to place an order for bridesmaid dresses is 4-6 months before the wedding date. As we all know that mother’s body can go through dramatic changes throughout the pregnancy, so it’s important to have a quality tailor that can help you with the changes you want in an already stitched gown. Below you can find a number of tricks that can help you deal with the processes easily:

Extra length – Whether you’re having your dress tailored or you have the option to specify length as per your choice, it’s always better to go with a few inches over what measurements you are at the time of placing an order. This will allow the tailor some room where he can work if altering is needed.

Empire and Chiffon – An empire waist is and ultimate flattering style for every type of baby bumps. On the other hand, chiffon fabric is forgiving to the form, won’t overheat, and easy to tailor. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are 10% Off at Lipsy.

Expectant Measurements – While taking your measurements, you will have to consider your progression. If you’re 4-5 months away from the wedding date, it best to have a solid 2-3-size jump. Remember, afterward if it will have small fitting issues so they will be solved with the help of a tailor.

Stay calm and plan with a peace of mind. Remember, as long as you are willing to keep the communication going with girls and have a flexible mind finding the perfect bridesmaid dress is just steps away!

Published On: April 06, 2017