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A Care Guide to Make Your Shoe Last

When you sensibly invest in a pair of leather shoe, then you are required to take care of them instead of throwing them out once they get old or rough. Leather shoes will always be superior to other shoes, especially when the prime concern is durability. Until you’ve not got it in swap, Leather shoes is a weight on your budget so it’s important to take care of them properly for a better and long-lasting usage.

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The life of a leather shoe pair is solely depends upon the kind of care you accord the shoes and because a leather shoe can cost you a good amount depends upon the design and style you selected, you need to make sure to give complete attention towards cleaning and caring for keeping them in top shape.

The cleaning of your shoes mainly depends upon the material that has been used in your shoe and just below, there are some tips and ways,by which you can protect your leather shoe for longer time.

Change your Shoe Sole

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You need to give your shoe a break. Do not overly wear your pair, and let them do away with your feet moisture. Also, if the only problem is that the soles have been worn out then replace them with non-slip rubber soles. This will help you feel relaxed while walking around and can protect the lower region of your shoe.

Use Shoe Cream For Your Leather Shoe

Leather is made up of animal skin and that’s how it needs to be protected like human skin, you can clean your leather shoe with some high quality shoe cream plus, you may also dirt off your leather by cleaning it with a soft cloth or cotton while applying leather cleaning solution or cream.

Don’t Let your leather shoe get wet

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Because leather is an expensive material and to prolong it you need to keep it clean and for this good reason, use a dry cloth to completely clean off the dirt before using leather cleaner. In addition, you need to take care that your leather shoe do not get too wet since, it could harm the quality and usage. Still if your shoe gets wet due to any reason, you may use paper in order to absorb the moisture from inside and outside the shoe.

Polish Your Shoe

How do you often polish your shoe? It mainly depends upon the guys, some guys really like mirrors on their shoes while other just get happy with a single buff. You just need four things to go;

  • A shoe shine brush
  • A soft sponge or Cotton
  • Shoe polish that should resemble your shoe color
  • Something to protect you from stains like an old towel or newspaper.

Throw Away your shoe boxes

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If you will store your leather shoe in its original box for a longer period then it may harm the material of your pair therefore, you need to place your shoe in a safe shoe rack instead. This will help them absorb necessary moisture and the material will long last for sure.

Grab high quality brushes and shoe cleaners to extend your shoe life, you can even get these accessories with affordable prices by using coupon codes. Now, go forth and kick the day’s ass with the sparkling footwear but don’t forget to check out our discount list before shopping your stuff. 

Published On: February 13, 2017