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Best of #HalloweenMakeup from Twitter

Halloween this year feels a tad bit ironic. I mean, are we supposed to be scared of ghosts and witches when there’s a deadly virus going around?

Perhaps not. But we could all use a break right now. 

Best of #HalloweenMakeup from Twitter

While social distancing will prevent many of us from partying our asses off —there are other traditions of this day that will remain the same. 

For instance, people will still be putting up makeup and costumes even if it's just for virtual chats or their immediate family members. 

Some folks are already testing their Halloween looks.

10 Amazing Halloween Makeups from Twitter

Since we’re literally days away from the event —ClothingRIC thought it would be appropriate to single out best makeup works from Twitter. If you wish to replicate some of these, we suggest you get 95% off Pretty Nail and start practising right away. 

Here are our picks in no particular order:

1. @Roxxsaurus

There is much to discuss here. The artist has an extremely diverse taste when it comes to Halloween makeup. With glam, gore and goth —these have everything that makes October 31st special. 

2. @blakeberginuk

Pumpkins and October 31st have a relationship that goes back decades. This face paint does a tremendous job of demonstrating the spooky Halloween vibe.

3. @modeftziam

What could be more meta than drawing a face on your face? Absolutely nothing. The makeup artist has taken one direction here and that is towards brilliance. 

4. @luxmua

These are just otherworldly. It’s an art that leaves you in awe. How come that waterfall looks so real? Half-Joker and Half-Harley; absolutely brilliant and don’t even get me started on the Captain America one.

5. @NubianNadja

Although masks are important, this is just taking it to an extreme. The artist here is putting an evil twist on the pandemic aesthetics and we love it.

6. @ItsNef_

Halloween shouldn’t just be about gore and horror. What you have here is simple yet majestic artistry. Something that will definitely win minds and hearts IYKWIM.

7. @mukeddark

You can’t say Halloween without goth. Well, you can...but that’s not the point. The undead have long been the staple of October, 31st and it will stay this way. What you see here is an amazing homage to an age-old tradition. 

8. @fooIshalsey

Can we talk about that butterfly one though? These seem straight out of a comic book. This is what you call pure and unbridled talent. 

9. @mwaka_nx

One can’t help but fall in love with the aesthetics here. It’s a fantastic blend of goth and gore with a shade of Vodou. All in all, a mesmerizing work of art. 

10. @face_by_felicia

As far as comic book cosplays go, this one is right up there with the best. Everything from the hairstyle to those spots(?) is perfectly accurate. And let’s just not forget how much commitment it takes to put this amount of paint on yourself. Props to the artist. 

Final Words

And there you have it, all the best Halloween makeup we could find on Twitterverse. Since makeup and skincare go together, we have an AskDerm coupon code for anyone looking to have clear skin before and after 31st October. Happy Halloween

Published On: October 29, 2020


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