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Bikinishe Review - An International Swimwear Retailer With Modern Beachwear

A trendy swimsuit that makes you stand out for all the right reasons is something that every woman wants. Luckily, a one-piece or two-piece set that hides your imperfections and brings out your best features because its construction is just so well done is not hard to find these days. 
But while most swimwear retailers focus on putting forward the same designs that everyone else is flaunting, few bring to shelves unique contemporary designs. One of these few is Bikinishe, a swimsuit retailer that is a definite must-try.

Bikinishe is an international brand which is very particular about the cut, material, and making of each of the beachwear sets that it sells. With a lot of satisfied customers and wow designs, this is one brand to visit if you are on the lookout for modern bikinis. 

Why choose Bikinishe? 

There are so many retailers out there which are dedicated to bringing to you the latest styles of bikinis. Then why is it that you should opt for Bikinishe? The reason behind this is simple - this brand is all about the bikinis that you’ve always wanted. 

Whether you are looking for bikinis to rock at a party or just by yourself at the beach, whether these swimsuits are for the beach hangout plan just out of town with your pals or for a vacay, Bikinishe has got your back. 
Here’s what you can expect from Bikinishe’s products: 

  • Great Quality 

Each piece Bikinishe has on its page is stitched to perfection. You wouldn’t have to worry about clasps coming loose or the material loosing any threads. This is because this brand considers quality important and pays a whole lot of attention to it. 

  • A Wide Range of Materials 

If you take a look at the Bikinishe website, you’d feel excited to see that there are various materials and fabrics in which their bikinis come. From your regular fabric to crocheted material, there’s a lot of variety here. 

  • Chic Designs 

Another reason to go for this retailer is the wide range of designs. Are you looked for a Brazilian bikini or one that features high-waisted bikini bottoms? In the mood of thongs and strappy bralettes or monokinis? Whatever you want, Bikinishe has!

  • Fit Construction 

One of the biggest concerns that women have when they are shopping for swimsuits is that they want the sets they buy to fit them perfectly. A bikini that doesn’t accentuate your beauty only makes you want to replace it. This problem doesn’t exist with bikinishe which is very particular about the construction of its bikinis. 

How to Get Discounts on Bikinishe? 

Although the swimsuits by this store are simply breath-taking, many people will be taken aback by the price. But there’s a way out of this dilemma. By using the right Bikinishe promo code, customers can get tremendous discounts on the products. 

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Bikinishe Ratings - what people say about bikinishe? 

Below each order, there’s space for purchasers to leave their ratings and reviews. You can take a look at those before placing an order or leave a review yourself to help other buyers. 

Take a quick peek at the ratings and reviews of genuine customers given below bikinishe products and you’d notice how most of them have only good things to say about the products they have received. People have also mentioned that Bikinishe is quick to deliver and doesn’t mess up orders. 
Here’s a look at the retailer’s overall ratings. You can see that the company has 5 or close to 5 stars for: 

  • Having amazing variety for you to choose from 
  • Being inclusive and having all pieces in various sizes 
  • Ensuring your selected order reaches you safely 
  • Offering a convenient shipping and returns policy 
  • Putting forward only premium quality products 

A look at Bikinishe’s size chart

The clean website of Bikinishe features a separate category for plus-size products. This way, people can easily navigate their way to larger sizes if they want to without having to run through those that wouldn’t be the right fit. But it is important to note that it is not like a design available for a relatively small woman is not available for a big girl. 

Bikinishe Size Guide
Size(in) US Underbust Waist Hip
S 4-6 24-26 23-24 34-36
M 8-10 26-28 24-26 36-38
L 12-14 28-29 26-28 38-40
XL 16 29-31 28-29 40-42
2XL 18 31-32 29-31 42-44

The size chart shows that Bikinishe has six different sizes available including small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large. In short, sizes from S to 3XL are available. This means you would be easily able to find the pieces you love in the size you want. 

Bikinishe Size Guide(Plus Size)
Size(in) US Bust Waist Hip
XL 14-16W 38-40 30-32 40-42
2XL 18-20W 40-42 32-34 42-44
3XL 22-24W 42-44 34-36 44-46

Wrap up thoughts 

To sum up, Bikinishe is a swimwear retailer with swimsuits for all occasions. The modern retailer focuses on bringing quality pieces in several designs and sizes on the table. It has impressive ratings and reviews which is how you can be sure that choosing products from here wouldn’t be a waste of your bucks.

Published On: February 21, 2020

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