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Here is how you can make your favorite swimsuit last longer

In 2018, 22.77% of American new adults in the age bracket of 18 to 29 years went swimming. While the numbers may seem impressive at first glance, know that unfortunately almost half of the US population cannot swim. The water sport is not only a great activity, but it is also accompanied by a number of benefits for your health.

Swimming improves blood flow and by doing so, it also improves cognitive working. The physical exercise is a low-impact one that boosts mood and wards off mood-related disorders such as depression by promoting the release of endorphins. Research shows that swimming improves your memory as well. 

In addition to benefits for the brain, it also favors physical health by building one’s endurance, toning muscles, and helping in the healthy maintenance of a person’s heart, weight, and lungs. Know that whether you are a winter swimmer or someone who prefers to visit the waters only in summers, the physical workout proves to beneficial. 

A part of the fun in swimming comes from the gear that you wear for it. Without swimsuits. swimming is incomplete. However, not all of us can keep spending on a new swimsuit every now and then. Which brings us to the meat of the topic - how to make your swimsuit last

Buying the best swimsuit - where to get it from? 

Choosing the right swimsuit is very much like purchasing any other garment. You have to majorly consider three factors - does the suit fit the purpose? Does it suit you? Is the quality up to par? Essentially, there are three kinds of swimsuits for women. These are: 
One-piece suits: These offer full freedom of shoulder movement 
Two-piece suits: These are not for lap swimming, just for a casual day out on the beach. They come in several designs, some more modest while others are revealing 
Leg-suits: These swimsuits cover the entire body and are suitable for professional swimmers as they offer less water resistance and drag

Your body shape also plays a role in determining which swimsuit will work best for you. About where you can purchase swimsuits from, you can go for Shopbop if you’re looking for affordable pieces. Go for ASOS if you want diversity in designs. Lands’ End swimsuits have functional designs that come in many sizes. If you want to mix and match your swimsuit, choose Nettle’s Tale. Free People is a brand that caters to women looking for something special that can serve their Instagram feeds well too. 

To make the most of the deal, shop when a sale is running or by making use of promo codes and coupons. That way, you’ll be able to buy at a slashed down the price. After all, which woman doesn’t love a good discount

How much should you spend on swimwear?

When it comes to how much you should spend on swimwear, know that you can get one for $20 or for $340 and up, it all depends on your pocket. The revenue in the female swimwear sector this year amounts to the US $3460m. On average, a popular brand sells a swimsuit in the range of $250 to $300 which begs the question, why is swimwear so costly? 

The answer is simple - while a swimsuit may not require a lot of fabric, it’s making is complex. The fabric needs to be stretchy enough along with being sustainable. The swimsuit has to be able to withstand wear and tear that is caused because of chemicals, heat, and salt water. Other details such as the print, cut, hardware, etc. require attention as well. All this adds to the total cost

Do you need to buy a new swimsuit every year? 

The quality of your swimsuit is the only factor that can tell you realistically whether you need a new one or not. In truth, if you buy a cheap, low-quality swimsuit, it may start to show signs of wear and tear sooner. On the other hand, swimwear of good quality can live a long time.

As the creative directive of Everything but Water, Sabra Krock, puts it: “Inexpensive suits fade faster, pull, pill, and get baggy when wet. A more expensive suit is well worth the investment and, with proper care, will last beautifully for years.” The only way you can bag a superior quality swimsuit for fewer bucks is by using price-discounting options. 

How to make your swimsuit last and what factors chip in damage

To keep your swimsuit in good shape for a long time, make sure you don’t sit on rough surfaces without a towel. Try to expose the piece as less to chlorine and the sun as possible. Avoid wearing jewelry like a bracelet or bangles that can get hooked in the material and cause damage. When casually dipping in a hot tub, wear your cheapest suit. 

Swimsuits require to be washed after every session of sunbathing or swimming. When giving it a rinse, follow all the care instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. Use cool, clear water to wash the oils, chemicals, etc. off. Don’t toss the suit in the washing machine, hand washes instead. Machine washing can cause excess stretching and bunching. It can also damage the padding, ties, and other delicate parts

Don’t use laundry detergent for washing as it can be too harsh. Go for hand soap in its place. Squeeze the water out gently rather than wringing it out vigorously. Don’t use a dryer to dry out the suit. Air dry the swimsuit, don’t sun dry it. Lay the swimsuit flat on a surface, don’t hang it. Hanging can cause chemicals to gather at the bottom, which can damage the suit. 

Key Takeaway 

A whole lot of benefits tag along with swimming, a physical activity that is incomplete without a swimsuit. Swimwear comes with varying price tags. Generally, the higher the price, the better the quality. However, you can always fetch a discount and get a good quality swimsuit for a lower price. 

Taking proper care of the swimsuit can extend its life. In this regard, wash properly and avoid exposure to jagged edges, harsh elements, and chemicals. If you want to buy a new swimsuit this year you can buy from your favorite Australian and US Swimwear brands.

Published On: February 06, 2019