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11 Best Practices For Purchasing Petite Clothes For Women

Finding an outfit that fits perfectly is one of those tasks that require a lot of attention. It’s get even harder for petite women. Petite women are short in height. They can be lean or healthy. This is what it difficult for these women to find the right fit for them. The majority of the petite women want to dress in such a way that they appear taller than they are. 

11 Best Practices For Purchasing Petite Clothes For Women

If you are a petite woman, you need to choose the clothing pieces that elongate your legs and torso. There are certain prints and patterns that make you look in proportion. What’s more, there are discounts on petite clothing worth exploring. In this article, we will give you certain tips to get the best items and pay the least amount for it.

Know Your Proportions

First rule of shopping for petite clothing is to know your proportions. Before going on a shopping spree keep in mind that incorrect proportions can ruin your entire look. Be sure that your shoulder seams fits perfectly and your clothes don’t look hand-me-downs. 

Avoid baggy outfits: 

Avoid wearing baggy clothes as they can make you look shorter. If it gets difficult to find your perfect size buy dresses that you can get altered to your size. 
If you want a trendy outfit in a lower budget than look for the clothing stores that give discounts. Look for deals like 30% off Sheertex or utilize the season sales. This way you can save a lot of money while purchasing the apparel that fits your right. 

Note down your measurements

Save your measurement on your phone or in a notebook you carry everywhere. This will help you find the correct size even if you don’t get to try the dress before purchasing it. 

Knowing your measurements while shopping online helps you find the accurate size for your petite body. It saves you both money and regret you would have when you parcel arrives in the wrong size. When you know your inseam and waist measurements you can compare it with the product online and get the right size.  Match your size with the sizes given in the size chart of the online store before buying a dress.

Search Different Stores 

Before deciding an outfit to buy, make sure to search all online stores you know. You may find your perfect size in another store. Buying from different stores will help you add a variety of clothing pieces to your wardrobe. Moreover, you can compare these clothing items in sizes and quality to save money while you shop. 

Also not all the stores have the same size chart. Always try both petite and regular size in the same clothing item to find the perfect fit. Searching different stores will also let you know the discounts or sales available. Some retailers such as Airydress are somewhat generous when it comes to giving discounts. Using Airydress coupon code can help you save up to 90%. 

Know Your Stores 

After searching different stores you will get the idea which stores sell your perfect size and from which stores you can get trendy outfits at discounted rates. In some stores you can also find designer outfits in a lower price range.

If you want trendy styles and pieces that fashionable yet budget-friendly, give Browns Fashion a try. It’s a new-age clothing retailer that plenty of enticing deals. Using Browns Fashion coupon code, you can save a significant sum while buying from this unique clothing store. 

You can get discount also through: Top 6 Stores To Shop Designer Clothes Online

Try Wearing One Color Outfit:

Another rule of fashion world is to wear monochromatic outfits if you want to look tall. Wearing different color top and bottom divides your body into two portions. Wear solid colored outfit to elongate your legs and upper body. 

A monochromatic dress creates an illusion of a tall figure and makes you appear lanky. You can also add vertical striped outfits to your wardrobe. Vertical stripes are the game changer when it comes to creating an illusion of a tall silhouette. 

Move Your Waistline

If you want longer looking legs wear high-waist bottoms. They create the impression of a taller figure by elongating your legs. Wear properly fitted, tucked in blouses or shirts with these pants or skirts. Drawstring waists are a great hack if you’re buying straight-size pants, skirts, and jumpsuits. By pulling the waist up higher one can wear something that might be a little long. Adjustable straps let you fit any silhouette to your body. 

Go either Long or Short With the Hemline 

Wearing calf length or knee length bottoms cut your calves midway, shortening your legs. Wear higher hemlines, it will make your legs look longer. Asymmetrical hems also make your legs appear lanky. This will make your legs look as long as the shortest point on the dress.

Wearing longer bottoms also make your legs look long which create the illusion of a taller body. You can also wear cropped pants with the hemline at the ankle. Also this is one of those trends that never go out of fashion.

Wear V Neck Dresses 

Instead of wearing round neck tops or dresses wear V-necks. V-necks give the illusion of longer torso with a longer neck. If you are wearing a jacket, try long jacket lapels that sit low with a single button. Wear long necklaces with a heavier pendant, they also create a perfect V. wearing a deep V-neck to show-off your neckline that makes your upper body look bigger. 

Avoid Oversized Bags

While buying a bag don’t forget that you are a petite person. Keep your body size in your mind. An oversized bag can ruin a perfectly proportioned outfit. The right size of bag can spice up your outfit and add a new dimension to it. Oversized bags on the other side cover your body that makes your look even shorter than you actually are. Go for smaller bags, clutches, top handle totes and cross body bags if your body type is petite.

Perfect shoes 

A look is never complete without a pair of shoes. Just like carrying an oversized bag can kill your vibe, wearing the wrong type of shoes does the same. Wearing neutral color shoes create the illusion of long legs. Also pointed-toe shoes lengthen your legs while round-toe shoes do the opposite. 

Wait for the sale season before stocking up for the outfits for the season. look for discount coupons are code to add more value to your purchases.

Published On: August 17, 2020

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