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Men’s Fashion Which Women Hate Most

When it comes to fashion, some people just don’t know where to stop, and in most cases, where to start! People will dress in weird gets-up and look good at it. Some people will dress perfect and still barely be able to cut it. Fashion is something which goes hand in hand with a number of other things which include the wearer for starters. Compiled below are some instances of guys and their fashion attempts gone south. See if you can agree and/or relate to one or more of these instances.


Women have yet to find the allure to these dangle things. Scanty would be one way to put it. Revealing is something which applies to women, not the other way around. You might get a couple of stares and some but don’t be fooled. These are the same stares given to a rabid dog who is about to get the jump on you and your gaze just freezes in fright. A piece of advice; go for swimming shorts, you really don’t want to do this to yourself.

Sunglasses during the night

Tom Cruise Sun Glasses Man Fashion

Of course you need these during the night. To make sure there are no doubts in anyone’s minds about what a complete IDIOT you are! This applies to girls as well, keep away from the shades, and just keep away! As soon its sundown, fold them up and make them disappear. It might feel awkward at first without your trusty shades but soon you’ll mix right in with the normal folks.

Overdoing the ‘I’m mister branded stuff’

It’s nice, almost cool, to wear the trending stuff and latest brands. You can show your affiliation with only the best and what not. It reflects on your good sense of style and leaves a good impression. However, it’s when you overdo it, that’s when you’re going down a one way dead-end. The more is better saying is best left for the food and girls; when it comes to brands, keep it simple, keep it classy. You’ll know what I’m getting at here when you picture those walking, talking ‘human billboards’ covered in logos.


Okay this one might attract some mixed views, but still. Jewelry is fine, but to a limit. A ring on the pinky however is a big NO! Flashy, shiny gemstone studded rings don’t get you anywhere near fashionable. Rather they reflect a bad sense of taste altogether.


Okay I don’t see why I need to explain this one.Thin, insanely constricted legs are nothing to be appreciated. Couple this with the fact that you’re inflicting this torture upon yourself purposely only strengthens the argument that you’re really low on fashion sense. Fashion is good but not to the point where you sacrifice comfort for it. Reminds you of those girls who can barely walk in those painful stilettos.

Sandals, with socks for good measure

The thought of why people wear socks with sandals will continue to elude me. I cannot fathom a possible reason to it. They cancel each other out, are mutually exclusive. You wear socks for shoes and NO SOCKS for sandals. The reason you wear open sandals are because you don’t want to wear socks! Being the deviant rebel in society can be cool but this is not the way to it.

Fanny packs

Leather Waist Bag Waist Belt Bag @ClothingRic.Com

The utility on these things are great, I know because I’ve used them. However to get some, you lose some. Fashion and fanny packs just do not get along well. A sagging mini sack drooping about your waist gives the impression of, well, you know. Get a single strap bag or a suitcase instead, depending on formal or casual, it will actually compliment your style.



Published On: November 18, 2014