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Everything You Need To Know About Men’s T-Shirts

When we talk about style and T-shirt, there are two types of people, i.e.
1. Those men, who consider T-shirts to be a staple that can be worn with little to no effort and is appropriate for almost any event. 
2. Then there we have the conservatives who feel t-shirts are utterly casual, juvenile and messy looking. They believe that tees shouldn’t be worn anywhere outside the beach or gym.
However, people should go for the middle path. T-shirts are casual enough to be worn at the gym, but at the same time, a t-shirt can create a new fashion statement on its own.  With that being said, T-shirts can be worn on many events but not all. Though t-shirts constitute a basic staple of our closets nowadays, we should still put some thought into how we wear them. T-shirts can either look great or utterly regrettable if you don’t wear them the right way.  

Today we will talk about everything you need to know about T-shirts. From intricate details like fabric to style and fit, we will tell you where, when and how to rock a t-shirt; this is the ultimate guide to men’s t-shirts


Most men tend to support thicker fabrics in comparison to lightweight fabrics. Many believe that the quality of the material is directly related to its weight; however, it is not true. In fact, the lighter the fabric of a t-shirt is the better its quality is, hence, a good t-shirt will feel like second skin. T-shirts are usually made up of pure cotton or a cotton blend. The highest quality of the fabric is Egyptian cotton and Prima which are produced using long staple strands that last long and feel thinner and lighter. These two sorts of cotton are viewed as the finest quality in the market; brands such as Nike, Sunspel, Uniqlo, and NN07 use them to manufacture good quality tees.

Cotton blends work well too. Fabric such as elastane has stretchable fibers which keeps the shape of the shirt while blended fabric like cotton-polyester wrinkle less and cost much lower as well. T-shirts are also made up of fabrics like Tencel which is a much cooler and more absorbent material than linen or viscose. 

Types of T-shirts 

The laid back and easygoing look of t-shirts have always been used to create sporty and casual looks, but nowadays, stylists have raised the bar with semi-formal and fashion-forward looks. This is what makes t-shirts cool - it can be used to create a million different styles while being the most comfortable piece of clothing men own.  Following are the different styles of t-shirts which can be worn in many ways. 

Pocket Style T-shirts

As the name suggests pocket tees have a pocket, duh! It is a standard t-shirt with a left breast pocket! Pockets are a practical, interesting and useful addition and liveliness to any neutral colored t-shirt if it is in a bright color. 

Hooded T-shirts

A hooded t-shirt adds an extra element of style to an average t-shirt. The athleisure charm of a hooded tee is perfect for playing football, traveling and hitting the gym in style.  

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts first became popular in 1939 after the release of the hit motion picture The Wizard of Oz.  Thanks to pop culture and modern day artists, graphic tees have now become a symbol of artistic attitude and freedom of style.  Graphic t-shirts are best for uplifting your style and looking trendier.

Printed T-shirts 

Printed t-shirts are available in countless colors and styles. From customized prints to trending memes and slogans, you can wear your heart on your sleeves! Add spunk to a dull outfit with a fresh contemporary t-shirt

Plain T-shirts

Plain t-shirts are solid colored t-shirts which can be found in any man’s closet. They are classic and simple. A plain white t-shirt is a must-have for every man because there is nothing more attractive than a man in a white tee that fits him to perfection. 

Different T-Shirt Necklines 

You do not have to be a fashion guru to know that there are different types of necklines when it comes to t-shirts. From simple Vs and round necks to boat necks and raw hems, there are many different styles of necklines. Though T-shirts are a simple garment, they come in a variety of styles, fits, and colors. The easiest way to differentiate between various styles of t-shirts is by their necklines. 

Crew Neck T-shirts

The crew neck t-shirts are the oldest and the most common type of t-shirts. A crew neck is a round neck area which sits closely around the base of the neck. It frames a circle around the neck. Crew necks look great on almost everyone but slightly build men with narrow or long faces, and round shoulders will look best in them. 

V-Neck T-shirts

The V-neck was introduced with the goal that individuals wouldn't see white undershirts when you unbuttoned the top buttons of the dress shirt. However, today, the V-shaped neckline looks interesting and is a feature in itself. V necks best work for men round or square faces and well-defined chest.

The Henley or Y neck T-shirts

The Henley is a half and a half between the V neck and the crew neckline. The Y neckline accompanies a buttoning placket that runs a few inches down perfectly over a well-built chest. The buttons add an esthetic touch while maintaining the masculinity of a t-shirt. 

Polo T-shirt Necklines 

Polo t-shirts are celebrated by badminton players and golfers. They look great on a Sunday brunch at the club or a golf game with the boys. It adds formality with the buttons paired with a smart collar. The polo neckline t-shirt looks excellent on lean men.  

The Scoop Neckline 

The Scoop neck has been derived from the crew neck.  The round neckline of the scoop style falls just beneath the collarbone. It is not as rugged looking and adds compliments to the metrosexual look. Men with a toned chest should wear scoop necklines. 

Types of Men’s T-shirt Sleeves 

T-shirts come in different styles and one of the features which contrast is the type of sleeves. Following are the different types of sleeves find on a t-shirt. 

Raglan sleeves 

Raglan sleeve t-shirts are inspired by baseball shirts when it comes to cuts and design. These sleeves are found in full-lengths as well as three-quarter length. The raglan sleeves are attached to the shirt on a corner to corner crease rather than the conventional straight crease. 

Batwing Sleeves

Taking after the wings of a bat these sleeves have a very deep armhole which goes down to the waist. These sleeves look stylish are seen typically worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Chris Brown. 

Slashed Sleeves 

These sleeves have many long or short slits or cuts within them. These ripped sleeves are best for riders who like to look rough and tough. 

Types of sleeves length 

Different T-shirt Sleeve Styles:

Sleeveless T-Shirt 

Sleeveless T-shirts are usually sleeveless cotton tops often called vests or tank tops if the traps are thinner than shoulder width. Men usually wear wide sleeves. Sleeveless t-shirts are also called muscle tees.  

Cap Sleeve T-shirt 

Men are not usually seen in a cap-sleeved t-shirt; however, they do exist. Cap sleeves are a very common type of sleeve length which only covers the top part of the upper arm; it covers the shoulder but does not continue down under the arms. 

Half Sleeve T-shirt 

Half sleeves are regular sleeves with regards to t-shirts. Half sleeves are the most common length of sleeves when it comes to t-shirts.  Half sleeves a little longer than cap sleeves and end till elbows. 

Three Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt 

Three-quarter sleeves are longer than half sleeves and are seen a lot in the spring/autumn season when the weather is just perfect; not too hot or too cold. The length of ¾ sleeves goes beyond the elbow but does not meet the wrist. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

Men have commonly seen wear long sleeved tees, but there are often variations within this style. Long sleeves meet the wrists and usually have a cuff to give it a more masculine look. 

T-Shirt Fit 

A properly fitting T-shirt says a lot about you. If it is too loose, sleeves floundering tragically and all the extra fabric falling like a tent over your torso, makes you look lazy, sluggish and tiresome. Whereas, the opposite image of a man in a super tight t-shirt with exploding stitching looks desperate for attention.  The perfect fitting t-shirt lies somewhere in between; it complements the body parts you like, without attracting attention to the trouble areas. Hence, a nicely fitted shirt will enhance your body rather than looking too loose or too tight. Based on the fitting there are following types of t-shirts

Skin-fit T-shirts

A body fit or skin fit tee sits on the shape of your body rather than hanging over it. It acts as the perfect undershirt and can be combined perfectly with a cool jacket, a comfy pullover or a sophisticated coat. 

Baggy T-shirt

Baggy shirts were prominent in the 90s, but today, they have been revised to complement the trendy styles. Remember: A baggy shirt does not mean that it is so loose its hanging all over your body. A baggy shirt is loose enough but sits on your structure perfectly with hugging your skin. 

Muscle Fit T-shirts

Men with muscular body types and strong shoulders look great in these body-embracing muscle fit tees. Workout freaks can flaunt their best assets while wearing muscle tee. 

Normal Fit T-shirts

A classic normal fit T-shirt should end around your waist just above your hips. The half sleeves should not cover less than three-fourths of your upper arm. A normal fit t-shirt does not limit movement; it enables you to move comfortably and never feels tight. 

Most worn colors in T-shirts 

Most used colors in men’s t-shirts are neutral shades. These timeless shades set the foundations of a versatile style and wardrobe. Neutral t-shirts can be easily adjusted in any outfit; they can be worn casually or semi-formally depending on the occasion. 


The basic white t-shirt is a quintessential wardrobe staple. Almost all men own a white t-shirt because it can be paired with anything! Wear a white t-shirt with shorts, jeans or a dark suit. 


Grey looks incredibly flattering on any complexion.  Grey stresses your body shape and looks smart yet humble. 


Black comes with advantages and disadvantages. A black t-shirt offers a striking alternative to the typical white option. Black makes your body look toned and slimmer. It is best for winters. 

Navy Blue

Navy blue had a depth to it. Navy blue t-shirts are currently more mainstream. People may think that neutral shades look the same but there are no strict guidelines to neutrals. These simple, moderate and cool shades look good on all skin tones and can be worn anytime all around the year. 

Most Popular T-shirt Brands 

Each closet needs to have a strong pair of go-to shirts that can work for almost any event. You can never go wrong with a t-shirt if you hope to create an impression or you are going to hit the gym, just hanging out in the city or you are going on a date. Following are the best men's t-shirt brands with high discounts and the online shops which are accessible worldwide. It does not matter what your budget or style is because you will find some truly cool t-shirts here! 


Formally known as the Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike today is referred to as a sportswear grand; however, Nike makes the best t-shirts in the world. Besides athletic footwear, sports equipment, and active wear, Nike t-shirts are an essential commodity for most men. From Tiger Woods to Roger Federer, countless celebrities and athletes have supported Nike products.  Nike has multiple stores in different countries all over the world, and it offers semi-annual discounts and holiday sales every year. 


Under Armor is a multinational brand based in the United States. The comfort and quality of its T-shirts are unparalleled. Under Armor has picked up attention with time and today it has become a worldwide label for active wear. With stores in over 20 countries, UnderArmour is famous for its strong designs and bold colors. Check out the website coupons and promo codes for discounts. 

Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren is a luxury fashion label. This preppy brand is without a doubt a standout amongst the most famous brands on the planet. Ralph Lauren T-shirts are found in every celebrity’s wardrobe. They are a fashion statement in itself. The most coveted T-shirt is the Ralph Lauren polo shirt that every man owns or wants to have. You can get these must-haves at discounted rates during the end of season sales. 


Your T-shirt displays your attitude and your personality. How you wear and dress your t-shirt expresses your character and style. Hopefully, this guide provided you with all the information that you needed to know about t-shirts. People prefer branded t-shirts because of the quality and high-end finishes.

 However, when it comes to showing your style it does not matter if you wear a branded t-shirt or pick one off the rack at Macy’s; as long you know how to pick the right size, color and style of t-shirt you’re in good shape.

Published On: February 20, 2019