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Why Jeulia is the perfect store to get personalized jewelry?

When tired of repeating your typical outfits and running out of the budget to go shopping then you can add some twist into your bland outfits with jewelry. Jewelry can instantly lit up your entire outfit, the statement pieces will draw attention from your dress, and you can wear jewelry pieces strategically to pull focus where you want to, such as the necklace draw eyes to the neck, bracelets to the wrist. Jewelry also adds the feminine touch and soften your appearance, the elegant dainty jewelry help you to appear more polished and refined. You can go for either sturdy clucky jewelry or the dainty ones it is still going to turn your look and make you look more standout in the crowd.

The jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, you can get a variety of jewelry in different materials such as gold, silver, and metal, with different stones in different colors. There are dozens of stores from where you can purchase jewelry when you think of good feminine yet classy jewelry the names such as Tiffany, Chopard, and Bvlgari pops up but sadly not all can drain their precious earning in these glam shops. Do not worry you don’t have to comprise your jewelry taste because of your low budget, you can still buy delicate and sophisticated pieces from other stores and still look charming, one of the most renowned and affordable stores is Jeulia.
Jeulia is an online retail shop which is exclusively dedicated to jewelry. You can find a variety of jewelry at Jeulia, their collection is sectioned into different categories so that the customer can easily browse and look for the particular item, and the following are their categories;

You can shop the jewelry according to different styles as well, on Jeulia you can find different jewelry styles which are also sectioned such as;

Even they have an array of rings in different designs which are stackable, cocktail, heart, infinity, mother, couples, they also have size guide by which you can select the perfect fit. The Jeulia have amazing charm assortment ranging from hobbies to birthstones, family, friends, hearts, animals, and pets. They have a collection of stones to choose from which include diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, opal, fancy yellow, fancy pink, and champagne. Another great reason is to Jeulia have the option of personalized jewelry.

Personalized jewelry

Jeulia offers the option of personalized jewelry which means that you can make the alteration in the jewelry according to your choice. But why should you opt for personalized jewelry? Although all other designs at the Jeulia are unique and one of their kind, but with this option, you can achieve a more unique look which you can become your very own personal style statement. Other than that if you are going to gift someone personalized jewelry you can incorporate any design, material or stone linked to any particular memory of you two together, this personal sentiment will make the gift more valuable and precious. 

This is why personalized jewelry is so exclusive, you don’t have to design intricate patterns to give them your personal touch, you can alter the stones with your favorites, alter the material of jewelry or change the width or shape. You can also get customized by incorporating pictures and engraving. You can get engraved name, date or symbol as a distinctive cue. So if you are scratching your head for shopping the next gift, you can go at Jeulia for personalized jewelry, select the piece and customize it yourself, believe the sweet gesture of yours will not go unnoticed and will be cherished even decades after.
Another benefit of shopping at Jeulia is that if you cannot visit the store by yourself physically you can shop for the items online. Their website is easy to navigate and browse and you can give the details there if you want to get the jewelry customized.

 The stores also frequently put on sale where you can avail up to 70% off or offers such as buy 1 get 1 free, their regular discount includes 20% military discount. Furthermore, you can make use of valid promotional codes to get a discount on the order. Make the sure the coupon is not expired and relevant to the purchase. You can make the payment by an online transaction through debit and credit cards; visa, master, discover card and PayPal. After the payment is made it takes 2 working days to process from warehouse and 3-7 working days to get customized jewelry, after that it requires 3-12 business for shipping. Jeulia ships their order through FedEx, DHL, and UPS, on the shopping of $99 the shipping is free.
All Jeulia products have a 1-year warranty on them so during that period you can get it polished, cleaned and repaired for free or get it exchanged with a fresh piece. They also offer the option of free sizing within the 30 days of purchase for two sizing of the original size. Unfortunately, if you have received a damaged item in your order or either if you have changed your mind about your purchase you can return it back at Jeulia within 30 days for a refund. Jeulia stands 100% behind their products and they will gladly refund your cost within 5 days after receiving the order back.

If you any questions regarding their products, services or if you want to get jewelry customized you can contact the customer support team at Jeulia, you either contact them via call or mail their team is very responsive and friendly. You can also get in touch with them through their other social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to check their catalog and customer reviews.
Do you think getting customized jewelry is a good idea or not? Tell us if you are thinking to get your jewelry personalized? What will you get customized, mention below!

Published On: August 16, 2018