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Cupshe Reviews—It Will Help You to Understand the Ups and Downs Of This Retailer

In summers, almost everybody’s favorite days are when they wake up, hop in the car, connect with friends, and plate their-selves in a swath of golden sand for the entire day. And that’s the time when every fashionista inevitably wants to look smashingly hot. But on contrary, in this fashion-crazy world, at some point, almost every fashion-chic finds it quite resistant to revamp wardrobe without sacrificing style and yes, bank account too. However, to deal with this beachwear shopping dilemma like a pro every chic head towards the brands and stores that offer trendy and quality clothing with affordable price tag.  Wait, when we are talking about beach/swimwear and say the words “affordable” and “beach wear”, there is a name of retailer that might hit your mind and its Cupshe. Cupshe is also famous for their discounting deals and saving offers and its also provide free shipping for international customer.

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The Promises, Drawbacks, and Motives of Cupshe

Cupshe is an online platform that is equipped with women clothing and enchanting accessories; they are specialized in swimwear and beachwear. Their promise and motive is to delivery trendiest and quality fashion worldwide at lowest price. Mainly in summers, many fashion chics find it easy to fill their closet with ultimate seasonal clothing from Cupshe. 

However, as they have quality seasonal, trendiest, and fashionable clothing, like any other store they also own some not-so-good aspects as well, such as: shipping rates return policy, and others. To get a crystal clear picture of Cupshe, just scroll down and keep reading.

Why We Choose To Write Cupshe Reviews and How We Impartially Worked it Out?

Now that’s a question you might think of and we have all the valid reasons to satisfy our loyal community members and users. So, as of right now, summers are here and we are busy in collecting some reliable, trendy, and affordable swimwear online resources to list down some incredible shopping options for our users, we felt that reviews for Cupshe is definitely needed. Because we have read lots and lots of great, good, bad, and worst customers’ reviews regarding their experience with Cupshe. We also watched number of try-on videos and read reviews from trust-worthy resources. This is why and how we managed to write the amalgamation of Cupshe’s every single aspect to and ensure  that our users will make the best decision of either purchasing or not anything from this online platform. 

Trendy Women Enjoying Swimsuit

Perhaps all the negative reviews regarding their products, you might get attracted to catch some good-looking yet very affordable pieces. But, somehow finds it difficult to rely on their services because you aren’t sure what they actually do with your money, time, and expectations. So here is a detailed review of Cupshe to help you understanding their services, products, authenticity, and loyalty with customers. We never shy or hesitate while telling our users the negative aspects of any store and feel great when sharing the positives. We just want our readers to stay aware of stores, products, and brands that are great or can be a nightmare. The final decision will be definitely yours, so here you go to learn, know, and understand what Cupshe is all about:

Ratings For Cupshe’s Services, Products, and Other Factors

 Ratings For Cupshe’s Services

Why Cupshe Offers Lower Price Rates?? Is their Product Quality Acceptable?

While writing review of Cupshe, we can’t ignore the quality factor. We have also given their quality factor 5 stars so the rates are much lower because the Cupshe website is very vague regarding where they actually source their designs and their clothes from.  Rather, they simply choose to say that they are able to offer lower prices as compare to other similar retailers because they design, create, dispatch, and deliver goods directly to the customer from the factory itself – there isn’t any middle man involved and this is why they offer much affordable price to their buyers.

  • Higest and Lowest Prices on Cupshe for Their Hit Products

Cupshe usually offers great number of options to choose from, we can’t list all the products by price point, however here is a quick snapshot of the more traditional categories.

Product Name

Lowest One Piece Price

Highest One Piece Price







Seasonal Wear






Cupshe’s Size Chart Isn’t Easy to Deal With

There are plenty of reviews that we read about the sizing issues that customers face when buying anything from Cupshe specially the exceptional swimsuits. Then there are people who are truly and completely satisfied with the measurements. And the satisfied ones mentioned a tip to get perfect fit from this retailer and that is: as the website has Asian sizes, so it’s better to normally go at least one size larger than your actual one. The size chart has measurements in inches and centimeters too, so you can also go through measuring yourself and then place order. And if measurement isn’t your thing than its best for consumers to first contact to the customer service of Cupshe before placing order and should confirm the measurements. Whether you need petite clothing or any other size, they can guide you best and then you won’t need to return the goods.

Cupshe’s Size Chart Easy to Select

We hope that Cupshe will also work for the betterment of their size chart, so customers won’t get frustrated with this issue any more. They should feature size chart with variety of conversations like UK, Canada, Australia, and so on.

Amazone Customer Review

This is why we mentioned that do connect to their customer service before making purchase, so you will have a better understanding of their size chart.

Amazone Customer Whitney Baker Review

She placed order smartly and in result Cupshe got a happy customer!

Student Discounts Are Gem

Its, for sure, one of the positive aspects of the store that they care about the youth who are still studying and can’t afford high-priced items but still want to stand out with their exceptional styling-sense.

Student Discounts at Cupshe

How to avail it: When students’ purchasing amount is $39 or above so they will be qualified for 5% Off student discount and that’s a great deal!

Pros and Cons of Cupshe

Now this is the section which can make or break your mind from making purchase at Cupshe. And we leave no hurdle in your way to make perfect decision by featuring unbiased review of Cupshe’s pros and cons, here you go:


  • Free shipping for customers within the US
  • Affordable quality clothing
  • Measurements are available in inch and cm
  • Trendy yet attractive designs, cuts and colors of women apparel
  • Ships Products Worldwide
  • Keep offering Promos, Coupons & Deals
  • 30 Day Refund Policy
  • Student discount


  • Customer have to pay for returns
  • Customer service responds bit late
  • Fees for international delivery
  • Usually take more time in delivering products
  • Sizing issues

Cupshe Gets Generous Offering too much Sales, Offers, and Discounts

It’s one of the best stores when it comes to coupon codes, great sale price, insta gifts, and other saving options. Cupshe loves to surprise their consumers with ultimate clothing discount offers. Here, we are listing down some of their recent discounts and other offers on social media platforms.

Cupshe Offering too much Sales, Offers, & Discounts

Whether you look at their sale discounts, insta prizes or occasional offers, each and every saving chance is simply loveable. 

To get coupon codes and hottest saving deals you can check out, we stay up-to-date with all the offers you can ask for!

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times of Cupshe

Customers from the US can get First Class USPS Free Shipping, free express shipping too via UPS/EMS, or super fast shipping, but for this they will have to pay delivery charges.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Chart

All the international customers except UK will need to pay for delivery. Only UK buyers can get standard free shipping. But all the orders with international expedited shipping will need to pay certain amount. Tho, is quite famous for their discount offers and promo codes that are issued quite often, in that case, international consumers can get free shipping coupons to save better.

Cupshe has been facing so many negative and some positive reviews from domestic and international customers regarding their delivery timings. Here are some of the authentic reviews to make the picture clearer:


Customer Alex W Shipping Reivew

Delay in delivery of parcel might be irritating for her, but finally the quality product saved Cupshe and now it owns one more loyal customer!

Is Cupshe’s Return Policy Favorable?

The return policy of Cupshe works as it is available on almost every online fashion stores: buyers will have to pay for return shipping and they will have to request the return within 30 days from the date of delivery. But, when you will receive the order so within 7 days of that period you can decide to return it and you will need to request your return or exchange within 7 days of delivery, it’s a major upgrade. 

In those 7 days you will have to message customer support before returning the goods, if you won’t do this, chances are that they might not accept your package.

Note: Cupshe also offers store credit, so if you don’t find anything great in their collection at the time of returning good, so you can go for store credit and use it afterwards.

Payment Options Available at CupShe:

The store only offers credit card payment method. Debit card isn’t acceptable at their checkout so remember it will not be processed. The available payment methods at Cupshe are:

  • Visa
  • Master
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit
  • Google Wallet
  • JCB

How is Cupshe’s Customer Service—Do They Respond Late?

It’s quite easy to get connected with customer service, tho we have came across some of the Cupshe reviews sayings that they respond bit late and that is a problem. But then there are ones who are totally satisfied the way customer service dealt with them.

Loging For Cupshe’s Customer Service

On their customer service page by quick clicking on a button, you can be instantly connected to a live chat with a customer representative to help you with your purchase, search, sizing or other questions. However, if you prefer email so they have that too or if you want to just send them a message, you can do that as well by filling a basic form on their contact us page.

In Whole Reputation of Cupshe Among Customers

Read authentic customer reviews that we have gathered from Trust Pilot, Site Jabber, and Amazon.

Amazon Customer JND Review

Now this is the situation that nobody wants to experience. But the good part is that she returned it and will get the right parcel soon.

Brian Finucane Rivew From Amazon

Take the reviews seriously, especially when placing order online. She took advice of customers grimly and it actually saved her. This is the reason to read reviews of Cupshe or any other store/brand to which you are going to purchase anything!

 Disappointed Review From Amazon

Same issue! We hope that Cupshe is reading this and work out size thing ASAP. Their quality and brilliantly designed products are saving them otherwise size issue is enough to turn off any customer.

 Postive Cool Rivew From Chirs p Amazon

Congrats Cupshe, you got a smart buyer who read Cupshe reviews and got the right size. But we badly need this retailer to look into the size matter.

Elizabeth Review From Amazon Customer 

She is still calling it cute that’s really sweet of her. Are you reading it Cupshe?? Again quality and attractive design and cuts are saving the retailer and thankfully they accept return without much hassle, but this need to be solved on urgent basis.

Overall Thoughts

Finally CUPSHE has convinced us with its fashion potential: the beach-wear specialist platform has a lot of unique and incredibly designed items with lower price tags. Whereas their comparably high shipping costs for international customers is a big-time turn off. So, either you can wait till Cupshe offer free shipping coupon codes or just go ahead shopping because the low price range with quality products  is seriously a blessing it make the shipping cost ignorable.  We highly suggest you to go ahead and experience Cupshe’s services, products, and whole shopping pleasure by placing a first small order. Do connect with the customer service before placing order to have clarity of their sizing, so you won’t need to go through the hassle of returning and all.

And we loved the way they are focusing on students too. Their huge clearance rack and multiple social media channels are great enough to keep customers informed and engaged, so definitely, they certainly are worth checking out.

Trendy Stylish Women on Beach

Once you shop at Cupshe, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section given bellow. Help others by sharing your experience!

Published On: June 02, 2017