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DIY Jewelry Ideas with Pandahall

Do you like creating things? Are you someone who customizes everything? And are you a jewelry lover? If you answered yes to all three questions then Pandahall may be the best place for you. The store is a haven for beads, strings, stones, brooches, charms and more. And the variety and offerings are literally countless. Whether you want something that spells your names letters or something to do with your favorite pet animal, you will not be disappointed with the choices.

It can be a fun project to make necklaces or bracelets at home and whatever you will need to do that is available with them. The prices are super low and coupons will help you save even more especially when you are buying in bulk. So here are 5 fun DIY ideas to try:

Gothic Skull Beads Bracelet

The Zirconia skull beads come in a variety of colors but for a true gothic look opt for the black one. You can have just one bead with a black elastic band or have a whole band of them in different or singular color in a transparent string.

Gothic Skull Beads Bracelet

Spell Your Name

With letter beads from Pandahall you could simply have a bracelet or necklace that spells out your name. They have some pretty cool letter beads and charms. Take for example this adorable letter Q:

Spell Your Name

Colorful Acrylic Head Band

Live the 70s again with a head band made out of beads for a change. These acrylic beads in myriads of colors are perfect to relive the perfect era of fashion. You can wear the head piece with a simple white gown or dress and all you will be missing is a guitar to make you look like Lana Del Rey.

Tibetan Style Butterfly Bolo Tie

Bolo ties are going to be a big trend this year and while they are super cheap, it does not hurt to design one yourself. We think if you let your creativity flow, you can use this beautiful and edgy Tibetan Butterfly bead.

Tibetan Style Butterfly Bolo Tie

Fruit Funk Necklace

If you think fruits, vegetables, florals and cartoons are a thing for kids, watch a recent Dolce & Gabbana show.Turns out, there is no age limit on fun and that is exactly why you need a necklace made out of fruit shaped beads. These are simply adorable and would work wonders with a plain white tee and denim shorts.

Fruit Funk Necklace Ideas

Just go ahead and explore the Pandahall website and you will be ringing with jewelry ideas. They have so much on offer and at such cheap rates. 

Published On: December 11, 2017