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Don’t Buy Expensive - 9 Tips To Save On Jewelry And Watches

When it comes to jewels, compromise is not an option. After all, you don’t want to toss your bucks on the table unless what you get is worth it. There was a time when voguish clothing was the only priority. However, directions have changed in the watches and jewelry department, as fashion is being prioritized here as well. And when something is in trend, guess who has to buy it? Everyone. 
Tiffany & Co. reported a rise in sales in the beginning of the year. Other luxury brands also resonated with this upward trend in jewelry sales. The jewelry industry in the US grew by 10.7% in 2017. One thing that is clear is that the buying of jewelry is on a roller coaster ride that will only go up. However, not everyone can keep up with it. If you are one of the people who want to buy jewelry but keep the expenses minimal, know that it is not impossible. 

There are several ways you can get designer labelled jewelry and watches even when you are bound by your budget. To cut to the chase, we have curated a list of ways you can save when shopping for these items. 

Don’t go for luxury brands 

There are several designer jewelry options. However, you don’t have to go for prestige names. You see, just their names increase the costs by a huge amount. This is why, if you don’t want to exceed your budget, avoid the likes of Tiffany and Cartier. Go for other jewelry brands which are reliable and value quality along with offering beautiful designs. Go for Blue Nile, Abe Mor, and other such Duty free crystal . You can also check out Tous which is a retail fashion jewelry store that has garnered several positive reviews and offers a huge price range. 

Go for affordable pieces 

You don’t always have to go for jewels that are expensive. In fact, several options out there are trendy but don’t cost a bomb like gold, platinum and diamond do. Take for example, pearls and other precious gems. Another example is that you can opt for zircon in the place of diamonds. You can go for sterling silver and titanium instead of gold. You can go for plated alloys rather than pure materials that will cost you more. 

Get a replica made 

In love with that Bulgari necklace but it is too expensive to be bought? Note the design and get it made from a jewelry maker for half the price. When you look at jewelry that makes your heart flutter but is unaffordable, take a snap of it through your mind. You can do your research to find designs, and materials that will work instead of expensive ones. Get them made from a designer if you want to, one that doesn’t charge you an arm or a leg. This way, you get what you want without having to flash out a huge bill. 

Buy at the right time 

It’s not only about what you buy and from you buy it but also about when you do. As the old adage goes, timing is everything. You see, during peak months the jeweler is going to charge you higher. This is why you should shop during slow-selling months. Stressing on the importance of this, expert Jeanette Pavini says, “Inventory will be picked over, but most stores slash prices dramatically after the holiday months to clear out what’s left so they can bring in new merchandise.”

Go for sales and coupons 

Rather than buying at full price wait for a sale to swing by. Buy your jewelry and watches from seasonal sales which drop on occasions like valentines day and July 4. If you like a brand quite a bit sign up for its rewards or loyalty program. You can also source coupons for jewelry and watches and use those when shopping. This way, you will be able to bag discounts. Sign up to newsletters of brands to stay in the know of coupons, sales and special deals. 

Avoid chain stores 

Shopping in a mall is fun and feels lavish, but did you know that these chain stores also charge for the feels you get? That seems to be the case because buying jewelry from chain stores costs higher. You can purchase the same or even better quality when you buy your jewelry and watches from small independent businesses. This way, your chances of bargaining are also increased. So, next time you see a chain store? Swerve in the opposite direction. 

Buy pre-owned jewelry 

You don’t always have to go for brand new jewels. Sometimes, it’s wiser to go for used options. You can avail great offers at pawn shops. Online jewelry shops are increasing; head to a trusted online store for shopping your jewelry and watch needs. However, you have to be careful and have a keen eye for spotting quality products and identifying fakes. You don’t want to get conned. Request for certifications and take necessary moves to stay protected. 

Use your grandma’s jewelry 

The thing about jewelry is that it is timeless. If it is not too voguish one moment, that will change in a couple of years. Which is why you shouldn’t say no to your grandma’s pure jewels. They’ll allow you to make a style statement without costing you even a penny.

Ida Petersson who is a manager at Browns, says, “I have an amazing chain-link necklace from Givenchy that my grandmother bought in Paris in the 1980s. It’s a treasured piece.” So, keep your jewelry in good condition, it might serve your next generation well. 
Shop with a friend in tow 
When you shop alone, you are more likely to listen to the temptations whispered in your ears. At the same time, if you go with someone who you can rely on to knock some sense into you, you’re bound to spend less. Such a person should be able to tell whether the price is worth it, or you’ll be able to bag better pieces somewhere else. This is why it is better to go with a knowledgeable person than to go alone. Don’t forget to do your homework as well and head to a jeweler that you both trust on. 
Summing up 
To conclude, you have to be smart when jewelry and watch shopping. Go to the right shop, with someone who is a wise spender and knows the market. Do your research too, go for metals and materials that are cheaper and brands that don’t unnecessarily charge too much. You can also go for second-hand jewelry and collect heirlooms. Buy at the right time and place and don’t forget to check for sales and coupons. 

Published On: January 01, 2019