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Are you an “ARTSY WATCH-LOVING MINIMALIST?” You have a community on DanielWellington’s Instagram

“What is it”, about these really simple watches, that is making Daniel Wellington a fast forward global fashion progressively? As far as we see it, it’s a level on which lots of people are able to connect. People who see pleasure in simple things aka minimalists and love watches are completely drawn for these watches.

Thanks to the instagram feed which continues to give us insights about the popularity of brand in a very creative way. Only if you are not among 1.3 million Instagram fans already, let us introduce you to this place filled with art, ideas and diversity in photography. In case, you are already there, you would too love these moments on instagram with soundly favorite brand of people.

1. A Story of Time 

Whether filled with love for digital art or not, when this was titled as the #dwpickoftheday! It was applauded by all. Created by Visual Storyteller, the Ronlinrw of Instagram, this picture is clear state of art and worth appreciation. The artist has participated in the activity more than once showing his love for the brand, which may be witnessed on his page.

2. A beautiful fashionista’s moment 

The amazing fact about very simple Daniel wellington watches is that “Fashionistas love it”. You can witness several cases of fashionistas applying their sensible fashion instincts and Daniel Wellington watches being a part of it. Sunita V had one of those perfect moments too.

3. The Monday meme

Each call is really tough while making these choices among series from #dwpickoftheday but it was literally hard to miss this one. Since hard feelings and coffee overdose for Mondays are so universal.

4. Persona becomes natural for the Brand

Do we really need to say how? Take a look at this adorable thing.

5. No Puppy love is not taking over!!

Or maybe a little bit. But really if you really will stroll through this instagram page, dogs will draw some major of your attention. Hats off to their owners for clicking right on the moments.

6. Capture of Fun Times 

Okay, your reasons may be other than this but we fell for these colors that show richness of life. Also it makes a point how Daniel Wellington is perfect for every day and every weekend’s fashion. For most of the wearers in this picture, at least.

7. It was about Donuts and Optimism

What a meaningful message in the caption “The optimist sees the donuts, the pessimist sees the holes.” Besides that this picture also shows true donut love of everyone and that very beautifully.

8. Perfection Statement 

We loved this caption here and along with that the concept that this photographer named at Pepijn1407 on Instagram, wants to express.

9. Love this mood

The whole point of the activity is showing how different moods can perfectly include Daniel Wellington watches in the scene. This picture is an obvious inspiration for holiday where your watch fashion doesn’t bail on you at all. We fell for the lightness that says much and there are obviously other serious moods in the Instagram frames that you can like more than these.

10. When on Self Discovery

As we dug deeper, there were some heavy concepts to follow in the threads but attraction towards this very recent feed didn’t end. So, we went back to it so that you can also get this idea of how beautiful the ideas of self-discovery and travelling are, and how simple they can start.

Published On: November 27, 2015