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Safe & Spooky: Halloween Face Mask Ideas from Twitter

Should we even celebrate Halloween this year? 

I mean, Halloween is a day where people forget the norms and embrace their weird side. But 2020 has been super-weird on its own. 

The year started with a potential World War, then a plague spread out through the planet. And while all of this was happening —a freakin’ UFO sighting was confirmed by the Pentagon (remember that?)

But I digress. Halloween is coming in a few weeks and like every year, people are looking for new ways to cool and spooky. 

Since masks are a big thing this year, many have found a new item to demonstrate their spookiness.

Halloween Face Masks From Twitter

If you’re just looking to stay safe, buying simple masks with a SendUsMask promo code will do the trick. But if you need something eerie this Halloween, there’s plenty to inspire you on Twitter. 

Here are some of the most creative mask from the social media site:

A Little Bit of Goth and Punk

Halloween and goth go together like me and procrastination. This look is brought to you by Japanese maestro h.NAOTO whose a known name when it comes to goth and punk fashion. The mask adds the right amount of mystique to the entire appearance.

I Dream of Jennie

This amazing DIY face mask pays homage to one of America’s favorite characters, Jeannie from the hit 1965 series; I Dream of Jeannie. Perhaps you should too, go back in your childhood memories, select a beloved character and make your Halloween mask all about them.  

Stay Safe and Spooky

Looking to get gradually into the mood before the big event? You should definitely look into this crafty holiday mask. It keeps you and others safe. Plus gives you that spook-filled October vibe. It's a win-win scenario.

A Beastly Halloween

It wouldn’t be a Halloween in a pandemic without someone wearing one of these. A venom-esque mask with sharp pointed teeth and a long red tongue? Keeps you protected from COVID-19 and anyone else that wishes to mess with you. 

A Killer Clown

Whether it’s Pennywise or Arthur Fleck —killer clowns have been dominating the mainstream in the last few years. So it makes sense for you to scare the life out of others with a terrifying clown mask. 

Masked Hacktivist

It just so happens that many fictional characters we love wear badass masks. Wrench is one such character from the video game franchise Watchdogs. Perhaps hiding from facial recognition algorithms is not the only reason Wrench is always under a mask. 

Black Web Mask

Something else that cannot be separated from Halloween; spiders and webs. It won’t be October without spiderweb inspired clothing and decoration. Pair it with dark eyeliner and you’re all set to ooze goth charisma. 

DIY Dark Mask

Sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple with your Halloween style. Look for a piece of clothing with a dark aura and convert into a DIY face mask. Ingenious.

A Tribute to Horror Cinema

There’s nothing quite like horror cinema to get you going in October. Classics such as Robert Mulligan’s ‘The Other’ have enough scares to spook the bravest of us all. Look for similar masks on the Halloween weekend. 


There you have it; all the best Halloween-themed face masks from Twitter. Even if you don’t feel like being creative like these folks, wear a mask regardless. Use offers like 10% off on N95MaskCo so that you save money and protect your health.

Happy Halloween.

Published On: October 14, 2020

Elice Max

Elice Max is a blogger who’s passionate about fashion, money-saving, lifestyle, and travel. When she’s not typing furiously, she enjoys a long walk in the park.

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