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SendUsMasks Reviews: Are These Face Masks Any Good?

With the spread of Coronavirus and other airborne diseases, wearing a facemask is as important as putting on clothes before you head out. Global warming and the outbreak of life-threatening respiratory diseases have reshaped our dynamics of living. Today, it is hard to imagine leaving home without covering your face with a mask. Changing our old behaviors is the only way to get used to the new normal. However, that’s not it. We also need to adopt the habit of wearing a facemask whenever we head out or in a public space. 

SendUsMasks Reviews: Are These Face Masks Any Good?

We understand, if your facemask isn’t comfortable to wear, it is hard to keep it on all day long. That’s where SendUsMasks reusable face masks come in. not only these masks are comfortable to wear but also exceptionally breathable. With soft fabric and adjustable settings, these masks are the top options you have in the market.  Let’s see what SendUsMasks Reviews say about the quality of these covers. So without further ado, let’s get to the details. 

Why SendUsMasks? 

The air we breathe in is full of pollutants and contaminants. Low-quality air contains viruses and bacteria that make their way into our respiratory tract as we inhale. This makes it important to keep your facemask on all times. 

Using disposable masks can be expensive. That’s because you would have to take a new piece out every time you need to leave your house. That’s where SendUsMasks help. This company manufactures the highest quality reusable facemask to ensure complete protection against airborne pollutants, infections and harmful chemical gases. 

SendUsMasks Reviews: Are These Face Masks Any Good?

Wearing SendUsMasks not only prevents you from inhaling contaminants as close up to 6 feet but also prevent their oral transmission. If you come in contact with a contaminated surface and then touch your face, there is a high chance that you will end up contracting the germs. However, if you are wearing a high-quality mask such as SendUsMasks, the chances of catching viruses and infections get lower.

SendUsMasks Review: How This Brand Holds A High Reputation?

The customers of SendUsMasks love the quality, finish and protection these protective face-wear offers. That’s because these masks are designed to offer the utmost protection against all sorts of air-pollutants. These are easy on your skins and unlike low-quality facemasks, they don’t cause acne or prevent your skin from breathing. With such amazing features, these masks make the first choice of the users when it comes to high-end protection against diseases. 

The following are the reasons why these masks take one of the top positions in the protective face wear market:

1. Utmost Comfort:

One of the major reasons why people choose not to wear a facemask is the discomfort they cause. With high-quality and easy-on-the-skin facemasks, you can persuade them to cover their faces for their own and other people’s safety. That’s what SendUsMasks offer. These masks are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for people of all ages. Some of the features that make these masks exceptional quality include:

  • Adjustable Ear Loops:

Adjustable ear loops make facemasks easy to wear. SendUsMasks come with adjustable ear loops. This means the users have the freedom to adjust these loops to fit their face. By adjusting the tension, you can make these masks to fit your jawline. 

  • Adjustable Nose Piece: 

These masks come with a plastic-encased aluminum nose piece. You can adjust it according to the shape of your nose. This feature offers the ultimate protection against viruses that make their way into the respiratory tract as your inhale. These masks are the perfect option for those who wear glasses as they are designed to reduce glass fogging. 

2. Filter Pocket: 

Another amazing quality of SendUsMasks is that they come with a filter pocket. This means you can fit in any filter that’s 5 by 4 inches wide. This filter can be inserted between the layers to add another protective film that prevents viruses and bacteria from entering your body. 

3. Simple Design:

Today we see the widest variety of facemasks available in the market. Some of them have complex designs. When it comes to facemasks, people look for simpler options. For those who don’t want to get extra with their face wear should get a pack of SendUsMasks.  Facemasks don’t need to have complicated designs. This company manufactures face covers that are not only useful, simple yet fashionable. They are designed to go with any outfit you wear. 

4. 100% Cotton Masks:

As mentioned earlier, SendUsMasks are the most comfortable face covers ever made. The reason is the use of 100% cotton that goes into the manufacturing process. The main concept behind the manufacture of these masks is to offer the highest level of comfort with ultimate protection. To achieve this, this brand chose cotton as its manufacturing material. Cotton is a natural fabric that’s gentle on the skin. Before purchasing facemasks, make sure to read the product description. Only choose cotton masks as they are breathable and easy on the skin. 

5. Washable Face Cover: 

Made of cotton, SendUsMasks are washable. This means, once you get home, you can wash these masks and dry them off to be worn the next day. If you are using the washing machine, make sure to secure the elastics. Don’t use bleach as it will damage the fabric. Once washed, you can iron them. However, make sure hot iron doesn’t come in contact with the elastic. 

6. Eco-Friendly Facemasks: 

SendUsMasks are reusable. That’s what makes them an eco-friendly face cover. Moreover, these are made using 100%-cotton, a natural fabric. This makes them low in carbon footprint. Cotton is easily degradable. That means once you dispose of these masks off, you don’t pollute the environment. You can reuse this mask several times. All you have to do is to carefully remove them without touching your face and wash your hands immediately. Put them in the washing machine with elastics secured and you are good to go.

7. Custom Face Cover:

SendUsMasks offers custom face covers for establishments with uniforms. All you have to is to fill the “contact us” form on the website. A customer care representative will get in touch with you to take your details and process your order. 

8. Availability In A Variety Of Sizes:

This company understands how not every mask fits everyone. Therefore, it designs facemasks that are not only adjustable but are available in a variety of sizes to fit from children to youth and adults. This way it ensures that your nose and mouth are completely covered regardless of the size of your face. If your mask still doesn’t fit you, you can always adjust the elastic bands attached. That’s one of the reasons for positive face mask reviews.

9. Amazing Discounts: 

Another major reason why these masks are loved by customers is the amazing discounts this company offers. This website is offering up to a 17% discount on its facemasks. What’s more? This company also sells its products in a pack of multiple masks. These masks are available in packs of two, five, ten, fifty, hundred, five hundred and thousand facemasks. Moreover, you can also avail SendUsMasks Discount Code that this company frequently offers to add more value to your purchase. 

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get amazing discount offers, giveaways and once-in-a-lifetime deals.

What is SendUsMasks Shipping Policy? 

SendUsMasks ships all its products from Toronto Canada. Being an intimate product, facemasks cannot be returned. This company doesn’t have an order cancellation option. Therefore, you need to ensure what you are ordering is exactly what you are looking for. Once your order has been processed, you can no longer cancel it. Face covers are not exchangeable or refundable once shipped. That’s because it puts everyone’s safety at risk. 

With the SendUsMasks Free shipping policy, you can get your masks delivered at your doorsteps for free. 

Why Customers Find These Reusable Cloth Face Mask Reliable?

Whoever uses these masks always leave a positive review. They don’t go for any other face masks option, once they buy their face covers from SendUsMasks. Let’s have a look at some of the SendUsMasks Reviews.

SendUsMasks Reviews: Are These Face Masks Any Good?

Wrapping up:

SendUsMasks Reviews: Are These Face Masks Any Good?

Today, we cannot do without a face cover. However, to actively fight airborne diseases we need to choose the highest quality facemasks. That’s what SendUsMasks offers. These facemasks are the highest quality. They are adjustable and reusable. They have been designed using the finest quality cotton fabric which makes them all-natural. That’s not all. This company offers regular discounts and offers free shipping on all of its orders. So if you are up to purchasing some good quality masks, do check out their website.

Published On: October 08, 2020

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