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Tips To Accessorize Like A Style Celebrity With Every Dress

Picking a perfect thing to wear is not the only challenge a woman goes through, the accessories have a definite part in bringing life to the final outlook. Remember that red carpet look of Kate Blanchett? When the blue statement necklace by Tiffany was the most talked about affair in discussion of best dressed at Oscars this year, that is perfect example of spicing up simple looks with jewelry.

After every glamorous red carpet event, we all do realize in our hearts that how celebrities achieve a great look just with a small piece of jewelry. However, we don’t want that feeling to subside because the stores are selling all those amazing collections and their discount codes are the perfect reason for you to make this guilt free online shopping tour. 

Sweetheart Necklace:

When we tried to steal hints from some great celebrities, we saw them wearing the sweet heart necklace at so many casual occasions, in office scenes and in party mode too. Are you making the perfect use of your choker style necklace? Wear it with deep slightly deep necks. For them to show off their best selves try mix and match with the coat or border colors of the dress you are picking.


Where a branded watch can make you look classier, the bracelets have their own charm and so many styles can represent so many different theories. The best party is you can keep the same pieces delicate by using them separately and glamorously by crowding them. Best occasions to wear bracelet is when you are picking halter styles, whether it’s a mini dress or maxi. Make sure to keep the clutch in the other hand so the overall balance is not disturbed. Get all you can with amazing discounts that designer stores are allowing on their collection.

Hair Accessories: 

Not lots of people may have tried this attention grabbing piece from accessories section specifically for occasions and its worth not making those beautiful pieces not wait in your jewelry box anymore. These are fortunately wearable with all kinds of dresses but you need lots of control for the desire to wear more. Not more than a ring is recommended when you are picking a bold piece of hair accessory.

Waist Belt:

The waist belts may go from classy to sparky in one and different branded collection. Pick silver, multi-colored pieces that you can pair with most of your dresses. The waist belt is perfect wear with short and long dresses and particularly if you are going backless, the belt can steam up things.

Layered Necklace: 

Bottle Neck or Crew Neck dresses best pair up with the layered necklaces. But it can be a mistake using them if you are crew neck is in bold or animal print. You can wear statement pieces if there is nothing else that may take the attention away, otherwise fashion will be only confused. If your collection lacks the one with stones, use coupons to achieve designer pieces from Jared now


With big ones that can create a statement, you don’t need anything around your neck. The statement earrings may cover that space well. Natural makeup will make people appreciate the balance that you can create in your looks. In case you haven’t checked out, statement earrings at Bebe are the best and there are news about the discounts too.

Photo Credit: mycreativetouch

Published On: August 29, 2015