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7 Important Stats Retailers Should Know Ahead of American Independence Day

American Independence Day is right around the corner and patriotic citizens across the states are preparing to celebrate the red, white and blue. As with all holidays, July 4th is an occasion that retailers wait eagerly for. 

This year, Independence day has a special value for retailers who’ve suffered huge losses due to the ongoing pandemic. It’s an opportunity for businesses, big and small, to boost sales and make up for lost business. 

Most retailers know that July 4th is all about fireworks, barbecues, baseball and apple pie. However, this occasion comes with other business opportunities as well.
Below, we have compiled some recent Independence Day shopping stats to help retailers make the most of this holiday. 

Let’s dive in. 

Top 7 Independence Day Shopping Stats

If you are planning on making a big sale on the Fourth of July, some statistics from the previous year can guide your marketing efforts in the right directions. Here are some notable shopping stats from prior independence celebrations. 

1.  86% of Americans Shopped on the Holiday

Whether it’s freedom or opportunity, Americans value everything their country offers them. So it’s no surprise that the Fourth of July is celebrated by an overwhelming population of the country. 

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, around 86% of Americans celebrated this holiday in 2019. One can expect this ratio is somewhat similar this year. 

Although shopping clothes on Independence Day is not a tradition. Many shoppers avail deals such as 30% off Adidas Outdoor Coupon Codes to update their wardrobe.

2.  48.9 Million Americans Took to the Road

As per AAA, 1.9 Million more people travelled on 4th July 2019 than on the same date in 2018 with the overall rise of 4.1%. While it can be predicted that a lower number of people will travel this year due to the pandemic, there will still be an opportunity for retailers. Americans hitting the road on Independence Day will need snacks, drinks, and other grab n’ go items.If your store sells these items, it is time to tell people about any deals and discounts you might have. 

3.  28% Men and 24% Women Purchased Patriotic Items

Statista conducted a poll last year to determine how many Americans spend on patriotic goods on July 4th based on their gender. It showed that only 28% Men and 24% Women planned to purchase patriotic merchandise. Meanwhile, 42% Men and 38% Women had no interest in buying goods that represented the red, white and blue. The rest hadn’t made up their mind. 

4.  150 million Hot Dogs Were Consumed

Hot dogs have long been a staple in the American diet. So it’s no secret people eat them around the independence day. In 2019, Americans spent more than $6.2 billion on sausages and hot dogs. On this holiday same year, 150 million hot dogs were consumed in the land of opportunity. 

5.  332 Million Fireworks Were Imported in US

You can celebrate America without blowing up a bunch of fireworks in the air. This is why fireworks are in great demand weeks prior to the Fourth of July. Last year, around 332 million worth of fireworks were imported in America as per the US Census Bureau. Interestingly, more than 9,000 citizens were treated for injuries that occurred due to fireworks according to the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Regardless, there’s an opportunity for online retailers this year. Many Americans will be avoiding a trip to the market and will simply order some fireworks online. 

6.  $6.78 billion was spent on Food

According to Independence Day shopping stats, $6.78 billion were spent on food last year. Americans on average spent $73.33 on food, which has increased by $5 per person since 2014. 

Chicken and beef dominate the food sales on this holiday. 700 pound of chicken was purchased last year and Americans spent $804 million on beef. 

This is incredible news for grocery retailers and particularly for those selling food items online. Look for big demand for frozen meat on the internet. If you’re thinking outside the box, promote products that will be required after a day of eating such as toothpaste and tooth whiteners. This may be a good opportunity to explore Coupon Codes For AlignerCo.

7.  Beers Worth $1 Billion Were Bought

There’s nothing more American than opening a can of beer on a hot afternoon. For this reason, America bought beers worth $1 Billion on the last Independence Day. On average, more than 68,000,000 cases of beer are typically purchased on Independence Day, which makes it the country number 1 beer-drinking holiday. 

What Can Be Expected this Year

Based on previous shopping trends and the disruption caused by the outbreak —several predictions can be made about the coming Independence Day. 

1. Online Shopping Will Be Significantly More

According to some statistics, US ecommerce sales have increased by 100% in the wake of the pandemic. Along with apparel, electronics and appliances, people are also ordering essential items such as food and medicine online. Come 4th July, look out for people ordering fireworks, barbecue items, beers and everything else that’s sold on the holiday. 

2. People Will Be Looking for Deals and Coupons

It is estimated that 90% of consumers use coupons in one way or another. This percentage is steadily rising due to the current economic crisis. Americans who’ve been laid off or furloughed are looking to make savings on every purchase. So if you want to have a big sale ahead, you need to prepare those Independence Day deals and discounts. Also be ready to promote exclusive deals such as Storets discount codes.

3. American Flag Face Masks Will be in High Demand

With states mandating face masks and July 4th right around the corner —it’s only inevitable that you will see many patriotic masks in the days to come. It’s even possible that this product will be a bestseller on Independence Day. Click here to get N95MaskCo Discount Codes


The importance of Independence Day for retailers can not be understated. It’s the biggest shopping event ever since governments decided to ease the stay-at-home restrictions. Looking at last year’s Independence Day shopping stats will give retailers an idea on what they can expect this time around. 

The outbreak and current political climate has mentally taken a toll on citizens in the recent months. Americans would look at this holiday as an opportunity to blow off some steam and also come together to reiterate their commitment to American Ideals.

Published On: June 03, 2020


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