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How Men And Women Are Different In The Way They Shop Clothes?

Men and women are different from one another in how they deal with various aspects of life. According to John Gray’s book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”, both of these genders are very different when it comes to their rationales, motives, actions and perspectives. We can clearly observe these differences in the way men and women shop for clothes differently. Both of these sexes are entirely different in their approach to shopping. Be it in-store or online shopping, men are moretarget-oriented whereas women love to explore during their stroll. However, it will be wrong to paint the entire gender in one color since exceptions are always there.

Do men and women shop for clothes differently?

There are a number of long-held myths that have been debunked by the Future Commerce’s new study The Myth of the Mansumer. According to this study, the advent of online shopping and Omni-commerce channels has leveled the playing field between the shoppers belonging to both of the genders. This study has revealed:

  • 50.5% of men and 66.7% of the women expect the sales associates to address their online and return in-store requests. 
  • Purchasing decisions of 10.5% of men and 20.3% of women are influenced by social media. 
  • 32.1% of the men and 26.4% of the women spend more than 30 minutes researching about the product they are planning to purchase. 

Factors that influence the way men and women shop for clothes differently:

According to Freedonia focus reports national survey, following are the factors that influence the way men and women shop for clothes differently. 

  • Price:

Women are more influenced by the price factor as compared to men. They would spend more time trying to get the best deal at the right price. They would also look for discount deals like SinglePrice Promo Codes to get a more reasonable price.

  • Fits well:

For the majority of the women its important to get the perfect fit. For that, they spend time trying on multiple sizes available. On the other hand, men grab the first thing that fits them.

  • Looks good:

For women, it’s more important the way they look. Therefore, they only purchase the item that looks good on them. On the other hand, men look for comfort and convenience while shopping online.

  • On sale: 

Women prefer to purchase their desired clothing items on sale as compared to men. They use coupons like Red Dress Boutique Coupon Codes 2020 to add more value to their purchases.

  • Durability:

Men prefer durability over style. Since they don’t prefer to spend much time shopping, they would want an outfit that lasts them for longer. 

  • Brand:

Men are more loyal to brands as compared to women. Women are more likely to buy from brands that offer then discount coupons such as Merino & Co Promo Codes.

  • Trend:

Women tend to follow trends more religiously as compared to men. For them it’s important that whatever they are buying is in trend. 

  • Need for work:

The majority of men try to purchase more work appropriate clothes as compared to women. 

Type of clothing purchased within the last year:

According to 2019, Winter Simmons report, following types of clothing items are purchased within the last year by both of the genders:

  • Undergarments and nightwear:

Around 80% of the female participants spent money on undergarments and nightwear the last year as compared to 53% of the men. 

  • Tops:

70% of the female participants purchased more tops last years as compared to 50% of the men. 

  • Bottoms:

67% of the female participants admitted to having purchased new bottoms last year as compared to 41% of the men. 

  • Suits and dresses: 

32% of the female respondents admitted to buying more suits and dresses as compared to 21% of men.

Which Retail Channels are used when men and women shop for clothes differently?

According to Freedomia focus reports national survey, there is a variety of different shopping methods utilized by both men and women as they shop. 
Here are some highlights from their report.

  • It has been observed that around 34% of women prefer purchasing clothes from off-price stores as compared to 25% of men.
  • 22% of Men use brand websites more as compared to 16% of women to purchase clothes online. 
  • 39% of men and 38% of women used the internet only stores to make online purchases. 

The way men and women shop for clothes differently:

Here are some of the striking differences in the way men and women shop for clothes differently. 

Men prefer shopping online using mobile devices: 

According to BI Intelligence research, more than 80% of household spending is controlled by the women in the US. However, it has also revealed that men spend as much as women online. It was also revealed that 46% of the women shop online as compared to 40% of the men. The difference between the two is pretty small. At least it is not as significant as people assumed it to be. 

Another great fact that we came to know about how American spend on clothing is that around 22% of the men used mobile devices to make online purchases. On the other hand, only 16% of the women make online purchases through mobile devices. That makes it clear that even though women shop more online but it is the men who rely more on mobile devices to purchase clothing items online. 

Guys prefer an effortless quick process whereas women love to explore: 

Whether they are shopping online or instore, women like to explore racks after racks to get the best at the most competitive price. It is more like a sport for them. They enjoy the entire process and find theexperience fulfilling. On the other hand, majority of the men don’t like the hunt. For them a great shopping experience when they have a curated collection of clothes that match their style to choose from. They don’t want to search store after store to find a better option or wait in multiple checkout lines. If they find the things they want in a matter of time, they will definitely rate their experience as good. 

Men invest less time in research and comparison as compared to women: 

As mentioned above, men will purchase a workable product and save their time, whereas women will continue to shop in search of the perfect solution. One of the reasons behind this fact is that the brainin men and women works differently. 

  • Women rely on the cerebral cortex to perform the majority of the tasks that include identifying and regulating emotions 
  • Men depend on the grey matter in the left hemisphere of their brain. That’s what make them more target focused. 

Women have a list of requirements before they purchase a particular product. They are very selective when it comes to purchasing a fashionable item. Therefore, they carefully research products and compare them before they add them to the cart. Men are more likely to purchase the first product they find workable. 
However, various studies contradict these facts including a survey from Baines & Ernst. According to this survey, around 85% of the women are found to be making compulsive purchases online. This negates the idea of mindful research and comparison women are often associated with. 

Women try a variety of sizes before finalizing a clothing item to purchase:

If a product is available in 5 sizes, women would like to try them all before deciding the one they actually want. That’s how they find the perfect fit. However, when it comes to men, they don’t want to waste their time in trying a number of sizes. They might try 2 two sizes and choose one that fits them better. The majority of the times, they try to buy from one brand that fits them and match their style. This saves them a lot of time they would have to spend while visiting different shops in search of the right fit. That is why men are more brand loyal as compared to women. 

Men also don’t like to get into the hassle of buying the wrong size and returning it afterwards. Such an experience can be very frustrating for them. 

Social media influences the buying decision of women more than men: 

The majority of the women base their purchasing decisions on what they observe on social media. Men are less likely to be influenced by what is trending on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. According to Influenster, 78 % of the women between 14-18 years of ages depend on social media in deciding what to wear. 69% among them visit retailer websites to read reviews regarding an item they are looking forward to shop. 

77% of these women depend on social media for validation before purchasing a product. It only takes one positive product review to convince them into buying the item they are eyeing for. 

According to Marketing Charts research, 60% of the women belonging to the same age group rely on the friends or family for validation before purchasing a product. However, that doesn’t indicate that men are completely uninfluenced by social media. According to The Future of Commerce results, more than 82% of both men and women accepted that they rely on online feedback to base their purchasing decisions. 

Men are less deal driven than women when it comes to online shopping:

According to Practical Ecommerce Performics research, 47% of the women look for coupons and promotions on social media as compared to 33% of the men. One-third of the female participants also admitted having increased the time they used to spend while looking for deals, offer and coupons while shopping online. On the other hand, only 20% of the male participants admitted to doing that. Other insights include:

  • Sales: 
According to 74% of the female participants, their last purchase was during the sale. Whereas, only 57% of the male participants admitted purchasing a clothing item on sale.

  • Coupons and promocodes: 
More than 34% of women use coupons to purchase clothing online as compared to only 26% of the men. They invest a considerable amount of time searching for the best deals. For that purpose, they visit a number of websites that offer discount coupons. From dresses to suits and Swimsuits coupons, this type of promotion is a great way to cater to female audience for any brand. 

Shopping behaviors of both genders in a nutshell when it comes to shopping for apparel:

How the majority of men shop?

We are living in the age of technology, where everything is made accessible in a matter of clicks. With the advent of eCommerce websites, more and more men have started taking interest in online shopping. When it comes to in-store shopping, men usually calculate their experience in terms of utilitarian aspects. These aspects include parking availability, stock availability and the checkout line’s length. Since the majority of the men clothing store have launched their websites, men don’t have to worry about the complaints they had regarding online shopping. 

How does the majority of women shop? 

Women spend more time looking for better options whether its instore or online shopping. They spend the majority of their time comparing the prices of different products. Their interaction with the sales associates also defines their shopping experience.They also rely on promotions, deals, offer and online coupons such as One Teaspoon Coupon Codes to make their shopping experience worth their while. 
One of the best shopping for clothing tips for every man and woman is to grab discount coupons to make the most of their shopping experience.

Published On: March 24, 2020

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