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GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Nowadays, it’s more of like, there is a new fashion-inclined fitness brand every month or a week—and definitely this screw up all of us gym or exercise lovers. We all get stuck between questions like:  where to go? What to buy or not? Which brand or product is comfortable? Which brand will last long? How to hit gym in style without spending a ton? And so on. These days almost every second person is committed to great quality athleisure and wants to have a functional activewear closet, but usually can’t get the quality in affordable price. Because the price tags attached to high-quality plus functional and comfy atheisure seem quite excessive for clothing that, technically, are for the reason to be sweat in.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

However, in this ongoing perplexed journey of having lots and lots of brands offering high-quality active wear with high price tags, GymShark is making all the deference and interestingly for good reasons. The brand had only been familiar to our friends across the pond but now it actually successfully grabbed all the eyeballs in stateside because of its affordable price. Whereas many people are still concerned about the quality factor of products offered by GymShark, especially leggings.  Since nobody wants spend on a gymwear doesn’t ask you to spend fortune but cheap in quality.  And that’s every customer’s right to clear all of their concerns before spending single penny on anything.

What We Went Through To Make GymShark Review Amazing For Our Users?

We stay concerns towards all of our users and community members and we know their concerns towards GymShark’s products as well. Let’s admit that the lower price tag attracts almost every single person who is search of some incredible active wear. But, undoubtedly, quality factor matters and this is why we thought to opt for a review on Gym Shark. We always try our level best to give you information that is valid, truthful, and reliable because we want our loyal users stay loyal and don’t want to hurt any ones sentiments by just promoting a product that won’t work the best. We know we can lose our community members and users if we do so. And, we seriously can’t afford it.

We have seriously gone up and down to whole internet and had close view on what customers, bloggers, and vloggers feel and think about Gym Shark. We also looked up to what GymShark ethics are, what is the authentication of their claims about products? And lot more to give you to the point information about this oh-so-famous brand. So here is a fair GymShark review for all of our users.

What Gym Shark Is And How They Caught The Attention?

It’s a UK-based active wear clothing brand that ships to almost every international destination. From back in 2012 till now, the company has come a long way. It was started by then-19-years-old boy, Ben Francis, who actually started the business from his garage. From then to-this-moment, the brand has gained a speedy recognition in online fitness world. In their five years of journey, what made them prompt among all other top notch brands is their loud presence on social media—just ask the 1.4 million folks who are following them with love on Insta. 

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

However, today, it’s perhaps well known for two of its products that are “Flex Leggings” and “Seamless Leggings.” At the same time got to read so much negative reviews about how they can be see-through and then there are the people who rubbishes these reviews and says that these leggings are the best ones for them till date. There has not been said and written about the sizing issues for these two leggings, which are we think quite justified. But let’s not talk everything here, like we are doing a rapid fire round. Instead we are going to highlight the negatives and positives of this brand’s HOT favorite leggings. Let’s Dig IT!

Is GymShark’s Size Chart True To Size?

We saw loads of try-on videos and read a great number of reviews about both the products, there were many people complaining about the long length of Flex Leggings. And then there were ones who loved bit of long length as it can be best while they are stretching up or performing exercises.  So what we understood was: Flex leggings have a design at the bumps that look incredibly sexy when it’s right on the place. To us, this might be the reason that the leggings become bit longer for the ones who have small legs. As they put all the focus on putting that bump design at the right place and getting perfect fit for the waist, so they end up either rolling the leggings ankle area or just treating as a socks.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

We feel that GymShark should get little concerned while designing these ones. The best solution they can do to solve this issue, they should start giving at least 3 different length options for flex leggings. Customers can also contact their customer service before placing order, so they might don’t face this length issues.

Interestingly, with the length of seamless leggings everyone was happy.

A Quick Compression Between “Flex Leggings and Seamless Leggings”

Both of the leggings are hot fave of everyone who wants to have some heart core gyming/running in style or tear active wear more as a casual wear like celebs.  The best part is, both the leggings are light in weight and after exercising in them for hours you can’t spot a single sweat stain, this can thoroughly impress anyone!

Both the leggings are aerated, so a wearer can have amazing time in even hot summer days.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Flex Leggings:

The flex leggings are made using polyamide, polyester, and elastane, to be precise. And this essentially makes them feel fit seamlessly and luxuriously soft. The elasticated performance waistband sits just below the waist, so you don’t have to spend half of your workout pulling up your trousers. They have a physique contouring design that flatters the leg and allows the booty to pop. They are best for weight training—squat proof (except black color when it’s under so much light), thick, and functional.


  • The High waistband at the back keeps your booty covered
  • They give your body a beautiful hour glass illusion
  • No VPL
  • Long leg length of leggings is  great for yoga and stretching exercises
  • Reasonable price
  • Original colors


  • At front, waistband falls short for some girls
  • They have too much of length
  • Black color can be see trough when under so much of light

Seamless Leggings

These leggings can take your workout outfit to next level as they have delicate lace at the ankle and contouring at bump and legs makes it look just perfect. The waistband is 3 inches long that is enough to keep your tummy on place.


  • They are high-waisted so will work good for tummy control
  • Light in weight
  • Design in much attractive
  • Its affordable


  • For some girls, the waist and hip ratio of high-waist band isn’t ideal
  • If waistband is loose so it will roll down and won’t work as a tummy controller
  • Black/dark grey is sheer but not see through

People Love to Shout Out Loud For GymShark’s Customer Service

Yes, this is one of the impressive things we came across while searching about the services that are offered by this store. GymShark customer’s reviews regarding the customer care service grabber our attention. Not one or two, but there are plenty of positive customer service review we caught at TrustPilot, From GymShark’s Insta, and others. We have listed down some of them for you!

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

What else a customer can ask for, literally!

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

This is what we mentioned above that if you are having some issue in picking the right size, you can contact their customer service as Erin did. Tho, her case was bit different, but the fact is that customer service made per pick better products.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

She was lucky to get right customer service at right time and saved shipping charges, thumbs up!

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Now, this is something great when a customer can make other customer understand that if something goes wrong with your order then rely on the customer service of GymShark

These 4 reviews and tons of others are a prove that no doubt what you say about Gymshark’s late shipping issues or anything but their amazing Customer Service is one of the best shots an online shopping platform can hit.

Shipping Issues, Options, Rates, and Payment method

Domestic customers, means customers of UK don’t have bad experience with shipping timings and all. But all the international customers may have to deal with some of the late delivery issues. This is one of the most highlighted problems that we observed while going through customer reviews on different authentic online review platforms. This problem actually happens when a customer selects the standard shipping method. On their shipping rates page, GymShark has mentioned just above the shipping rate chart that the orders placed with standard delivery may take a little longer. And on standard shipping customers can get Free Of Cost Delivery as well. But many of them might not be aware that choosing express shipping will let them receive their parcel in short span of time. Here is the screen shot of their shipping rate page where they also wrote a note:

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Still, we hope and emphasis that as GymShark is creating stunning designs and great quality products, they will also work on their deliver timings and keep their customer happy and smiling. Here are some of the positive and negative customer reviews regarding delivery of order:

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

This is the thing which we already talked about. If you are an international customers and choosing the express shipping, so definitely you will receive the parcel soon. But if you aren’t willing to pay for delivery cost then stay patient and wait for the parcel.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

This is how you start feeling bad for the purchase that is full of quality, attractive design, and most importantly with an affordable price tag. GymShark should take some serious steps towards their standard shipping time and have more loyal customers.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

The great thing is that finally he is satisfied with the purchase that he made and is happy about it.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Gymshark should better teach their delivery partners a lesson that could have caused them losig a loyal customer.

Payment Methods offered by GymShark

  • GymShark offers three biggest payment options, which are: Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard

Free Returns to UK, But international return policy isn’t great

Tho, UK customers can say YAYYYY for return service as its completely free for them. But, the real hectic is for the international customers. All international buyers will need to pay for returning the products and again wait for the right order. With any means, their customer service is definitely the asset of this brand and they stay keen to solve all of customer’s issues without taking them into some really tough process. You can contact their customer service representative on Facebook, Twitter and other online resources and they will listen to you and solve you issues within no time. Here are two extreme reviews from customers regarding how they went through the order returning process:

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Customer is seriously pissed off with the international return policy, so we hope that GymShark is listening to these consumers and will make some affordable return policies for all the buyers who live outside of UK.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

Tho, Tia had to pay for returning goods back for exchange but the way customers service helped her, this actually made Gymshark to earn a loyal customer.

Factors that Can Make this Brand Worth to Shop or Simply a No-Go Purchase Area


  • Product Design, Quality and Variety is definitely the Plus Point
  • Great and responsive customer service
  • Their most favorite leggings aren’t quite as tight as they seem in pictures, instead all GymShark products are most comfortable that can allow you perform all exercises and heavy workouts
  • They show off Your Booty and cover it completely
  • Great Fit with no sweat stains, yes NO SWEAT STAINS
  • Price Factor is hugely satisfying at GymShark
  • They are light in weight
  • Great for stretching, squats, and other extreme exercises and physical activities
  • They are exceptionally designed to accentuate your curves at its best


  • At times, they can be see through (black ones are see through when you wear them under sun or heavy lightings)
  • International delivery  process and rates aren’t much favorable
  • The brand doesn’t have a great connection with discounts (they only believe offering special discounts on only special occasions). to get all the latest GymShark coupon codes and saving deals you can subscribe to us and we would love to make you save better and have hottest activewear. 
  • Products get out of stock quickly and it really frustrate customers
  • International returns are bit of hassle as customers have bear return shipping charges
  • Size chart is bit tricky and customers get confuse while picking the right size


Now it’s time to windup Gymshark Review. So our final words are: It’s reasonably pleased to have this good quality athleisure which is alluring and designed amazingly. The best part is: It’s more of a casual wear, instead of just apparel that you can wear when hitting the gym.

The fact is: Yes there are surely better brands when it comes to gym leggings and other activewear clothing, but this one is quite affordable with great designing and quality aspect. Tho, they need to work on some serious factors of their products and services to meet the customers’ needs perfectly. 

If GymShark get their late delivery matter fixed and also the matter of black see through leggings, then it can be one of the top active wear brands worldwide. Nevertheless, there is also room to improve their quality and especially the sizing thing. If they are so much into focusing some specific parts of the body to make and feel the wearer much sexier and attractive through clothing so they better offer vast sizing chart. A size chart that has much better specifications like different lengths of leggings in extra small, small, medium, and large size.

GymShark Review—Is This Cult Fitness Brand Good Enough to Add In Your GymWear?

We hope that our unbiased GymShark review will help you to decide whether to go for their products or not. Do share your experience of shopping and regarding their product’s quality and other services in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

Published On: May 27, 2017

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