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Berg&Berg Fashion Relevant News for the most Stylish Men

Saw wide legged pants and oversize coats on the runways? Even if you are man with defined dictionary of appropriate fashions, when designers poured out their minds this season, the scene was pretty confusing. While bloggers may be excited to something new for their blogs and vlogs, professionals felt a clear anxiety in their hearts. 

If those wide-leg pants haven’t given you a hope of new picks from the famous designer, we have a modest way for you to go. And no less fashion relevant. Men are men… and they like nothing more than the simple, easy to pull off the entire day wardrobe. That’s exactly what you find at Berg&Berg store. The online store that has been setup in 2009 has never failed to impress and supply the fashion favorites for decent men in each season.

This new season collection has just been updated on the store’s website. Though you will see the seemingly conventional options ruling their online portal, there are new strikes too when you will take a close notice. Sure, we are talking about their Braided Suede Belt, the denim pocket square and knitted tie that amazes the fashionable men but makes them curious about the fashion which is unlikely to cause too much distraction for others.

Not sure, what we are saying? Take a close look:

The Self Dot Knitted Silk Tie

It is one of those attention drawing pieces that puts out your fashionable impression right, in the gatherings you like.

Large Plaid Light Merino Scarf

If you have not worn a scarf before, the texture and subtle design might be a good way to start for a new fashion motivation.

Floral Denim Pocket Square

The neutral in the bright color just made us think that floral could not go in a better way for men’s silhouette.

Bengal Stripe Button Down Shirt

Because not everything in your wardrobe can be ‘not classic’, therefore this button down stripe shirt in finest materials balances the game well.

There is more show available on the official website where we would very much like you to continue shopping. If these all fresh picks seem a little out of the budget, you can pick some tie classics from their sale section where right now up to 50% discount offers are alive.

Picking a gift or personal item? We will wait for your feedback about this new discovery and also for your very personal hints on how you would style each of these items.

Published On: May 04, 2016