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Don’t Buy a Watch before Reading these Expert Tips

A watch is an accessory for styling as well as a necessity for keeping one organized and punctual. From entry level to high-end, a vast variety of watches in different price ranges and varying features are available making a buying decision really tricky. That requires some useful tips from the experts for shopping a watch that has functionality, value and durability. This article is an effort to help you pick a perfect watch. It will however be wise to know about categories of watches before going to shopping tips:


Knowing the categories of watch narrows down options for a buyer. After all the watch for your spouse and kid are different (so are the watches for a doctor and a chartered accountant).I will discuss some broad categories to help you getting a basic understanding of the different types: You can avail discount through Frost NYC coupon codes while shopping watches.


Most of the seniors among us have grown with this .Characterized by a hand for hour, minute and second, these watches are powered by a mechanical mechanism.


Unlike Analog watch that require mechanical gears, a Digital watch require electronic structures like LED screen and liquid crystal.

Hybrid watch:

Combining the features of both digital and analog a Hybrid watch has hands for hour, minute and second with LCD screen to display much more than time. I.e. display temperature, monitors heart rate, playing song etc.

Some experts tips for shopping:

Based on expert’s advice, I will present some really valuable tips now to help you select a perfect watch with discount.

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Get some know how:

One really needs to educate himself before buying a watch. And thanks to internet, it’s damn easy. You only need to spare some time and browse blogs, watches 
forums and manufacturer’s websites. Being informed and getting appropriate understanding of make, model, price, featuresetc. will definitely help you making a right choice. 

Make sure to get value:

Getting the worth of price paid is important in buying every product. This is however much more important in case of watches because of abundance of fake and knock off versions available. The value of watches can be gauged by their resale value. Fortunately there is a huge market of pre-owned watches like cars and you can have better knowledge of resale value of watch you intend to buy.

After sale Service:

Never miss on How speedy and where you can get a service if something goes wrong with your watch after purchasing it. Ask whether after sale service points are available in your city (Big brands have many such destinations). In case of online shopping go for those manufacturers or authorized dealers who are transparent enough to show after sales service detail on their websites.This enquiry is must or else you might have to wait for days to get your watch repaired in case it is fallen and broke.

Keep eye on your Budget:

Watches vary in price over a broad spectrum ranging from consumer fashion watches under $250 to Ultra luxury watches over $10,000.The fact remains that majority of buyers are budget conscious and can’t overspend. So the best thing is to select a watch that is compatible with your budget and is worth its price.
Thanks to plethora of deals and discount offers along with sale and promo coupons , now people with shoestring budget and penny pinchers can also grab fine quality watches with considerable money saving.

  • Visit retail giants websites (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and you can grab watches with discount ranges starting from 15% and going up to 70%.
  • If you are a watch collector, never miss out special holiday’s sale like Father’s day, Cyber week or Black Friday.
  • Search for coupons and deals through trusted sites and use at checkpoints at relevant online stores like Hourtime voucher code to get fabulous discounts on your favorite watches.

Negotiate Intelligently:

In brick and mortar stores, though the authorized dealers mostly tend to stick to the price tags, but one can always grab a discount through wise negotiation. For this, however the buyer must have information about average price before engaging the salesman in a negotiating process. Some important points must be taken care of prior to negotiate price:

  • Know your watch very well. Know the difference between this and other similar looking watches.
  • Pay cash instead of using credit card. The sellers want to avoid the feeand therefore may offer you discount on paying cash.
  • Don’t leave the store in haste. Start looking at something else and you might receive an OK for the price you are demanding or else the salesperson may offer further discount than he previously offered.

Look for the desired functions:

With the advancement in technology watches are now serving variety of functions. From a dive watch (that keeps functioning while wearer dives in water) to driver watch, pilot watch  and military watch, there are watches galore for special purposes. So seek watch that has features to serve your specific needs.

Published On: April 21, 2020