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7 Pro Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Get your cards out as Black Friday is here and you know what that means right? You will have to play smart to grab the best deals out there. It would not be wrong to say that this is a holy day for shoppers so brace yourself as there will be a lot of pros who know what they want. Worry not as we have your back with our tips to help you get all the stuff you have been eyeing for a while in the wait for this day.

Browse but don’t forget what you need

It is good to check out what is on offer especially on Black Friday because you never know what is out there. However, do not stray away with all the double digit discounts. Check out the categories you need stuff from. If you have been looking to get a new TV, head straight to the electronics section of different departmental stores. Do not spend on things you do not need unless there is a really crazy markdown.

Use coupons

The prices are already so low you can save so much more on your collective orders by using coupon codes for different stores. Some can offer you free shipment while can cut your whole cart bill to nearly half.

Sign up email lists

You should be on the mailing list of the usual stores that you frequent a lot. That way you can get to know about the discounts and flash sales the earliest and place orders before things run out of stock. Also, you can earn some discount code by signing up for newsletters on many online stores.

Know when stores open

If you plan to visit stores like Kohl’s, TJMaxx, Target or Macy’s make sure to check beforehand when they open for Black Friday. Some of these stores begin deals on the Thursday before so you should visit as early as possible. Others start quite early on Friday so you might want to set the alarm to an early time. Whatever you do, try to avoid Walmart unless you do not mind hustling with 10,000 other shoppers.

Do early research for prices

One thing shoppers often forget that not all the markdowns may be that low. Some discounts are not really worth taking because they do not save ample money and you can probably score the same round the year. And the only way to find that is to know what the actual prices are. Know what you need to shop for and do early research for the right prices.

Shop early online

Most retailers start Black Friday sales the week before and the best thing to do is to check out these deals online. You can snap some great deals even before the Friday. This is especially applicable to stores with a particular niche because they do not get that much of traffic as big retailers so they put out offers early on.

Know the return policy

As strange as it may sound but many stores have flexible return policy for stuff bought on Black Friday. However, there can be a cap of 15-30 days. So if you are making a big purchase make sure to give a few minutes to reading the return policy.

Now you are ready to shop on this big day which let’s be honest is one of our favorite. Get searching for the special deals and save yourself some big bucks thanks to the great deals, coupons and of course our tips! 

Published On: November 23, 2017