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Ask Yourself Important Questions and Save Money on Clothes

After a closet purge, do you still think there are lots of pieces that are unworn lurking somewhere back in your wardrobe? If your answer is YES, then don’t be upset as a survey by QVC has revealed that an average lady has around 22 items in her closet which she never women and still refuses to throw or give away. But this needs to be correct, start it right now and bring a positive and better change.

Do you think that if you bought something just because it was on sale or discounted price, but not needed, is OK?? You and we all know the answer, and it’s NO!! We have just asked two questions and there you are with clear answers. It was just an example, and this is how you should ask yourself some questions before buying anything!

To avoid the usual habit of women, which is, they love buy things yet hate two-third of what they have in their closet, ask these listed questions and you won’t regret your purchase ever.

1. How much does it cost?

The question is as important as saving your money. Every time when you will ask yourself these questions, it will add value to your spending and saving as a matter of fact. You should not spend more than $200 on an outfit or accessory unless you don’t find it an extremely doable style or it belongs to a brand that is highly reliable in terms of quality.

When you know your when and what budget starts to respond to your needs.

2. Do you like the fabric?

If you have not been deceiving yourself, you should know that what suits you and what is not made for your body type. Cotton, wool, cashmere and silk, you have a rich list of choices to try on, if the weather doesn’t restrict you.

No offense, if you are going to purchase something that has little percentage of fabric which isn’t in your favorite list. But if you don’t like wearing some specific fabric and it is present in that dress around 60%-80%, so it’s better to leave it and go for something else.

3. Will it fit or not?

Do check the fitting and comfort-level before paying for it. Perfect fit and comfortableness are the factors that can make or break your personality when you wear the one you bought spending time and money, both.

It’s important to see the measurement chart properly, if you are buying something online. Everybody gets excited when they find coupon code for clothing, but be sure to select the right size.

4. Is this brand my type or not?

Having branded clothing isn’t bad, but being a label junkie won’t make you look fashionista. Also, a too bold outfit that you might have seen on TV don’t deserve the budget sacrifice. 

Brands are rich but it is possible that a brand may not respond to your needs at any possible time. In such case, you should look elsewhere.

Some of the stores that are reasonable yet classy are:

  • Vipme
  • Forzieri
  • Stylewe
  • Free People and lots more

5. Do I really need it or getting this just because it’s on sale?

Most of the time, when you shop at consignment or thrift store, most probably you will regret much of the purchase you made just because it was available in half of the real price. And many women get crazy when some store offer free gift with some minimum purchase, and that where the ladies start buying unnecessary thing.

It’s not an exceptional deal it you don’t need it, End of Story!!

6. Do I have item to mix and match with it?

If you really have accessories, footwear, and other pieces to have a complete looks, then jump for it. But if it isn’t the case then forget it, in that case, you may be spend handful amount in order to get the perfect accessories and other things to look hot.

Be Fast!! Think if you’d be able to make 3 outfits with be combining this piece with the ones you already have. Can’t do it?? Quickly, place it back on the rack!

7. Do I really have a place/event to wear this dress?

This thought will literally stop you from splurge. Sometimes, we can’t control our sleeves when come across some cocktail dress or maxi dress and even 3 inches high heels, but there is no use of buying the item if you aren’t going to use it sometime soon.

And still, if you are planning to buy that outfit for some future event or in expectation of getting invitations from some event, then we have just three words for you: Place it back!!

8. Do this productneed high maintenance?

While purchasing item, do think about the future maintenance of it. Most of the ladies only send coats to dry clean, and hand-wash other clothing, even tho the tag says dry-clean it. You are smiling?? Good, but it’s the truth and do consider this when purchasing anything.

You have better idea what’s your range and budget are. Keeping that in mind, think when you last time went to dry cleaners? Monthsago? Then, skip the silk.

9. Will this piece become a wardrobe orphan or is it my way to fill the wardrobe gap?

This is why impulse shopping is the worst case. If some color or some specific cuts aren’t your favorite, so it’s better to leave them. We heard people going crazy for colors which they actually don’t like but buy just because they are trending. And then after one wear or even without even wearing it, they never look back at that dress.

Don’t own a blazer? Go ahead and get one. Have two? Just pass it, even it’s on most discounted price and is oh-so-good!!

10. Does the outfit match my style and personality?

Nobody can say that I don’t have idea what looks great on me and what matches to my personality and body shape, everyone has crystal-clean idea about it. So, if you are petite, plus size, or belong to any size, just be sure to pick what suits you best and won’t make you dull and clumsy.

You look great when you wear polo, flow dresses, and classic pieces, and if you suddenly opt for a punk band tee, it won’t work. If it seems wrong, it’s going to look wrong.

If you are plus size and find it difficult to get best clothing, go to these stores:

  • Ashley Stewart
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Izabel
  • Eloquii
  • La Balance and other plus size stores you can easily find here.

Published On: December 29, 2016