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Top 10 Reactions To Black Friday 2019 From Twitter

Unless you live under a Dwayne Johnson, you know that last Friday was no ordinary day. 

Instead, it was the day when enthusiastic shoppers grapple on the aisles of Walmart (don’t worry you’ll get some of that in this article too) and hordes of customers storm into malls practically reenacting scenes from Train to Busan.

Anywho, Black Friday is now done and dusted. And while you will struggle to find any flat-screen televisions for under $10 now, there are still plenty of deals available on men’s clothing and other stuff you might need for Christmas. 

Of course, Black Friday this time round inspired its fair share of memes and quips. Some people compared the event in Canada and the US, others commented on the unannounced MMA contests that occurred in the department stores while some complained about the lack of discounts on their favorite things. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top reactions to Black Friday.

Top 10 Reactions To Black Friday 2019 From Twitter

1. Jiu-Jitsu in Target

From ridiculous brawls in Walmart to much classier Jiu-Jitsu contests in Target – our society has made great progress. And Rener Gracie, the head instructor of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, couldn’t be any happier. 

2. The Respectable Black Friday in Canada

It doesn’t get more Canadian than customers walking into a store in an orderly fashion and the staff applauding them. Maybe if everyone was getting free Maple syrups, this could’ve been declared as the national video of Canada. 

3. No Black Friday deals on Good Men

Good men are hard to find these days. So you could only hope there would be a deal on them on Black Friday. But alas. 

4. Who Cares!

While thousands of people were having impromptu professional wrestling matches across the stores in the country, some folks couldn’t care less. Adam Joseph, for instance, saved 100% by not bothering at all on Black Friday. Perhaps this was the greatest deal availed that day. 

5. Baby Yoda Joins in the Fun

Baby Yoda memes are all the rage these days. Jordan Payton believes this pic of the infant Jedi Master sums up how people react to fighting customers on Black Friday. Right, he is. 

6. An Important Thing to Remember

Rapper Dom McLennon gave an important message to anyone who’s shopping this season. People working in retail stores are simply out making a living and consumers should be mindful of how they treat them. A little empathy goes a long way. 

7. No deals on Food

Someone is asking the right questions. Why aren’t Chipotle and Taco Bell giving us 40% off on Cheesy Double Decker Tacos? Not fair. Not fair at all. 

8. Black Friday Serves Multiple Purposes

Many people had high expectations of Black Friday. But their plans took a hit and went up in smoke as they failed to keep off the grass in the past. What a buzz kill. 

9. Something to Keep in Mind

It’s important to remember that not all businesses can afford to give massive discounts. Several small startups are trying to turn a profit in an extremely competitive environment. Black Friday could be a perfect opportunity to support such ventures. 

10. Finally, Congrats to Shopify

Tobi Lutke of Shopify announced on Twitter that his company was able to hit 10 digits this Black Friday -an amazing achievement for the popular eCommerce platform. 


Regardless, Black Friday 2019 gave brands the opportunity to showcase their offerings and consumers get a chance to avail extraordinary deals. If you missed Black Friday, don’t fret it. You can still use Coes promo code to get some killer suits with up to 40% discount. There are plenty of bargains still available.

Published On: December 03, 2019

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