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Converse All Star Rubber Collection – Practical meets Colors and Style

Among the list of influential designers who have made this fall so much better, Converse makes the proud entry. The progressive sneaker maker introduces who has been all serious about digging deeper and going experimental with its designs has made another move. Introducing the classic Chuck Taylor All Star collection in rubber is good news for those who will want to hold on to their footwear and do justice to the price they pay to their favorite brand.

Rubber on the outside and wool lining on the inside brings the practical style to life. Featuring water repulsion in various mono-chromatic colors is one of the finest of brand’s strategies.


So, now you can wear your Chuck Taylor All Star in bright reds, green, yellow and even purple to your favorite concert or even field trips. Conservative black, greys and whites are not missing from the collection too, and they look even better and more attractive. 

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Photo Credit: Converse

Published On: October 07, 2015