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Does Your Collar Need A Tie?

Have you ever heard the phrase “dressed like a gentleman”? If you have, have you wondered what this gentlemen dress is? Well, the answer to your question is quite simple the gentlemen dress is quite a formal suit which generally consists of collared dress shirts, slacks, formal jacket, belt, and a tie. Over the years we have seen several alterations in shirt collars and suits themselves, but the tie has remained a constant fixture. As belt is a part of a professional outfit same as a tie, it remains the center of attention because it is the most eye-grabbing detail after one’s face, which is why so much consideration is given to tie.

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Finding perfect tie is the most daunting task, the unmatched tie can put off your entire appearance in one go, therefore you should consider several points to get the perfect time that will amp-up your outfit. You can find tons of different ties in market; different colors, prints, fabrics, lengths and widths you name it. These numerous options however does not makes it easier to choose the “tie”, so with the help of fashion experts and advisors we have gathered few tips to keep in mind to get a perfect tie for whichever suit you want!

Does Your Shirt Even Need A Tie?

The first question you should ask yourself is that “does your shirt even require a tie?” as we already know that you can find handful of different styles in shirt and shirt collars and not every collar needs a tie.  Here we will walk through different types of shirt collars to see if they even require a tie:

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Spread Collar:

It is the most common type of collar I a button-up shirt which you can wear with or without tie, but tie is preferred due to its shape.

Forward Point Collar:

This collar is more stiff and formal and it does require tie, without the tie the flaps become unmanageable and you will end up looking disheveled.

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Cutaway Collars:

These collars are specifically designed to accommodate wider ties, so the tie and specifically the one with wider knot is must have for this shirt.

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The Button Down And Club Collars: 

These shirts do not necessarily requires a tie; however you can wear one if the situation requires for more refined and formal look.

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Cuban Collars And Band Collars:

These are very casual type of collars and do not require a tie, these collars are not designed in a way to accommodate tie.

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Classic Ties With Hundred Hues

Once you have decided that your shirt needs a tie second step is to choose what type of tie and color of tie, color scheming is extremely vital. There are hundreds of options to choose from, one of them is classic plain mono-colored tie, you can get almost any color you want to, ranging from black, and white to vibrant color as red and pastel colors as powder blue. You can not only wear them with solid colored shirts but with printed shirts as well and they will not look overwhelming at all.

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These ties are basic yet simple which makes them blend flawlessly with your suit. I prefer shopping ties online from, they have wide range of ties at affordable price which make tie shopping easier.

Tie matching according to color scheme:

White shirts:  any colored tie can be worn over white shirt without being too much, however you have to match tie with the color of your suit. If you are not wearing jacket then you have to match your tie with the color of your slacks.
Pastel colored shirts: on pastels shirts you can wear the tie of the same hue but two or three tones darker, this will make you tie stands out. You can also wear a patterned tie with dark and pastel colors combination to give it more funky look.
Dark colored shirts: with dark colored shirts you have to go two or three tones lighter to make it pop. The dark colored tie on dark shirt will not be pronounced, although you can wear dark colored tie with light color patterns infused which will make the tie noticeable.

Printed Ties

Small Prints: these ties are not as conventional as regular times, at time they can bit overwhelming and distracting to the point of nuisance, they look best on plain shirts.
Floral Prints:  It is almost considered as daring act to wear a floral tie, therefore it necessary to make sure that the tie is not over powering your entire outfit.
Geometric Prints: ties should be matched with the print of your shirt; same patterns will make your tie indistinguishable

Options With Knots

After carefully selecting the tie according which fuses perfectly with your suit, it is time to set it in a place with a knot of your choice. With passing decades we have seen many changes and adaption in each clothing article that goes for ties too. Not only we have options with different fabrics, prints and colors but knots as well. You can knot your tie in numerous designs depending upon the occasion your mood. The distinctive knot will make your tie pop and give your suit and exudes more confidence which is a win win!

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Selecting a tie can be unnerving at its very best; nevertheless with these tips you can make this task quite simple for yourself and dress as “gentleman” you always wished to be. Another great thing about ties it that they are widely available you can get it in your area nearby departmental stores and online stores as well.

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Although ties are not that expensive commodity but still it does not hurt to save few bucks, which you can do by utilizing your saving coupons to get added discount on your purchase. Tell us in the comments below which types of tie you prefer? Would you consider the tips above next time you go for tie shopping?

Published On: December 10, 2018