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Dress for Rehearsal Dinner- Trendy + Frugal Ideas for the Bride

When Rehearsal dinner arrives, it’s time to put back all the pressures of wedding preparation and indulge in the goodness of being together with your friends and family. Letting slip your budget to hire good services is almost not embarrassing and happens to most of the couples. However, this should not tight the budget for occasions of such great emotional value. To ensure your perfect entry and happy existence at your rehearsal dinner, we have short list a list of options that won’t let you stress about one other matter.

In fact, these choices will keep your loved one anticipating your wedding day look even more.

But first things first, Answer this question:

What this Party is about:

Is it very formal gathering arranged at a fancy place? Or is it a garden party where you are hoping to get together with your friends and remember all those good times. 

When you want to make a statement and more than that a memory, people who are with you in the picture really matter. Rehearsal Dinner is one in the series of the event, that in usual cases matter the most to you. What wise advisors would say is to invest in something that you can use for the long time. Because, of course the wedding dress won’t serve that value after the wedding day is over.

For  the dinner, you need something unique that isn’t your usual style, not awkward and not taking away the charisma away from your wedding look. Based on where this is going to happen and with who, you can select from one of these options.

1. For a moderately fancy party

Where you have co-workers, your friends and the family of your future husband, this dress will serve well for your feminine charm. The two piece organza dress, in two tones and on sale comes from popular designer store Bebe. The creator of inspiring fashion pieces has done justice to the ballet skirt and velvet belt in the middle of two is a good balance that enthuses fancy.

2. Gown for Big Party Only

What ongoing on Fame and Partners is also interesting. Their high class, extraordinary designs in the gown section is literally jaw dropping as compared to the price. For a big party, these are the perfect things to invest in. This design we have picked fits in our respective frame for a glamorous bride to be but there are definitely others you can check out and pick.

3. The Wear Everywhere Dress 

Penny Pinching and want them to forget what you look like in white? Wear black and wear it in good taste. Imagining you are in best shape for your wedding, we suggest the sale options from Bailey 44 which are a good call for a party that is more about fun and less about rules. You will want to keep this on-sale dress for various things. The eco leather skirt is dominating enough to not need anything else to compliment along.

4. Just Friends and You

It’s a good work too. You can keep this low priced good design too for other places at the wedding. If accessorized right, this dress with hints of layers is very defining. For special impact, wear a heavy necklace with it and this way you will not be tempted to overdo your jewelry at the wedding day.

Got an idea, we will love to hear.

Published On: December 21, 2015