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Running a Coupon Affiliate Program: Answering Some Critical Questions

Coupon promotion as a form of affiliate marketing has existed for several years. While the digital age has reshaped it a great deal, the basic function of this promotion has remained pretty much the same. 

Affiliate coupon marketing involves third parties who advertise coupons from other brands and introduce them to new customers. When customers purchase products using coupons they found through affiliates, the affiliate gets a certain percentage of commission from brands. 

Running a Coupon Affiliate Program: Answering Some Critical Questions

Unfortunately, there are several myths surrounding this whole concept which keeps several businesses from engaging in this activity.  We will address them below.

Let’s dig in.

9 Common Concerns about Coupon Affiliates Marketing

If you’re a retailer who’s on the edge about working with coupon sites, the following FAQs might help you come around.

Q1. Will working with coupon affiliate sites damage my brand’s reputation? I don’t want people to think of my products as “cheap”.

The taboos surrounding coupons are a thing of the past. 90% of customers use coupons in one way or another. No one perceives discount seekers as cheapster anymore. 

However, it’s not recommended that you offer coupons all year round. Most retailers give discounts to get rid of old inventory or off-season items. Affiliate websites are extremely effective in promoting these offers and introducing your product to potential customers. These sites invest heavily in improving their SEO rankings and establishing their own credibility. Getting featured on them will give you a much-needed boost. 

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Q2. Giving commissions to affiliates & discounts to customers will damage my bottom line. How will I pay for both?

Retailers pay commission on the discounted price. However, wrong couponing policies can have an adverse effect on your bottom line. It’s therefore advised that you set up coupons that have a minimum spend or are exclusive to a category. 

Along with this, you can negotiate a favorable commission rate with the affiliates. Most coupon websites are extremely flexible when it comes to such discussions. 

Q3. What will stop my customers from becoming so accustomed to discounts that they will stop ordering otherwise? 

This would only happen if you offer coupons all year round. So a better strategy is to promote coupons on special occasions such as Black Friday or New Year. But don’t make the mistake of creating a clear pattern with your discount offers, otherwise customers might get used to them. Strategize your coupon affiliate marketing and this will never be a worry.

Q4. Can coupon websites help me attract new customers?

57% of customers try new products when offered a coupon. When offered a good price, people tend to break their long-established patterns. Meanwhile, affiliate sites are a great way to reach out to new customers. They have a great reach on social media and search engines, which helps in introducing products to new potential customers.  Like many stores offers great discount deals to attract new customers as SendUsMasks offering 42% off on family pack, you can avail it by using SendUsMasks discount code.

Q5. How will coupon sites fit into my overall promo code affiliate program strategy?

Digital coupons provide a completely different value than your average coupon code affiliate programs. eCoupon users mostly comprise of young, tech-savvy and educated consumers that businesses strive to attract. Coupon sites provide an efficient way to increase AOV(Average Order Value) of the promo affiliate program by establishing coupons with a higher maximum spend as compared to the current program AOV.

Q6. Would I have any control over how many products I sell for discounts? 

To make sure that the same offer isn’t reused, most retailers provide coupon sites with unique promo codes as NV Gallery Promo Codes. These can only be used for one time even if multiple people get access to them. Creating a unique set of coupons for affiliates keeps you in control of the entire operation. 

Q7. Do coupon sites promote expired offers? If so, will it damage my brand?

One has to remember that affiliate websites are being run by humans who sometimes will mistakenly promote expired offers. Of course, this not only creates a bad impression of the sites but also the brands involved. You can make it clear to affiliates that they should be extra careful when it comes to your brand. 

Q8. Will promo code affiliates give unneeded discounts to customers who would’ve bought regardless?

Online businesses continue to face the issue of cart abandonment. It’s estimated that 76% customers leave the shopping cart after learning the extra cost of shipping. Retailers facing such issues have a useful tool in the shape of online promo codes. If you utilize them strategically, coupons can help get rid of unwanted inventory and give a final buying incentive to customers without eating margins from your sales. 

Q9. How can I trust coupon affiliate websites?

Fortunately, several credible websites that have been in this business for around decades. These can be entrusted to promote your brand and not engage in anything that’s dubious. You can see which websites are working with major brands just to be certain. 


Plenty of opportunities await businesses that are willing to indulge in coupon affiliate marketing. Such websites can increase your digital footprint and help carry your message to completely new corners of the internet. 

Best of all, these sites come in on the tale-end of the sales funnel where they incentivize customers to make the final purchase. All this makes your coupon affiliate network an important part of the modern marketing machinery. 

But retailers and online businesses need to be strategic with coupon and promo codes. It’s important not to go overboard with these offers to the point where they start hurting your business. This is easy to ensure by limited generous discounts to off-season items. 

Take care of this one important aspect and your business will flourish with the help of a potent coupon affiliate program.

Published On: December 25, 2020

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