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Nisolo 5 for 5 - Why You Should Join hands with Ehtical Shoe Company

Whether you are in search of some hot shoe recommendations for a classy chic or exceptional collection of formal and casual man shoes without breaking bank, we have something bigger to satisfy your soul and wallet. And that’s nothing else but a platform that offers handmade shoes in affordable price tag.

Their Ethical Journey is Soul Satisfying

Now, at first, let’s talk about the ethical part that has been brilliantly played by the brand and then we will talk about some customers’ benefits. So, how actually they are ethically made??? To Nisolo, ethically made means, they offer all of their producers beyond fair trade wages, healthy working environment, and benefits. Nisolo factory with 86 producers and their partnering factories in Leon and Mexico with 400 producers offer formal employment to their employees, paid vacations, and access to healthcare. Not just these, but the brand also offer pension and advanced pay when any of the worker want to purchase a house. Whatever they are doing for employees, they give its whole credit to their buyers. Nisolo appreciates the support of each customer who enables them to create opportunity for over 500 people across their three different modes of ethical production that is:

  • Nisolo Factory: 86 Producers
  • Partner Factories: 400 Producers
  • Independent Artisans: 15 from remote areas to showcase the work of less blessed

How Nisolo 5 for 5 Member Program is Beneficial and Works

This amazing and reliable discount program is easy to go with. Whether you want travel inspired footwear, office footwear, or casual one, the brand has all. Their exclusive five for five program will need you to pay a one-time, up-front fee of $500 in exchange for two redeemable shoe codes per every 12-month period for five years.  Once you will be done with paying the $500 fees, the brand will send the first two shoe codes for the first year within 48-hours of your purchase (its best for 12 months from the date of purchase). 

The great part is: During the month of each anniversary of your purchase, Nisolo will email you, without reminding, two unique shoe codes.  These codes can only be applied to in-stock shoes and do not apply to other Nisolo’s items, which including bags, jewelry, and other accessories. The brand cannot guarantee all styles;sizes and colors will remain in stock all year long.  Each shoe code will be expired exactly one year after you receive such code.  And if you do not redeem a 5 for 5 membership code during the year after which the code is received, you deprive rights to redeem such code.  The FIVE for FIVE Club offers a 30-day money back guarantee from the date you purchased a membership, except when any shoes purchased using the codes have not been worn or damaged or no shoe code has been used.  Nisolo offers free of cost shipping on all FIVE for FIVE Club orders.  

Published On: February 16, 2017