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Knomo: Where Luxury Meets Technology

In 2004, a former lawyer and financial analyst named Howard Harrison founded the brand Knomo. It is a premier brand for bags for women and men but something was different about this venture. Harrison was inclined to do something with technology so he came up with backpacks and accessories for technology. The result was bags, satchels and holders that come with battery packs, custom sleeves for phones and tablet and magnets.

Luxury Backpacks For New Technology

Ever since then, Harrison has not looked back and has only seen growth in his business. He is one of the very few entrepreneurs that have made it in the luxury world all on their own. Initially, the focus was on laptop bags but after 2010 their focus moved to other devices too as the world got mobile. He did not just stay in London, he wanted more and eyed the American market. And what do you know, he raised £3m for his business expansion into North America and beyond.

The brand sells laptop bags, backpacks,satchels, hand bags, phone covers, clutches and travel bags. Everything is made from premium quality fabrics and leather that is also environment friendly. It is made keeping in mind the storage needs for the modern man and women. We literally have so many gadgets on hand when we are going to work, or a meeting, or when we travel. So many people break their fragile devices in the process because there is not enough room in their bags or they just get smashed over by other stuff. Knomo bags, however, are designed specifically for this purpose and can make your life pretty easy.

Now, the man behind the brand has yet another creative project in motion. It is a Kick starter project called #LiveFree backpack which has wireless charging and Bluetooth tracking. If it actually follows through, we can only imagine how useful and cool it would be.

Harrison has managed to create something extraordinary for anyone who relies on technology a lot and that means his products have a very big scope as tens of millions now use smartphones, tablets and laptops. As for price, it does cost quite a lot but if you look at it as an investment it will pay for itself relatively sooner. However, you can always count on discount codes to bring the price down at least a tad bit down. With such amazing brains behind, Knomo could potentially be a household name in the next few years. 

Published On: November 06, 2017