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Elie Tahari entering Kohl’s and Kohl’s entering NY Fashion Week- Guess What the Brand’s after??

Suburban Moms already recognize Kohl’s as one of their biggest online shopping advantage for its 53 years of style and discount servings. But the Brand now wants to move beyond that and expand its target market. Making its debut in New York fashion week was also an occurrence in the series of steps that Kohl’s aims to show off its new side. 

Kohl’s picked Lauren Conrad’s elite designs for its first ever showing up in a fashion week. The stunning designs proved that the choice wasn’t wrong. The Vice President and head of Kohl’s New York design office; Arthur Lewis shared insights of Kohl’s recent branding strategies during an interview with Fortune. He expressed his hope for the brand to be the go-to place in pursuit of great fashion.

Entering the fashion week is definitely one major milestone for the brand, yet Conrad decides to keep her peace with the flow. She called the spring/summer collection as an elevated version of what she was already designing for Kohl’s consumers for years now. The theme she focused on was the twist in outfits for special occasions.

Conard collection consisting of faux fur, cocktail collection, high-waist trousers, shoes, sunglasses and more has received round of applause at the fashion week.
At the other hand, Elie Tahari’s collaborating with Kohl’s is pretty big too. Elie Tahari has already a beefy reputation among designers of New York and will be a real impact on the brand. Celebrities have noticed wearing the first round designed by famous designer for the Kohl’s, as soon as it was launched in last week of September.
It’s no secret now that Kohl seriously wants to jump to more elite fashion target market. Will it be able to hold on its reliable impression from the past as well? Let us all wait and watch.

Published On: September 11, 2015