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Clothing Tips Every Man Needs To Know

Every man aspires to look fit, stylish and smart. This looking-great business is influenced by many factors but undoubtedly the largest chunk goes to clothing. This write up will reveal practical tips for shopping men’s clothing and discuss men clothing. Check out these expert’s tips to help you get perfect clothing: 

1. Plan the shopping:

Think in advance. Shopping, like every other task needs planning. Here’s how good planning looks like:

  • Look at your current wardrobe. Evaluate it for what you already have.
  • Pick up clothes that need altering. 
  • Give away clothes you did not wear for years.
  • Understand your need.
  • Make a list of what you need to buy in terms of professional and casual outfits.
  • Plan for a minimalist wardrobe. After all what is the use of having a closet full of clothes and yet not finding an appropriate outfit for an occasion without mess?
  • Search keywords like ‘men's clothing near me’ on Google and look for discounts on new clothes through options like Butter Cloth coupon codes

2. Stay abreast with the latest fashion trends:

Keeping track of the current clothing trends is vital for every man who wants to make a style statement. They need styling tips to get connected to contemporary fashion. Let’s check out how you can keep yourself updated:

  • Seek stylist advice for clothing that suit your personal style. This option is however pricier and outsourcing styling is not every man’s cup of tea.
  • Fashion and styling blogs to know men clothing styles for every season.
  • Free information from online styling services. It is available at click of a button.

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3. It is all about fitting:

By fit clothing I do not mean fitting that ruins the look. This is exactly what extreme fitting does to a man’s silhouette. One needs to understand his body shape and structure and get a perfect fit. A perfect fit is nether too tight that chokes with each turn nor it is too loose giving impression that clothes have been borrowed from elder brother. Men’s clothing brand come in variety of sizes so make sure to pick what fits you. 
According to Peter Nguyen, the Menswear designer at NYC “Wearing clothes that fit properly will solve 90% of your style problems”. Check out the following rules from a booklet from N.Taverna titled” How clothes should fit”.

  • If the collar of a dress shirt turns while turning the head, it is too tight.
  • The cuff should meet about 2 cm up from the wrist.
  • The shirt length is right if bending and making movements do not make it untucked.
  • A pant should not need a belt to stay on hips. 

4. Dress up with layering:

Layering is both protective as well as aesthetic. Layering is stylish and practical for all seasons provided you choose pieces with proper material. Here are some rules of layering with style:

  • Don’t overdo it: Keep it up to three layers.
  • Going outwards, move from thin to thick. This means the layer inside should be closely fitted whereas the outer one needs to be bulky. 

5. Combine the right colors:

Choosing a right color combination can enhance a man’s appearance profoundly. Most men are scared of trying any other color but grey and blue. This is unjustified as other colors combinations may also make a man rock. The black and white contrast for example gives an elegant look. So get an affordable sweater with Duckworth coupon code and pair it up with fancy pant.  Likewise a white shirt and navy suit is also a style boosting combination. Even the orange which is considered by many as a difficult color can be matched with some muted shade like rust. The advice therefore is “Guys! Don’t get intimidated with any colors and free yourself from all preconceived notions about colors”. Seek online color matching guidance from styling blogs and try innovative combinations.  

6. Build an interchangeable wardrobe:

More outfits in less pieces of clothing. This is very much possible with an interchangeable wardrobe. In simple words, each piece in an interchangeable wardrobe must complement large number of other items. You get the following important benefits with this kind of wardrobe.

  • Less is more: You spend less and get more space in ward robe.
  • Versatility: You have far more outfit options. So make sure to include Hawaiian shirts with 30% discount from Reynspooner and throw in some high-necks as well. 
  • Less spending: You get more combinations with fewer clothing pieces and save your hard earned money. Search ‘men’s clothing stores near me’ and look for affordable options if you wish to save even more. 
  • Focus shifts to quality: This is something that comes naturally. Any wise guy that keeps fewer clothes in his wardrobe will be concerned more about quality.

7. Be Money-smart to get smarter:

Don’t fall in the trap of misconception that “quality comes only with overspending”. A wise shopping strategy can save you big chunk of money and you can still build a quality wardrobe. Here is how it goes:

  • Look for Quality clothing available on clearance racks. When stores refresh inventory at the end of season, you get fabulous discounts on high quality stuff.
  • Grab the opportunity of great saving on a holiday shopping. So, on next Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if you find shirts with good fabric and texture that fits you also with a “Buy one Get one free” offer, get a couple in different colors.
  • Sign up newsletter of your favorite and trusted stores. It is there you find most information about sale events, deals and promotions.
  • Get coupon codes such as 40% off Rhone Apparel either from Google or trusted coupon sites to grab clothing items at fraction of their regular prices.

8. Take help from Catalogs:

For beginners and naïve buyers, catalogs is a great shopping resource. One should subscribe online to catalogs from multiple stores or get these in book form. Explore styles that you like. Take the page out or save it on your smartphone. Now you can either go to the relevant store or to your favorite store for finding something similar. A little bit Googling will provide you the best catalogs for men clothing and the rest is your job. But remember, men’s clothing online is many times hit or miss. You will either get the best product available or something that doesn’t deserve a place on your closet. 

9. Go vintage:

Vintage clothes are durable and can easily be tailored. In comparison with new clothing of fast fashion era, vintage dresses are much less in prices. Especially in off season you can get some really good bargains. You can turn to consignment stores for getting such dresses which you can mix with contemporary pieces for innovative and unique look. See some benefits of vintage clothing:

  • They never go out of style.
  • It is a popular fashion also. Many celebrities (Kate Moss and Taylor Swift are just two of too many) have made red carpet appearances in vintage outfits.
  • Recycling old clothes is environmental friendly. Therefore vintage clothing is a go-green posture as it does not go in a landfill.

10. Don’t get carried away with the hype:

The advertising industry is all about making one purchase anyway. The hype of sale is more often created (especially at holidays shopping events) intentionally to play with human psychology of getting more if it is cheap. In this frenzy, one often ends up buying many clothing items which he does not wear more than once. So be in your senses and shop wisely to buy things that you actually need. Don’t forget cheap is not free.  

11. Shop out of season:

For certain products it is better to wait till the season ends. Alternatively a pre-season shopping may also lead to a good bargain. End of season sale for winter clothing like sweaters and insulated jackets after the cold weather ends is a common retailing practice and you can take good advantage of this trend. Buying coats in a season other than summer is also a good money saving option.

12. Buy clothes to suit your personal styling profile:

No matter how stylish a slim fit casual shirt from some top brand or a built-in Flex Khaki pants appears on a high-end fashion shop, it is of no use if it does not look good. Casual men’s clothing styles are extremely diverse and some fashion statements are not for everyone. Hence it is the personal styling profile that matters the most when one buys clothes for him. Wearing an outfit according to one’s personality boosts confidence and you stand out among others who dress up just for fashion sake. Here is what Bill Bolling the style advisor at Boyds Philadelphia USA, says!
“Buy clothing that you’re not only physically comfortable in but mentally comfortable in as well. I don’t recommend wearing something that’s not a reflection of you or your personality just because someone else is wearing it.”

13. Check clothing Quality for durability:

You sit and the stitching is torn at the point where two legs of your pant meet. The color of your T-shit fades even at the third washing. Both these cases show that outfits were poor quality. So always check the quality of your clothing. This is something you will have to see for yourself as no style guide for men’s clothes will help you figure out the quality. 

  • Collar of shirt should be sturdy.
  • There should be at least 14 stitches per inch. More stitching means stronger seams.
  • The buttons on a leather jacket or a shirt should be at least 3mm thick. A thick button will fall out soon.
  • Plastic zippers are hard to zip and wear out soon.
  • The button holes should not have loose threads or sloppy stitching.

14. Experts tips about what not to do for Men’s clothing:

The style advisors point out various don’ts for men clothing: Few are listed below:

  • Don’t wear jackets from your suits as blazers.
  • Don’t wear a Polo too wide.
  • Don’t use too long cuffs.
  • Don’t wear a long sleeved button fronted shirt with shorts.
  • Don’t wear the shirts with bold logo on them. You are not a billboard.

Published On: January 23, 2020