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MonPurse is Making Customization The New Trend For Handbags

Women everywhere are taking things in their own hands and designing things that suit them and help represent them. One store that is entirely based on customization is MonPurse that lets you decide how your bag would look like. You can shop high quality leather and design it with personalized monograms, signs, initials or even emojis. How cool is that?

Customization is perhaps the hot trend these days as people want to stand out and get personalized stuff that has special meaning for them. Based on this very genius idea, MonPurse has managed to bring in myriads of customers. The store reportedly is on its way to making millions in revenue and it is not that old either as it was founded in 2014. The process of selecting and customizing is pretty simple and customers virtually have thousands of combination possibilities.

So this is how it happens: you choose the style of the bag like tote, shopper, satchel or clutch. Then you select the leather type for the whole bag or even different parts of it. Now comes the lining part where you have many vibrant colors to choose from. The next step lets you choose the type of metal you want for the zipper. Then comes the most fun part where you write your monogram. It could virtually be anything from special symbols to a name or number. There is a monogram guide too from the store if you are confused about what to get monogramed on the purse. That is all and your customized bag is ready to be ordered and delivered to you in a few weeks.

Not just bags, you can also customize some other items as well like backpacks, card holders, iPhone cases and passport covers. All products are made from hand selected high quality leather and produced in Europe. Besides their online store, MonPurse has an outlet in Sydney, Australia and sells in stores like Bloomingdales in the US and Selfridges in UK.

Even though the products are truly high end and therefore expensive, you can use coupon codes to bring the price for your customized leather bag down. Not a bad bargain for something that will perhaps last a lifetime. This brand’s success is a proof that customization and personalization is lauded by many women who want their voice to be distinct through whatever they carry. 

Published On: September 26, 2017