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Tips and Tricks to Have Incredible Easter Celebrations Without Letting Your Wallet Know

Everyone loves holidays, no matter from which phase of life you are going through, when a holiday arrives, it has power to change everything. From kids to the eldest members of family, everyone enjoys spending time and having meals together. Easter is one of the occasions that means so much for the Christian community and it’s the day to celebrate fully.

From going to church to hunting for eggs to a ham dinner with whole family, almost every person enjoys when surrounded by the traditions. Like any other occasion, Easter can be a real drain on your budget. 

Let’s start with the most important tradition, THE EASTER BASKET. Instead of making it a burden on the budget, you can make it a real fun while designing and creating variations that will save money too. If you follow the creative pages on social media, you can save much more and get valuable tips too.

From shopping for kids clothing with discounts to buy essentials for the Easter basket, we have noted down some tips to keep your hard earned money from hopping down the bunny trail, they are:

Use the Basket You Already Have

No need to buy a brand new basket when you already have the one, just reuse it. May be your grandmother or your mother made Easter basket for you when you were a child; it can be easily reused years after years with little make over. Tell your child the stories you experienced while having this basket, and it will mean a lot more.

Shop in Advance Using Coupons

As we all know that when Easter is coming and the best part is: it comes after Valentine’s Day. So, be smart and shop for the candies and chocolates right after the V. Day. Almost all the candies and chocolates can be purchased in half of their price.You can also purchase lots of gift items that usually get marked down right after the Valentine’s Day, such as saving deals on branded Eye Wear, watches and other items.

Hit the Clearance Section For Everything

Yes, before buying anything or almost everything, check out the clearance or sale section of all the stores that offer reputable discounts. From immense discounts on women apparel to great deals for men clothing, all stores and brands offer better saving options. There are huge discounts on kids clothing too, you can easily find great saving while shopping for kid’s stuff at Mothercare, JC Penny, Gap, Carter’s, and others.

Tip:  The Monday after Easter is the best time to get prepared for next years’ Easter in most frugal way. From Dress to candies to egg coloring kits to baskets, to home decor to plastic egg, and others will be available with 75% Off on all Easter Products.

Once you buy items for next year, then keep them labeled and store them properly. So, all your bargains are easily accessible the next year.

Splurge on One Big Item

It’s bit easier to purchase and also save you much as you don’t need to put lots of things in basket to fill it up completely. So, go purchasing one special item with discount, which is big in size too, place that in the basket and it will fill a big space. 

Giving each person just one big item for the Easter season makes sense, and will be perfect  for the ones who are trying to save money.

Don’t Buy Fake Grass—Do Some DIY

We know that this grass thing is oh-so-festive, but seriously, it’s the thing that will irritate you on wards and you will throw it away even before the occasion ends. So, you actually don’t need to spend dollars on purchasing fake plastic Easter grass, it’s not necessary. If you are really into having that green grass, so do some effort! Yeah, that’s a thing. Involve kids to help you out in making fake grass, and they will love helping you out. In order to make grass, opt for materials you already have at home, such as: tissue or wrapping papers, craft or construction paper, or shredded comics.

Don’t Overdo the basket

Simple and easy is best! It’s convenient too. Easter baskets looks much attractive and easy to tackle when aren’t wrapped in printed plastic wrap or covered in a ton of ribbons and other adornments. These decorations also make the basket more complicated than it has to be. 

We hope that you stay safe from falling into spending traps and have true joy of the season. We would also love to listen some of your great ideas, if you have any then share them in the comment section below.

Published On: March 17, 2017