How can I save on shopping for clothing and fashion in Australia (GUIDE)

SAVING MONEY - SHOPPING - FASHION Published On: July 29, 2022
Do you find it difficult to maintain a current wardrobe without using credit to purchase new clothing? It's not just you. Whether you're purchasing for the entire family or just yourself, the important thing is how you can save money on clothes shopping or minimize credit card charges. 
A fantastic strategy to reduce your household budget is to learn how to spend less on clothing. When shopping for a new season, there are many ideas and tactics that can save costs. It requires careful planning, new buying habits, and an improvement in the way you take care of and put together outfits.
Here are 20 suggestions for how to dress more affordably in Australia by ClothingRIC.

1.  Revise Your Wardrobe Every Season

Month after month and year after year, we grow our wardrobe buying more & more without any planning. This creates a false appearance that your wardrobe is quite a beep. Although in reality, you can barely find a few outfits that you enjoy wearing. Revise your wardrobe 3 weeks before the next season comes.
Keep the clothes that you wear on a daily basis, divide the clothes into 2 seasons, and rotate the clothes you have. This will help you to save money and keep you entertained for longer.

2.  Alter & Repurpose Your Old Clothes

During revising your wardrobe, you might find something that doesn’t fit anymore or needs to be repaired. For example:/ a dress can become a skirt or top, long trousers can be transformed into shorts, and a silk blouse can become a camisole. The possibilities are endless, if the color of the dress you don’t like anymore you can refresh by simply dyeing them. These small things help to save money on clothes in Australia.

3.  Prefer Clothes With Good Quality 

Spend once on the proper quality clothing rather than repeatedly shopping. It's a tried-and-true method for reducing clothing costs because you will use good quality clothes for a long time and it doesn't matter if you continuously use or wash them, they will not fade. However, low-quality clothing is rarely durable and must be replaced with fresh clothing.

4.  Plan Your Budget

Creating a shopping list is useful because it shows what you need and also how much money you need. Many people skip this step and buy clothes constantly and shopping becomes a never-ending activity. 
This is not good either for your financial situation or your wardrobe. It’s crucial to be realistic about your clothing budget, make a shopping list for next season and see how much money you’re willing to pay for each item. 

5.  Check Out Online Coupons

Using coupons is another excellent technique to reduce the cost of clothing purchasing in Australia. You can rapidly get savings on your purchases by using one of the many store coupon pages or apps to find the most recent and unique coupons before checking out. But make sure you only get it from a reliable website. This is how you can shop for clothes on a budget.

6.  Use The Wonder Wardrobe System

Another option that can save your money is implementing the wonder wardrobe system into your own wardrobe. A wonderful job is a wardrobe where all the items match well with each other in color and style. 
Let's suppose you already have 8 tops and 5 bottoms that create 40 interchangeable outfits, if you add one top it gives you 5 new outfits, if you add one new bottom it will give you 8 new outfits. 
Of course, it takes some time to learn to transition to the system because you need to learn new things like color harmony principles and stylistic direction. As soon as you do, the system will start to save you a lot of money and buy clothes on a budget.

7.  Buy Secondhand Or Vintage

Buying secondhand or vintage is much cheaper than buying new ethical clothes. For example, :/ jeans, leather jackets, boots, bags, and denim last a very long time and might even look better with age. Buy these items secondhand and save a lot. Keep in mind this tip for buying clothes.

8.  Shop In Off-Season Sale

Looking for clearance sales is the easiest way to cut costs while purchasing clothing because many retailers use this tactic to get rid of excess inventory in the store. Therefore, taking advantage of these offers is the greatest way to prevent your money from going to waste. In addition, it can help you in stocking your closet with clothing for the upcoming seasons. This is how you can dress well on a budget.

9.  Rent Instead of Buying New

This is especially suitable if you’re looking for some clothes for special occasions like evening or cocktail dresses that are much cheaper to rent. If you plan to go for a vacation and that’s colder, just rent a coat and some sweaters. Everything you need for a short period of time can be rented. There is no reason to pay full price for those items. On rent, you can also get a designer dress on a budget. 

10.  Maintain Your Clothes

Take good care of your clothing if you want it to last for a longer time. Stay away from often cleaning them and harmful detergents and powders. Fold them nicely, then store them in your closet. Your clothing will last longer this way, saving you money on new clothing purchases.

11.  Shop In Suitable Time

Know the best time to buy instead of rushing to the stores. An outfit is frequently highly pricey when it is in high demand. So, be sure to wait until the costs of costumes are at their lowest so that you can simply shop, save money, and purchase the outfit of your choice at a reasonable rate. People make a yearly clothing budget, to live within the budget they have to think twice before spending.

12.  Make All of Your Purchases in Cash

If you're thinking about how to save money on clothing, then here is another tried-and-testing method that will help you effortlessly save money by paying cash and asking for discounts. Studies have shown that using a credit card is safe. But your additional costs will be doubled. Stick to a green strategy to save your money and you can shop for less by doing this.

13.  Stay Focused On The Items You Want To Buy

Australians frequently forget what we had meant to buy after visiting the store and exploring the latest eye-catching collections, wasting money on unnecessary clothing. Therefore, when going shopping, try to keep to the list, shop as necessary, and be on the limit of how much you spend.

14.  Secure Your Money By Subscribing

If you want new clothes on a budget then, quickly sign up with an online store where you frequently shop by providing your email address. You can keep informed about the most recent seasonal sales, discounts, and promotions by subscribing. So, buy clothes at a discount right now.

15.  Avoid Purchasing Branded Clothes

It is better to look into ways to save money on clothing rather than to spend a lot of money on branding clothes. And for more reasonably priced and high-quality clothing, purchase stylish outfits from leading clothing discount stores.

16.  Exchange With Friends

Your friend and you should go to closets at the beginning of each season and swap anything you won't wear. If you have enough sweaters for the full winter season. Together with your family or friends, schedule a trading day. Then deliver whatever is still left to a consignment store. You'll walk away with some extra cash and new clothing.

17.  Borrow Clothes From Your Friends

Borrow from a friend or relative something you just need to wear once. You will not fill the space in your room or wardrobe by keeping that useless dress and you'll save 100%. These tips for clothes shopping on a budget help you to minimize spending.

18.  Shop From Cheap Online Stores

Do you want to know how to buy clothes at a discount in Australia? Many cheap online retailers provide reasonably priced clothing so that you can quickly save your hard-earned money. These shops frequently offer specials discounts On clothing and accessories. Check out these shops to save money on the clothing you want.

19.  Take Advantage Of Mutual Savings

Choose a store, stick with it, and buy all of your products from that one person. You can easily take advantage of discounts on your purchases if you are a regular customer. You can request an invitation to the pre-sale period, which is the time before any store posts a sign advertising its sales. It's also the most effective strategy to save money.

20.  Buy a Little Bigger

Get used to buying plus-size clothing and weaning. Having plus-size clothing can prevent you from wasting money on buying new clothes because clothes shrink proportionally after washing or when you gain weight over time.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to save money on clothes, especially in college when you will consider investing in something you’ve always wanted. It could be a vacation, an online course, an experience, or a statement that you’ve had eyes on for some time. But before you go shopping, make sure to research each brand, make a shopping list, and then go shopping.
How can I save on shopping for clothing and fashion in Australia (GUIDE)
Happy Shopping Australia!

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