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How To Buy The Best T-Shirts - Get Your Money’s Worth

Have you ever bought a T-shirt only to find it aversive after one wear? Yeah, that tends to happen quite a bit if you’re an impulse shopper. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey tee every single day. That certainly tackles the headache of choosing between different shirts. 

However, if you aim to get the best value out of your money as well as have the best collection of tees in your wardrobe, you’ll have to be a skilled shopper. How to go about that, you ask? Let’s run you through 10 tips on how to buy the best t-shirts for yourself without breaking the bank. 

1 - Choose Quality 

If you’re not someone who shops all that much, you may have some trouble determining what counts as good quality. For a start, compare the quality of a somewhat high-end brand by investing in one shirt and then buy a mediocrely priced one. 

Often a cheaply priced shirt coming from an unnamed manufacturer has an obvious low-quality fabric. The quality of the shirt also lies in the stitching. In this regard, you can subtly pull the fabric at the seams. If the threads come even slightly loose the quality is not worthwhile. 

2 - Buy Colors That Suit You 

A good shirt, no matter how costly or trendy, will look awful if it doesn’t go with your skin color. This is why, you should always prefer colors that suit you. There are a lot of factors at play other than your complexion that determine which color you should buy. 

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For instance, the weather. In fact, your hair color also matters. You can hold the T-shirt close to yourself to see if or not it’s color would look nice on you. Another thing that matters when it comes to your tee’s color is which other colors you pair it with. 

3 - Make Sure The Size Fits 

Some people prefer fitted tees while others like to wear clothes that aren’t too tight. You should go for the size that looks good on your physique. However, note that lengthwise your shirt should be long enough to cover your pant’s buttons. 

If you have a ripped physique, like Chris Evans’, a shirt that hugs your body won’t look too bad. However, if your tummy is protruding then its best to wear a loose shirt that gives you breathing space and looks better too. 

4 - Avoid Mainstream Designs 

If your tee reads a big and bold funny quote that’s common, it’s probably making your crush cringe. Even if a design is good enough, it’s best to avoid it if it is something everyone around you is wearing. Because then it seems as if you are just a fashion follower. 

Try to stay unique and have your own style. It is best to wear plain shirts which come in neutral colors if you want to play safe. Moreover, just because a design is fashionable doesn’t means it is worth investing in. Sometimes fashion is foolish and makes you look that way too. 

5 - Notice The Details 

The details of the shirt are often what you miss when purchasing it, but onlookers don’t miss them. In fact, these deets make all the difference even though they’re small. Check if there are three or more buttons on the cuffs. There should be four. 

If it is a graphic tee, see if the material plastered is chipping off. If there is any embellishment, for instance beads, notice their quality too. Are the adornments of a good quality? Is the fabric easily washable?  

6 - Always Look For Discounts 

You don’t have to sell your kidneys for affording quality clothing that suits you as well. Simply wait for the sale season to purchase your clothes. You can buy your shirts off-season so that you can get the best ones for the least prices. 

Another option is to scour the internet for any available coupon codes. You can wait for special occasions for brands to offer coupons. Follow your favorite brand’s newsletter and social media pages for staying in the know of offers. 

7 - Don’t Care About Quantity 

So, you’re getting a good deal of three shirts for the price of one but there’s a comprise on quality? Ditch it even if your heart feels greedy for the amazing deal. Many people make the mistake of doing the exact opposite which can make their money go down the tubes.

Also, several people make the mistake of buying more shirts when they are short on cash. What they should do is that instead of quantity they should focus on quality. Good quality clothes can be repeated a number of times in different pairings, poor quality is often a waste of money. 

8 - Value Comfort 

For your T-shirt to look good, you should also be comfortable in it. Therefore, your shirt should be soft and wearable. It should also be the sort that doesn’t get crinkled all that easily because this would mean that you will constantly have to try to hide those wrinkles. 

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Talking about comfort, your shirt should be one that is of the right material considering the weather. Also be careful to not buy a fabric that you are allergic to. For example, some people are uncomfortable in woolen clothes as the material makes them itch. 

9 - Buy What Makes You Feel Good 

No matter how good you look if you feel like your getup is lacking something, you wouldn’t be satisfied. Only if the aesthetics match your personal preferences will you feel confident in your skin. You might be wondering why would you buy something you don’t like? 

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A lot of the times people tend to purchase clothes on impulse. They don’t give their own selves the time to decide whether or not the T-shirt is something they’ll like after the initial look. So, give your self the time to decide before wasting your money on something you end up disliking. 

10 - Pick Timeless Designs 

Just because oversized shirts are on-trend these days doesn’t mean that its always going to be like that. What if you have to use the same tees next year? What if they run out of fashion before you get a chance to wear them? 

This is why your goal should be to buy timeless designs. When it comes to tees, some colors that never go out of style are black, beige, white, navy blue, and grey. Buy simple crewneck, long sleeved shirts that are made of a comfy material. 

So, this was our list of tips on how you can purchase great T-shirts for your armoire which are worth what you spend on them. Do you have any more tips to add to the list? Tell us in the comments! 

Published On: July 25, 2020

Elice Max

Elice Max is a blogger who’s passionate about fashion, money-saving, lifestyle, and travel. When she’s not typing furiously, she enjoys a long walk in the park.

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