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7 Super Helpful Tips to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Not all of us can afford Fendi or Dolce and Gabbana. Many of us fetch most of our clothes from Target because we’ve a budget that we’ve got to stay in. However, just because your clothes are cheap, doesn’t mean that you cannot look good. In fact, you can be smart and even make cheap clothes look expensive. It’s not a difficult trick to master. Wondering how you can make cheap clothes look expensive? Let’s walk you through a list of tips: 

Pay Attention To The Details 

Impulse shopping - this is one mistake that you shouldn’t make as someone who is short on cash. When buying your clothes, notice the details. If the dress is patterned, is any shape incomplete at the seams? If so, drop it. Make sure the zipper is hidden, there are no lose threads, and the buttons are tight enough to not fall off. 

The fabric shouldn’t be the kind that immediately tears. Whatever you buy must be stitched with finesse. That should be your main concern. In case you realize the buttons and zippers are loose after you’ve bought the dress, change them at home to the make cheap clothes look expensive. 
So, firstly, buy clothes that don’t have problems in the details despite being cheap. Secondly, if you do have cheap clothes that look well, cheap try changing some deets up. 

Play With Textures 

One of the finest features of modern fashion is that it allows you to wear different textures together. Take a page from the book of celebrities and mix and match textures. This doesn’t mean that you wear fabrics that are absolute opposites, for instance, a thin cloth with wool. 

Instead, wear lace and faux leather together. Or try denim and cotton together. You can also go for three different textures at once. One outfit example here is denim jeans with a cotton shirt paired with a faux material’s jacket. 
In brief, to hide a cheap piece mix it up with better-looking pieces to alleviate the inexpensive vibe surrounding your outfit. 

Be Smart With Colors 

Some colors look cheaper than others. For instance, cheap clothes that come in earthy tones, like olive and brown should be avoided. Also, keep your distance from sharply bright tones such as shocking pink or electric blue.

Some colors that make for a good choice include pastel pink, blue and mint green. You can also go for white and black. However, with black you have to be careful. Make sure that you don’t go for such a black hue that has a chance of looking dull after a few wears. 
Therefore, to make cheap clothes look expensive try pairing lighter tones together. Wearing all cheap pieces that are bright or earthy toned together is a bad choice. 

Groom Yourself Well 

If you don’t take care of your appearance and go out looking messy, even expensive clothes wouldn’t look good on you. However, cheap clothes will look worse. In fact, costly clothes and less attention to your skin, nails and hair falls in the category of effortless style. 

The same, however, cannot be said when your clothes are cheap. So, make sure your look is neat, with minimal makeup. While it is advised to accessorize, make certain you don’t wear too many cheap accessories. You know what they say; less is more. 
What you get from this is obvious - to make cheap clothes look expensive always focus on your appearance and keep it neat. Add a few chic accessories to your look too. 

Choose Good Fits 

There is a fine line between oversized and loose. When it comes to cheap clothes, it often happens that you are not able to get a shirt or dress that doesn’t quite fit. Only wear such clothes if they look good on you. If they don’t, don’t risk looking bad. 

Instead, head to the tailor. You may need to get a lot of your clothes tailored if you regularly purchase clothes that are not too high-end. However, if paying for the tailor adds the cost such that you can get better clothes at the same price, then be smart and go for slightly pricier options. 
The takeaway here? To make cheap clothes look expensive be careful about the fit. If a dress is too loose or not your size, get it tailored. 

Go For Simple And Timeless

The thing about cheap clothing is that it never is finely made if there’s too much happening in terms of design. If there are sequins attached, those most likely come off easily. If there’s a graphic print, it doesn’t take time to peel off from here and there. 

If the dress is trendy, then it often makes you look like a wannabe. This is why, it is best to pick simple looks. Avoid embellishments, logos, graphics, and any details that are fancy in such a way that they give away the price of the piece. 
Thus, try to avoid clothes that are too decorated. In case you have a dress that is embellished, pair it with simpler pieces. 

Invest In One Expensive Piece 

The last tip on this list is that you should invest in somewhat expensive essential pieces. For instance, a pricier handbag or pair of jeans will serve you well. However, the goal to purchase expensive basics is to get something that is of better quality. 
This is why your focus should be on getting lasting items when spending more cash. It shouldn’t be as much on the design of the piece. To purchase expensive essentials, don’t splash out a lot more money. Make use of coupons and discounts to fetch costly clothes at cut off prices. 

Coupon code statistics and personal finance gurus reveal that the wise use of discount and promo codes when apparel shopping can save you a good amount of money. 
So, what do you think about our list of ways to make cheap clothes look expensive? Do you have more tips to add? If so, tell us in the comments! 

Published On: November 08, 2019