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How to Get the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding

Your wedding dress is the most important dress you will ever shop for. You experience can either be exciting or overwhelming. There are hundreds of fashion terminologies that can make anyone’s head spin. Choosing one dress out of hundred styles can be a daunting experience and should not be taken lightly. On your big day everyone’s eyes are going to be on you. We understand that you want to enjoy your wedding day as well as 10 years down the lane when you see your wedding photos. Therefore, we are here with some tips from our experts that will make the whole process a lot easier for you.  

How to Get the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding

Here’s how you can buy the perfect wedding dress for your big day. 

Know Your Budget

A bride’s budget is one of the most important factors while picking the wedding dress. Wedding dress is a huge investment. It is probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy. Make sure you decide on a number before making the appointment. Figure out if your budget includes the accessories, embellishments and tailoring and then spend accordingly. Never try a dress above your budget because then you will never be satisfied with the one under your price point.

How to Get the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding

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Start Early

Start your wedding dress search a couple of months before your wedding. Nine months is the recommended time but don’t start too early because fashion changes. The reason for starting early is that it will take a few appointments to find your dress. Added to it the time it will take for the designer to make the dress. Then there are fitting appointments. You don’t want to fall short on time and end up compromising you dress for the big day.

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Do the Research

Do your research on Instagram and Pinterest and pin your favorites. Check out bridal websites and magazines. Compile all your ideas and inspiration into a file to bring to your bridal appointment. Create an idea in your mind of what you are thinking and what really resonates for you aesthetically. Find your favorite designers, their dresses and the boutiques that stock them. You can always look up to your favorite celebrity for inspiration.

Choose the Shopping Crew

Limit your entourage if you can. It’s important to surround yourself with people that you trust the most with their honest advice, who are going to lift you up instead of bringing you down by overwhelming you with their opinions. More the people, the more it will be difficult for you to agree on one dress. So limit the crew to two to three friends maximum. 

Keep the Venue in Mind

It’s imperative that you keep the venue in mind when looking for the dress. Are you getting married in a church or a beach? Wearing a ball gown to a beach wedding is not a wise choice. Think about the weather to narrow down the options. If you are getting married at a religious venue then ask about any dress code and limitations beforehand and shop accordingly.

Be Open to Suggestions

Shop for the dress with an open mind and don’t adhere to the ideas too firmly. Be open to suggestions from your consultant because she has more experience than you. Sometimes trying on many dresses can confuse you so in this case advice from your entourage and consultant can be a great help. Look for the consultants who offer free advice and quote for designing your dream wedding dress. 

Shop for Your Body

How to Get the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding

Before you go shopping familiarize yourself with the silhouettes that work best for your body type. If you want to emphasize your waist and curves with glamour then ball gown is the best option. A form fitting sheath dress is best for elongating the frame. A-line is also a great option for slenderizing the natural waist. If you really want to show off your curves in the most dramatic way then go for a mermaid silhouette. Your body type will narrow down the options further. It is not essential to buy a typical white colored dress. Choose the colors that compliment your skin tone.

Be True to Personal Style

Decide if you want a trendy or a traditional dress. Which option best aligns with your true self? While opting for the dress, go for the styles that best reflect your personality. Don’t select the dress just based on what’s trendy. Keep your comfort in mind while purchasing the wedding dress of your dreams. 

Bring in your Accessories

When you go for the appointment bring all the accessories whether it be your grandma’s veil or your aunt’s brooch. Wear the undergarments that you are going to wear beneath your dress. Bring your spanx along with you.

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What to try on?

Try on fewer dresses to avoid confusion. Try different styles. Always start from the less expensive dresses and then work your way up. Move about and sit in the dress to assess the comfort level. 

Assess Fabric and Detailing

The drawback of shopping online is that you cannot assess the quality of the fabric. Feel the fabric to make sure it’s not flimsy. Check the seams and zips. Make sure that sequins and beading is attached firmly and will not come off. If you want to shop for your dream wedding dress within an affordable price range then look for discount coupons on ShopBack.

Be Sure Before You Say Yes

Don’t rush yourself while making the final decision. And never say yes until unless you are 100% sure and absolutely love it. If there is a silver of doubt than it’s not the perfect dress for you. Don’t decide right away. take your time. Look for the better options. Consider your budget the book a wedding dress for your special day.

Published On: July 08, 2020

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